Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mustafa Attia Case Follow up : Two Versions of The Story

The police is holding in to its version of the story on what happened to Mustafa Attia where the family of the late Attia is holding to their own version. The Attias are insisting that their brother was beaten till death by two undercover agents in the streets.
Down below the testimony of  the man who did the final bath for Mustafa Attia recorded in video. In Islam the final bath must be attended by members of deceased’s family and in case of Mustafa , one brother only attended the final bath while the other man could not tolerate the scene in front of him “ He was not my brother”. The man who did the final bath is called “Mohamed Samir” and it seems that he is specialized in the final bathes taking place in the morgue.
Mustafa Attia final bath
From his graphical description to Attia , we all know that the skull of Attia was broken not as a result of autopsy. Aside of of Mustafa's brother , many police officers and agents had attended the bath !! Also interestingly enough the police officers demanded Mr. Samir to leave his mobile phone outside the room for fear he would take photos for the body of Mustafa and even though his mobile phone has no camera they took it claiming that it was "haram" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way here are photo copies from the receipts proving that he had paid all debt before his death unlike what the government claims.

Photo source : RSSD Unit


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