Monday, January 24, 2011

24 hours before the 25th !!

It is 24 hours before January 25th and there is a lot of anticipation online and offline on what is going on that day.
First of all I am not sure whether officially the Muslim brotherhood is going to participate in the protest or not because there is talk that the brotherhood are allowed to participate individually !!?
Second it seems that surprisingly the Wafd party is going to participate in the protest or at least the youth of the Wafd party.
Now there is something I fear , the government is asking the shops to close on January 25 because of the riots that will place , this photo was taken from Heliopolis at some Gym.
The sign speaks 
I fear that the government wants the protest turns in to riots to justify the use of violence against the protesters. The NDP promised already to launch a counter protest , a pro-Mubarak protest where it will distribute thousands of pro-Mubarak shirts !!!!!!!!!!  I do not have any doubt that the NDP supporters will be rented thugs.

Now more public personalities declare that they are going to participate in the day like author Alaa Al-Aswany , Balal Fadel , actor Khaled Abu Naga and actor Amr Waked who wrote a Facebook note to encourage the youth to protest on that day.
There is not unconfirmed news that the Egyptian Ultras of Al Ahly and Zamalak are going to participate in the protest, of course this will be a major development considering their number.
The Khaled Said group has published “What you need to know about the 25th” document in Arabic answering the questions of what , when , why , how …etc. Famous Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff cartoonist made a collection of cartoons in solidarity with Egyptians and the #Jan25.
Carlos Latuff 's Jan25 special
Newsweek wondered if the #Jan25 will make Egypt follow Tunisia
The wonderful Egyptian community in New York held a protest yesterday in front of the UN despite the cold weather , they will hold another one tomorrow insh Allah. Here is a photo album from Mona Eltahawy.
20 Free tickets to Jeddah "Mona El-Tahawy"
A whole family in the cold weather of NY city "Mona El-Tahawy"
Egyptians abroad are feeling for us as expected here photos from Texas, from Paris , from Italy , from Canada.
In Texas, USA "We are all Khaled Said" 
Paris , France "We are all Khaled Said" 
Dubai , UAE "We are all Khaled Said"
Berlin , Germany "We are all Khaled Said"
In Canada 

Our Arab brothers in Tunisia are sending solidarity messages just like the rest of our Arab brothers who wish to see Egypt liberated from dictatorship.
More updates to come.
  • The EGC , EBS and Lycee d' Alexandrie students are going to have a protest too in Alexandria tomorrow at 1 PM against the minister of education's decision to nationalize their schools and disobeying the court orders.
  • These are legal hotline numbers for help , please spread if you are going to attend the protest : 0120624003 - 0129295510 - 0106701470
  • The security forces will deal strictly with the protests because they are illegal ,the government did not give the protesters the permission !! 
  • Bring your camera or use your mobile phone camera with you to document what is going to happen tomorrow 
  • The faculty of engineering , Alexandria university has postponed its exams to the 26th & 27th of January because of the Jan25 !!

Photo source : We are all Khaled Said, Ramy Raoof and Mona El-Tahawy


  1. Masyallah and I hope more people especially celebrities, football players and especially Egyptian people to come out and fight for their rights!!! its time for CHANGE AND THE TIME IS NOW!

  2. اتحاد سيد البلد
    شكلة نازل يوم 25

    جماهير الإسكندرية بالهتاف لتونس

    التراس اتحاد سيد البلد

  3. 25 JANUARY brothers and sisters, for everything we believe in.

  4. May Allah (swt) help all protesters tomorrow in your fight against this regime.


  6. The gym photo was not taken by Ramy Raoof, It was first mentioned by Ziad abdel tawab and was taken in a gym in masr el gedida :)

    GREAT POST! i am sharing

  7. Muslims brother hood are there officially

    Here are all the participants
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