Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Language of Numbers : Parliament 2011

According to official numbers :

  • Egypt’s population is 80,000,000 – 82,000,000
  • Registered voters in Egypt are 40,000,000 “About 50 % of the population”
  • According to the HEC only 35% of those 40 million voted last Sunday in round one.
  • According to the NGOs only 10% of those 40 million voted last Sunday in round one.
  • The official results of the parliamentary elections 2010 round 1 as follows :
Party Seats
NDP 209
Independent 7
Opposition 5

How can we consider this parliament as a parliament that represents the Egyptian people in the next 5 years !!??

Officially this parliament represents 35%  of 50% of the Egyptian population !!??  Unofficially this parliament represents 10% of 50% of the Egyptian population !!?? How it could be considered legal !!?

Yes the responsibility is partially on the Egyptian people , on those 40 millions registered voters who do not use their constitutional rights still the main responsibility is on the regime that  made people lose altogether in restoring back their rights which actually what the regime wants.

The people do not want to vote because they know there will be an electoral fraud , the people have lost hope altogether in the political process in this country.


  1. Do you have a list of the independent and opposition candidates who won? Thanks

  2. this is all list


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