Sunday, December 5, 2010

Elections Follow Up : Round 2

And today is the second round from the Egyptian parliamentary elections , today the race on 206 parliamentary seat is on, today it is to be or not to be for many losers across the country in fake nullified elections.
Yes nullified , not only the administrative court has nullified many committees but it also has nullified the parliament altogether which creates one hell legal problem for the presidential palace and the NDP in the coming presidential elections. People are speaking that Mubarak can rewind the election and cancel this one due to the international pressure and the fact that legally he can’t swore  in front of nullified parliament as a winner in the coming presidential election , same thing to any other candidate. Of course since the morning and the NDP is ignoring a direct comment on this important court rule. The NDP regime is bold enough to ignore totally that court rule as it always does. ‘Strangely the NDP loves to remind us that we should respect the court rules !!’
Now about the election itself , well simply it is a rewind for what we have seen last Sunday with the same violence , same rigging , same everything. It is so déjà vu that today we also found that the Muslim brotherhood websites are blocked in Egypt again !! This time it is not TE Data ISP but other other ISPs across the country too !!
There were clashes in several committees across the country like in Shubra between NDP candidate Fady El-Hababshy’s supporters and Al Wafd candidate Ramy Lakkah and between the NDP candidates in Tanta.
I found this video at “We are all Khaled Said FB group” , there is not information on whether it has been filmed today or last Sunday or where it was filmed except. The only thing we know that the one who filmed it is named “Mohamed Saleh” and it shows clearly someone dumping rigged ballot cards in to the ballot box !!

The video  from last November 28 below is so important and it is alarming too. It shows an evidence on the bribery that was used by Hisham Khalil in the Kasr Al Nil committee. Ironically the supporters of Hisham Khalil who were bribed LE 20 were the ones who exposed the whole thing in front of the camera by mistake.
NDP Bribery in the parliamentary elections
As you can think the old man “who voted earlier” was complaining in front of the camera from the members of parliament who neglect the needs and wants of the people when he was reminded by that lady that he had taken LE 20 to vote. Neither the man nor woman said who bribed them but it was obvious as the lady and her friend were cheering for Marlon Brando’s the people’s assembly.
Here is the video report from The Daily News Egypt showing the clashes in Shubra.

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