Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Follow Up : Mustafa Attia Is A Con .. Just Like Shaaban And Said !!

The MOI is improving , for sure improving because it has already published a press release about Mustafa Attia in less than 24 hours unlike Mohamed Shaaban and Khaled Said’s press releases.

The press release which was distributed by MENA on all media outlets whether newspapers like Al Masry Al Youm or a websites like Masrawy says Mustafa Attia was a runaway con wanted in 8 cases of drugs , fraud and assault !!

Mustafa Attia was a hard working family man , the true Mustafa Attia was a very decent man according to his neighbors. Mustafa Attia had a little grocery  which he closed after having some financial trouble. He  later bought a taxi car and started to work as a taxi driver at the same time he took a loan from bank. When He could not pay the installment , the bank sued him. Only from two days ago he paid the debt and reconciled with the bank , yet unfortunately the bank has not informed the court or the police station. Late Mustafa Attia was heard telling the two agents yesterday that he would go and get them the reconciliation papers but they did not give him a chance !!  I do not see a troublemaker here , I see a hard working man.

One of Mustafa’s brothers was allowed  only to see his brother in the morgue and to attend his final bath , I do not understand why the rest of his brothers did not attend his bath except that the police did not want them to see the full body of Attia. 

The police wanted the family of Attia to bury Mustafa without a proper funeral ,which  according to eyewitnesses had more officers , undercover agents and informers more than civilians !!


  1. Its like when they say anyone who do a assassinate or plot for something is mentally ill.

    now anyone get killed in the streets by the police is a criminal , as if its an excuse.

  2. wt did u expect?!! Dnt expect ppl who got used to breaking the law and working around it and disrespecting it to act differently. If thats the way they think then someone needs to make them understand that what goes around always comes around and when its time for the ppl to clean up the country, may be theyll get to apply the same rule to them, so how many have the blood of innocent Egyptians on their hands and our money in their pockets?!
    Whomever is running this country is an idiot along w the entities supporting the plot, they are pushing us too far and u knw wt, u can poke fun at the bear who seems to be chained away but be careful shld that bear break the chain bec ull be smthng from the past


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