Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We Need Another Hamed Gohar ASAP

I hope that many Egyptians remember how they all mocked in the 1980s and 1990s a great oceanographer and scientist Hamed Gohar because of his voice “do not deny it “, when they follow the “Jaws” film taking place  currentlylive in Sharm El-Sheikh. Despite having a successful weekly scientific TV show on the national TV for 18 years , people only remember his voice and laugh when some comedian imitates him regardless of his importance worldwide in his field. I think many concerned Egyptians will ask what happened to Dr. Gohar’s researches and students , many concerned Egyptians do not like the fact that we exported from American experts to tell us what is wrong with our sharks !!
It is disgrace that we got whole sector , profitable sector that depends on the marine world and yet we do not try to understand or really study it in order to use it in the best way despite the fact we had a man like Dr. Gohar.
Anyhow who was Dr. Hamed Gohar ??
Dr. Hamed Gohar “1907-1992” was the founding father for oceanography and marine biology not only in Egypt  but in the Arab world when nobody was interested in studying marine biology or even know it. As it was the plan of fate Young Hamed who had initially  joined the prestigious faculty of medicine  , decided to continue studying  at the faculty of Science , Cairo university in 1925. He began to study oceanography in the university of Cambridge in 1931 to become the first oceanographer in Egypt and the Arab world. His first research then was about the soft corals of the red sea. In 1935 he returned and became assistant manager for Hurghada marine biological  station after its founding. He became later the manager for the station that turned in to a institute aka Fouad For Oceanographic studies in 1946.
Dr. Gohar with his signature beard
For 40 years he had headed that institute in Hurghada when most people in Egypt did not know that there is a place in Egypt called Hurghada. That institute was the first of its kind in the red sea. UN secretary general Hammarskjöld chose him as a scientific advisor for oceanography from year 1956 to 1958.In 1961 he founded the marine biological institute in Suez.
For 18 years since 1970s  his TV show “The seas World” was one of the finest scientific Egyptian and Arabic shows presented about marine life in general prior the time of National geographic Arabic , prior Egyptians really discover the red sea and earn their living from it through working in the tourism sector.
Hamed Gohar speaks about sharks
Here is a the location of the maritime museum he had established , the marine biological station he had headed and the villa where he lived there for 40 years.

View Maritime Museum and Marine biological station in Hurghada in a larger map
Through his life he contributed a lot in the Arabic translation of oceanography and marine biology. His most famous contributions n the Arabic translation of science were in biology and agriculture dictionaries. He was from the early scientists worldwide that believe oceans and seas can provide an alternative to animal protein despite the fact that till his death he reportedly refused to eat fish for his passion for these amazing creatures. He left researches about the red sea when there were no computers or scanners since 1931. He did not marry a human but rather married the red sea.
Dr. Gohar with the staff of the marine biological station

Dr. Gohar was the from the generation raised upon the role of science in the progress of the nation and despite he was awarded internationally and regionally yet I believe his real award is to revive his science , we need a new friend for the marine world in Egypt ASAP.
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  1. I loved this man and his show as a kid along w Dr. Moustafa Mahmoud. I remember my grand parents making it a point to have us sit and follow their shows week after week.I wish a call for donations in his name is made out, Im sure some citizens and businessmen would donate for more research in that area. God bless the souls of those who opened the doors of knowledge to us, sad to see how this country has been handed over mostly to ignorants, unworthy of their positions. Thanks Z for reminding us.

  2. Thanks Zeinab

    E in USA

  3. why is israel training sharks? and do you think we can retaliate with crocs from lake nasser?

    this natgeo warfare is serious!

  4. Ali Ezzeldin Abdelghani??


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