Monday, January 17, 2011

The Denial of Denial is confirmation

The denial of denial is confirmation , something we have learnt in Arabic grammar and this is what the Mubarak regime is doing now day and night to prove to us that what happened in Tunisia can’t happen in Egypt despite all the bets and expectations , despite all the tensions and despite all the fiascos on all levels
Rashid Mohamed Rashid , the minister of trade and industry was the first one from the cabinet or regime to tell us Egypt was different in Tunisia and Algeria because the government was subsidizing food since last week and today he is insisting that what happened in Tunisia is not going to happen in Egypt because we are not affected by the international prices !! I do not understand this statement for different reasons , first of all we are no longer a centralized economy so the government will be controlling the prices , according to Rashid himself we are adopting the open market system which means that we will be affected by international prices , second if I am not mistaken minister Rashid blamed international prices in the past months !! Last thing Tunisia did not suffer from Tomato or bread crises like Egypt last year as far as I know.
Minister Rashid please check your information again, the protests in Tunisia were not about prices but about unemployment and the wealth of the country which was being stolen by the Ben Ali’s regime.
Anyhow he went little too far when he said that the protests against prices are harming FDI !! So people should die from hunger , from torture and from dictatorship in silence because of the FDI , my dear dictatorship is against FDI.
FM Ahmed Abu Gait considered the talk about the transfer of the Tunisian revolution to Egypt is nonsense , every country has its own circumstance and the foreign countries should stop meddling in our affairs !!
The official media is reminding us over and over by all possible and provoking ways that what happened in Tunisia can’t and will not happen to Egypt , the official media is speaking about pseudo achievements of Mubarak’s economic policies living in their dream world that the people will buy their lies anymore.
All these statements and all these denials are actually strong indicator on how scared and fragile the Egyptian regime is currently. As I have repeated over and over in the past 4 years and up till all eyes and expectations were and are on Egypt when it comes to the next earthquake of regime fall that will change the region forever. Tunisia had not protests or strikes we do in the past 4 years , of course some will say that this is from the wisdom of Hosni Mubarak that let us vent unlike Ben Ali who closed all the doors and windows.
Ben Ali leaves Tunisia after the unrests and Egypt is above
International institutions : Mubarak achieved the highest economic security rates !! 
From two days ago the Egyptian government decided not to increase the prices in the country for fear to provoke the Egyptian people. Despite the official denial , Al Jazeera claims that Mubarak had a meeting with the national security ministerial committee that includes the the ministry of defense and the ministry of interior. I think this meeting was not held yesterday only but it was hold last Saturday if not last Friday. “Actually that meeting should have been held right after the awful bombing of Alexandria”
Just earlier today an Egyptian citizen called Abdel Manam Hamada from Ismailia has set himself on fire in front of the parliament allegedly screaming anti state security slogans. Hamda was saved by a taxi driver and has been transferred to the nearest hospital in Monira area “ I have heard that it has not got a burns section and that the hospital does not want anyone to visit him currently according to Dr. Ayman Nour!!” Hamda , a father of 4 children was protesting the decision to close his small foul “beans” restaurant as far as I understood.
Here is the parliament CCTV video showing Hamda setting himself on fire and being saved , I do not know what is funny in the video so someone from those who watched it was giggling for no reason !!
Saving Hamda
In no time we find official Al Ahram saying he is psychologically unbalanced suffering from what it seems to be paranoia while Al Shorouk news says that his burns are not that dangerous , only 15% and that he will get out of the hospital despite the newspaper earlier stated that he suffered from serious burns from the third degree. The MOI and government will try to make the king of coco nest so the citizens of Egypt will not follow his steps , really Egypt is not Tunisia.
According to original Dostor which I believe more than Al Ahram and Al Shorouk Hamada did not suffer from anything psychologically now despite he had some psychological problems form 20 years ago. The Dostor source was a personal friend of Hamda who is also a journalist working in Al Ahrar newspaper, he told the e-newspaper that Hamda was treated from 20 years in Abasia mental hospital and was fully recovered that he married and had 4 children. Dostor says that according to the sources his body suffers from more than 30% of burns.
Yesterday Dream TV 2’s Mona El-Shazely held a discussion with the CEO of Al Ahram himself political analyst Abdel Manam Said who assured to us that Egypt is not Tunisia for the 1000 times , they had a call from some teacher whose monthly salary is only LE 150. The teacher told the whole world on air that his friend ,another teacher told him yesterday that he was already to set himself on fire if things in Egypt would end like Tunisia. Said boldly told him that there is a new cadre for teachers and that if he managed to live by LE 150 per month than things were than great in Egypt !! “ I want to see Said living with LE 150 per month alone”
Yesterday in a basketball match in Alexandria the Alexandrian fans chanted “Tunisia , Tunisia, Tunisia” when they were harassed by the security by the way.
Alexandrian fans : Tunisia , Tunisia , Tunisia
Yes Mubarak is allowing a margin of freedom of expression comparing to Ben Ali but people will not talk and scream all the time , they will act one day and when they do they will be very angry because they head enough of screaming.
Update :
  • Because it is a simple incident as Safwat Al Sharif called ,the Ministry of health held a press conference again to share the updates about Hamda. His burns are not that serious and the ministry of health aired a video showing his body , if you wanted to really burn himself ,it would not be light like that !! The MOH claims that they found Tramadol with him !!!!!!!
  • The stock exchange index today in Egypt dropped because of Hamda 


  1. Tunisia is not Egypt. Ben Ali was successful in his economics , despite unemployment & all.
    Our regime is not a success for the majority. Ok some get filthy rich, but most are getting poorer. Despite hard work and several jobs inflation is eating the little money we make.

    Now if Ben Ali gets booted despite his economic success what should this tell our regime?

  2. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
    John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

  3. There is nothing as a 100% peaceful revolution. There is always someone who lost a life in preparation for the revolution and a bunch of the old regime who dnt think they need to leave and just bec some seem to have died of natural causes that doesnt mean there were no casualties. King Farouk was disposed of yrs after the military coupe despite being forced to live in exile.

  4. A peaceful revolution is possible, again, why dont you look at the revolution in India which firstly liberated the Country from the British Empire then secondly it rewarded India with freedom and democracy for decades, it was bloodless, it was peaceful and it was effective. Looting the streets,the loss of control, the lack of organisation and restraint in a Revolution will give the security forces or the Army an excuse or an offer they cannot refusem, which is use their killing toys on civilians, maybe leading to rubber stamping their big slice of state governance (military theocracy),and once that happens you simply will not get rid of them and you will not be free, I noticed looting in Tunisia and shooting from the roof tops which if I guess right they would be the security forces loyal to Ben Ali, fully aware that if they can stir up trouble,they can create factions Iraq style, thus pushing the military into that type of scenario, but the Tunisian Army is well aware of this trick and they are keeping well away.. for now.
    I suspect if the Islamists start to play then the Army will intervene.


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