Friday, January 14, 2011

About France , The States , The Arab World And Tunisia

There is a revolt in Tunisia and it seems that it is end the beginning of the end for the Ben Ali’s era in the country. It is so clear for anyone that follows the current intifada taking place across the small peaceful North African Arab country that the people do not only want jobs but they want an end to the  Ben Ali corrupted rule. Ben Ali as aging tired arrogant dictator made a fatal mistake when he ordered his troops to use live ammunition killing civilians across the country. Over 80 civilians from all ages women and men have been murdered in cold blood by their follow Tunisians , hundreds are in hospitals fighting death, it is the point of no return.

There is no doubt that the Arab rulers especially presidents in countries like Egypt , Algeria , Syria and other republics are currently shitting in their pants literally from what is happening in Tunisia right now. They are afraid because they know deep in heart that this will happen sooner or later in their own country. I will not be surprised if days will tell us that Ben Ali is being offered help from Egypt or from Algeria or from Libya.

Sarkozy has made an awful mistake when it stood beside Ben Ali and his dying regime.France is the largest trading partner with Tunisia and many of French political elites have got properties in Tunisia’s finest areas like for instance minister Michèle Alliot Marie herself is said to own a villa there. The French administration thinks that it will lose a lot if it stands against Ben Ali , will it has to think of possible Shah’s scenario now without Khomeini , it can lose everything now.  If Ben Ali’s regime down and the Tunisians decide to publish the Ben Ali’s regime leaks , you will find many scandals involving big French names.

I do not know about the United States , does it respect the French influence in North Africa and thus it does not want to interfere !!? Does it fear to support the current revolt and in the end Ben Ali wins !!? Does it watch and at the same time supports in silence ??  This does not go with its call for democracy and how it stood with the failed green revolution in Iran !!? Of course as long as Ben Ali has got unofficial relations with Israel and is friendly to Tel Aviv then there is no need to get rid from him. Any other freely elected president will say no to Israel as people of Tunisia hate Israel just like the rest of the Arab.

I will not buy the cheap talk that Ben Ali has done a lot of Tunisia or Ben Ali has protected Tunisia … to the end because there is not real security or safety in the country when it is ruled by heartless corrupted dictator.


  1. I don't think Mubarak is worried, perhaps a bit concerned for his fellow shithead but not to the point of getting bovvered or alarmed, besides..he uses adult nappies[since Heidelberg]

  2. Most of the Middle East citizens are very young and very angry and its only a matter of time. As an Egyptian woman I have to say Im disappointed at our men. Are they the sons of those who fought for our dignity for years and years and against so many powers? What happened to them? how were they raised to prefer getting treated as slaves even before their kids and wives, instead of taking to the streets. To all sisters, wives, daughters and mothers we have to push for change, if we put pressure may be just may be our men will finally take a stand. None of us want to wake up to a divided country or turned into a refugee.


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