Wednesday, December 15, 2010

His 3rd Eye

Wafaa and his borderless map of Iraq on his back 
From couple of weeks of ago the world spoke about that art professor who decided in to install a camera at the back of his head . Most people called madness and a cheap attempt for publicity. What is interesting in that news was that that art professor is actually an Arab , he is Iraqi Wafaa Bilal. That is not the first time Bilal uses his body for the sake of art , earlier this year in March he turned his back in to a borderless map of Iraq with dots to represent the Iraqi and American causalities. What is more interesting is that his 3rd I experience is being showcased at the Arab museum of modern arts  in Qatar. Yes Qatar that is taking place Dubai more and more.
You can see what the 3rd I of Bilal is capturing from scenes in that live website :
3rd i before its launch by 9 hours 
The third eye concept exists in world cultures yet as mystical concept nothing more , nothing else.
We say in the Arab world “Arts are madness” and Bilal for sure is one hell of a mad artist.

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