Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Church explosion in Alexandria "Updated"

Here are the latest updates about the Saints Church in Alexandria :
  • The death toll has increased to 21 , the injured have become 43 including a 4 years old girl and 8 Muslims
  • The interior ministry has issued a press statement about the incident in less than 12 hours , it claims that a suicide bomber may have hit the church not a car bomb !! 
  • Here is a video film for inside Church during the explosion showing the panic 
  • The air ambulance is being used to transfer critical conditions to Cairo hospital. 
  • President Mubarak has sent his condolences to the people of Egypt and ordered the security apparatus to catch whoever was behind it. 
  • Pope Shnouda III is currently at Wadi Al-Naturn and many are speculating that he will cancel the celebration of the Coptic Christmas in Egypt next January 7. "Officially he will not" 
  • The MOI statement says there are external parties behind the terrorist act despite the bomb used n the explosion is hand made locally !!
  •  A team in the regime says Al Qaeda while another team says the Mossad is behind it 
  • There are 79 injured in the attack. 
  • The photos and footage are terrible from the location. "Graphic" 

    • The security clashed with the families of the victims for not letting them to visit them at the hospitals. I do not understand why they are doing this, here is a video from Haythem Jarelkarm. 
    • The people of Alexandria have been donating blood to the victims , please donate blood if you are there especially to the Al Sharq hospital 
    • Using car bombs is new in Egypt. 


    1. "another team says the Mossad is behind it"

      You can't make this stuff up. Apparently the Jews are also responsible for shark attacks and stinging jellyfish. Youtube with English subtitles.

    2. Your sarcasm is very inconsiderate in light of the mourning all of us (Egyptians) are in today.

      Instead of linking to a MEMRI video (MEMRI is run by Yigal Carmon, a former colonel in the Israeli military intelligence), why don't you educate yourself by reading about the Lavon affair?

    3. I think it was masterminded by Said Elnashaie, a high-ranging member of Ayman Nour's El Ghad party.

    4. did anyone notice in the video inside the church the man entering the church around 0:26 in the video duration.the bomb exploded 2 seconds after he entered the church and he is the only one who was running outside all the people just dun know what's going on ? but that man just knew where to go.

    5. @Z: you and all the bloggers and reporters have an obligation to make sure that the DA gets to see this video and also the suspicious fb page of the 1st suicide in 2011. Please make enough noise to get their attention bec who knows what could be revealed. This is a situation where every stone needs to be turned.

    6. @Jason: disgusting comment. BTW, its not our paranoia or any thing, a prominent Israeli figure just made comments few days ago about how successful their attempts to work on increasing sectarian division in Egypt have been. Its not sufficient for them to be directly responsible for the killings and misery of thousands but also they like to get their hands dirty by planning such disgusting crimes. Also, after Wikileaks any idiot like you who supports the ugly ways of the US and Israel needs to shut the f%^& up and hide in shame. Also, as an American, be happy to know that your BF Israel bombed an American Army vessel back in the days and tried to blame Egypt for it and when it was revealed that it was ur BF who killed your own men, your coward selfish president and politicians shoved the crime under the nearest rug. But of course, you only know how to bomb thousands for the actions of a militant group that was US made while you swallow your pride and patriotism when it comes to Israeli espionage and crimes against Americans.


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