Friday, December 10, 2010

This Is Not Kuwait , This Is Egypt

I have followed the sad news coming from Kuwait and I could not believe that this was the country we hoped to set model for the Gulf states in democracy !! I just watch the videos of the Islamist MPs being attacked by the police forces in the rally and I could not believe myself. Watch after the break videos from Kuwaiti channels .

Kuwaiti MPs being attacked
More videos and pictures

The government claims that rallies are forbidden and that the MPs broke the law !! we have heard this before from our government over and over

I felt that I am watching videos filmed in Kuwait but rather filmed in Egypt where the police forces kick the opposition MPs’ asses in the street without no respect to the parliament or anyone !!

Are they Egyptian forces in disguise !!?? Did Habib Al-Adly send some of his men to share their bloody infamous expertise with our Kuwaiti brothers !!??

Dear Kuwaitis do not you ever dare to shut up on what is going on in your country !! This is how dictatorship starts in any country , you got wonderful experience , do not let it go , just ask us.

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