Thursday, January 13, 2011

Because Egypt is only Blamed

Egypt is always blamed in the incidents of illegal African immigrants in Sinai , yes our security forces use too much violence but the world forgets that Israel is the one that pressures on the Egyptian government to stop this flood of refugees that is threatening the Israeli Jewish identity.

Israel is currently building that other Wall in our borders in South Sinai to stop that so called flood of refugees of the country .

Again I do not defend the actions of Egyptian security or how it handles  the refugees or the illegal immigrants issues but we should not forget that our neighbors in the north are nagging all the time about those aliens who will destroy the pure democratic Jewish state of theirs.

This is the real Israel , the so-called friend of our southern neighbors. 


  1. Because Egypt is only Blamed

    I thought it was the US that was always at fault for everything that happens in Egypt? That's certainly the impression I've gotten, from reading your blog. I'm surprised you blamed Israel in this post. Surely US pressure has something to do with this issue?

  2. @ last Anon
    E.C. is a free blog, I wonder if the “pressures” of Zenobia’s mother in law will work, so the US… But make no mistake! What happened in Egypt and what is happening in Tunisia, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, and Lebanon, and what will happen in other Arab-Islamic countries, is all occurring within the framework of a Zionist plot. What a pity there is no such a thing like a Nobel Prize of “plotology”.

  3. I didn't use my blogger ID so that you could refer to me as "last Anon" :)

    Anyway, your comment didn't make much sense to me. Did you think I was saying this ISN'T a free blog, or that this blogger is not free to express her opinions here or something? Or are you just on a "it's all about the free speech" bender and didn't feel like changing your talking points?

    The one thing I did understand is that you went ahead and blamed everything on the US, so thanks for that. It's always nice to have confirmation that something I think I'm seeing is really there :)

  4. Sudanese Observer1/13/2011 09:29:00 PM

    So al-Imam AbdelRahman Al-Mahdi was correct when he described Egypt, way back in the 50's as the one that bid the deeds, the one that did the bidding, the horse that brings the British, the Israelis' executioner.

    This absolutely does 'not' exonerate Egypt in any way - nagging causes Egyptian soldiers to shoot defenceless African refugees like game - disgusting.

  5. @programmer craig
    You said: “I'm surprised you blamed Israel in this post. Surely US pressure has something to do with this issue?”
    And if you understood the rest of my post, understand it again please.

  6. @Sudanese Observer: what do other countries do when someone attempts to cross boarders illegally? Ill ask the question I asked you so many times and never got an answer for, why were there Sudanese refugees in the first place? did they become refugees because of Egypt or because of Sudanese crimes against them?

  7. Sudanese Observer1/14/2011 03:00:00 AM

    They became refugees because of the conditions in Sudan.

    What do countries do?

    They don't usually shoot to kill, they attempt to stop and apprehend the refugees and then deport them.

    The fact is they are shot only in Egypt whilst they are received and given refuge in Israel.

    Why is Egypt doing Israel's dirty work?

    Is Egypt Israel's client State?

    So Israel fears for its Jewish identity against the influx of African refugees.

    Egypt fears for its economy against the influx of Sudanese.

    That's why the visa restriction still applies to Sudanese visiting Egypt and not vice-versa, in contravention of the 4 Freedoms Agreement.

    When the glorious day comes when the government in Khartoum falls the first thing we will do is to annul the 4 Freedoms Agreement once and for all.

  8. Sudanese Observer1/14/2011 03:02:00 AM

    The second thing would be to sign up to the new Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement.

    That way we would have ended a long a shameful tenure of non-recognition of the legitimate rights of our neighbors in favour of an Egypt that always looks out for its own interests.

  9. @ Sudanese Observer
    Why should Israel accept illegal aliens from a hostile country?
    Imagine a Israeli illegally crossing the Sudanese (Syrian, Lebanese, Libyan, etc…) border.

  10. "Why is Egypt doing Israel's dirty work?"

    Camp David accords in establishing a demilitarised bufferzonne in Sinai.
    1979 Peace Treaty: Zone C
    Article 2 Annex 1

    I would go into more details but probably risk Zeinab's censorship of anything militaryprelated :P but simply zone C= no man zone

    -achtung DUDU!


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