Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Fall Of a Kung Fu Master

Here are the latest update sin the Tarek Abdel Razek  espionage case which was announced yesterday according to what was revealed in the media. The case’s number is 650 for2010 high state security and the defendant’s full name is Tarek Abdel Razek Hussein Hassan.
Tarek Abdel Razek comes from a very poor family in Cairo , they live in 60 meter apartment made of two rooms only. His father used to work in the water company and after retirement he  worked in a security company. Tarek has 4 siblings “one brother and 2 sisters”. His brother works as an engineer while one of his sister works as nurse in one of our public hospitals. He is the eldest son and he has got an industrial diploma. He mastered Kung Fu and decided to study it in China in 1992 ‘ I do not understand how someone coming from a very poor background would travel to China in 1992 to study Kung Fu for 4 years !!?”
When he returned back to work as a Kung Fu trainer in one of Egypt’s famous club following some important organization “unidentified but I am guessing it could be the Police club”. In 2006 he travelled back to China to find a job as  he was suffering from bad economic conditions.  According to the official reports Abdel Razek admitted that he sent an email to the Israeli Mossad through its official website to offer his services after reading online advertisement in late 2006 when he had lost hope to find job in China. Now there seems to be some kind of mistake because according to the investigations Abdel Razek got that bloody call from the Mossad in mid August 2007 where he agreed to travel to India for an interview in the Israeli embassy there while it is later said that he traveled to Thailand in March 2007 where he went to the Israeli Embassy and met with Dimore !!?? I think it is vice versa , initially he got that call from Dimore in March 2007 where he was asked to come to India to have that job interview  at the Israeli embassy. His travel and accommodation expenses “About $1500” were on the Mossad. Then in August 2007 he travelled to Thailand to meet with Dimore again and start his training there.
Tarek got $5,000 from the Mossad to found an import and export company in China , in Hong Kong to be his cover in Mideast. He also set up an email address with name “Khaled Sharif” which he would use later in his correspondence. Through that company in China he published some  recruitment ads for online jobs  to attract recruits from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria especially from the mobile phone operators. He got many resumes which he sent to the Mossad to be analyzed and flittered.
Among his alleged duties was to gather information about Syria aside from recruiting possible spies. Through export online ads for Syrian desserts and olive oil , Tarek began to attract Syrian businessmen using the name “Taher Hassan”. He travelled to Syria several times to gather information about important and vital locations there , he even met allegedly with very important Syrian spy for Israel working in a high security apparatus .“Syria watch out you got a spy”
Abdel Razek also allegedly tried to attract the editor of chief of some pro-Hezbollah pro-Syria Lebanese newspaper to work for the Mossad through free trips to South Africa and producing a TV show for him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
According to the security experts close to the GIS the apparatus and state security have investigated all those recruits including the ones in Levant. 
Tarek was arrested in Egypt at the Cairo airport when he had just arrived from China The GIS has not announced and won’t announce how they hunt him down except may be after 30 years according to the law “as if the GIS respects that law !!” 
All what Tarek got from Mossad for his services was $35,000 , if you think like me that this is nothing then you must know that the old good days of Ashraf Marwan is over for the Mossad , its spies especially whose weakness point is money need to be always in need.
Tarek’s family has not seen him nor heard about him since last August “from his arrest” and they were shocked to know that he was arrested for espionage when they found the GIS  or the security officials searching their very small apartment.
The officers told the family that he was rich businessman and the family was stunned and wondered why he did not buy for them a bigger apartment !! They can’t believe that their son is a spy yet they claim that they do not know much about him and his activities after moving to China in 2006 !!
The poor family’s sad secret was exposed today when the journalists invaded the neighborhood to know more about him. According to his neighbors he was quiet man who was always on travel. 
some security experts believe that Abdel Razek was insignificant spy who was recruited only to be busted in Syria in order to embarrass Egypt and to create a crisis between Egypt and Syria. They believe that it is unusual for a spy in the size of Razek to go and meet another spy in a country like Syria and to recruit others in Lebanon except for the reason mentioned above.
There is a media frenzy about the case especially it is not the only one in Egypt now. Last night there was about 4 news night talk shows speaking about the matter hosting former officers , security experts and writers like Nabil Farouk to elaborate about the matter. It is not one case but rather two.


  1. The whole story reminds me of a 60' rather boring spies cold war movie flick. This story to "make forget" the supposed to be "free and Fair" legislative body elections masquerade. If the regime, by delaying the announcement by several month, think it will fool Egyptians by trying to create a sense of Nationalistic fervor with this insignificant event they are wrong. Nothing will do, wait for the end of the month when people will get their monthly pay, and will see who will remember this comic episode, even if the now coached "free" media is flooding the airs with emotive propaganda ....

  2. I don't think the timing has much to do with the farce elections/shadow people's assembly. It could be related but far from the primary reason. Shithead's quote"let them have fun" sez it all about how little they care about that issue.

    I believe exposing the ring to the media has mre to do with regional politics.

    1- Following advice from the U.S administration that at the time, it could have harmed the direct peace talks. Now that it's clear that's going nowhere and PLO has given up with the blessings of the Arab League in resorting to the UN.

    2- The recent agreement between the bogus state and Cyprus in defining their sea borders. An agreement strongly opposed by several regional countries. Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt. Turkey opposes it without reaching an internationally recognised treaty between the North Cypriots and their Greek Cypriots counterparts. Egypt disapprove of that agreement without reaching an agreement that defines sea borders for all regional countries, including Palestine-Gaza specifically for offshore oil and gas reserves identified in the East Mediterranean, many reserves lie across the coast extending from Alexandria to Sinai and we cannot legally excavate under international maritime laws unless sea borders have been defined with that state.

    3- Could also be an attempt to warm up relations with Syrian regime/Hezbollah

    In the world of underground espionage, almost all cases are not declared immediately for many reasons[some cases never see the light and are kept classified], the others may not know yet that their spies have been caught and that could have its benefits or sometimes they'd prefer to wait for the Zionists response first before officially bringing the case to the court and during that time suspects are under a prolonged interrogation and verification of their associates so it's not wise to alert the media until everything has bbeen confirmed

  3. عجبت لامر اسرائيل ونكرانها للجميل...نحن نعطيها الغاز بارخص الاسعار رغم حاجتنا الماسه اليه...ونحمى حدودها من المتسللين ونتحمل وزر قتلهم حتى لا يسببوا اى عدم توازن للمجتمع اليهودى...ونساعدهم فى اطفاء حرائق غاباتهم حتى لا يتاثر اقتصادهم ونهئهم فى كل مناسبه حتى لو كانت مناسبة استلائهم على ارض جيراننا...وهم يحرضون دول حوض النيل علينا ...ويستغلون فقر ابنائنا لاستغلالهم فى احقر المهام.


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