Sunday, January 30, 2011

#Jan 30 : Happy Birthday Charlie Brown !!

  • 12:05 AM 100s of prisoners escaped from Fayoum central prison after the murder of General Mohamed El-Batran , the head of the prison.
  • 12:10 AM Sheikh Hafez Salama is yet again organizing Suez’ people to protect it.
  • 12:21 AM Fires at the supreme council of press in Cairo.  New protester to be killed by the snipers of the MOI in Cairo. The State Security HQ and NDP HQ in Baltim , Kafr El-Sheikh were torched.
  • 12:13 AM armed people attacked the house of general Ismail El-Shaer , the head of Cairo security directorate.Protesters are still at Tahrir square. Sherihan is on Al Jazeera and I am going to cry , I love that lady so much , she said that if it were not from cancer , she would go and donate with her blood.
  • 12:21 AM 19 private jets carried the families of Arab and Egyptian businessmen.
  • 12:55 AM Hussein Salem has fled to Dubai. Who is Hussein Salem ? Well wait for a post I wrote and I did not publish from two years ago.
  • 1:00 AM The Damanhur State security HQ was torched.
  • 1:09 AM I enjoy watch our neighborhood men protecting us , seriously I feel that I am watching some action comedy film alive.
  • 1:36 AM How many people have actually been killed in the past few 48 hours across Egypt ??
  • Ah I was born today and despite I will not be celebrating it in a traditional way , I enjoy the fact that I am watching the last days of Mubarak.
  • 3:20 AM I am back to the bed at last after hours staying in protecting the building entrance with bunch of girls while the boys were protecting the streets.
  • 11:05 AM I woke up , my voice is terrible and I am technically so tired , damn tired . No internet yet. I have got to go to the markets to get some food supplies.
  • 12:05 PM Egypt is the land of miracles , the resigned minister of information has ordered the closure of the Al Jazeera offices in Egypt !! The U.S embassy in Cairo advised its citizens to leave Egypt “the thing that among its citizens in Egypt are corrupted businessmen !! In other news the army has occupied the MOI building and evacuated the building. People are describing the street of MOI like a war zone with endless injured and dead !!
  • 12:19 PM LOL Al Jazeera is still airing info from Al Jazeera, suck it Anas El-Fiki.
  • 12:20 PM This  is so stupid the public committees free members  of MB from Torah prison which was broken yesterday , are they serious ? Now the official media will claim it is a MB plot !!
  • 12:21 PM I hear that 4,000 were injured  and not less than 150 killed in Egypt in the past three days
  • 12:26 PM Now we are speaking the judges are going to have a protest !! The State security officers have burned files that would incriminate their asses !!
  • 12:50 PM Al Jazeera signal on Nile Sat is again weak , why not to close the  bloody Nile Sat. AFP says there are dead bodies all over the roads to Abi Zabal prison !
  • 3: 00 PM Returned from the Market , no vegetables are available as looters and thugs attacked the Rod El-Farag , thus no vegetable are availble. We came same late to Metro Market , we found nothing there , people took everything , people are stocking food because of the current emergency status. People are calling for a military tribunal to Habib Al Adly and Mubarak for what they have done in the past few days in supermarket and in at ATM center like no other !! All people I have seen today were angry from Mubarak and calling him names . They all understand thugs were released by the orders of MOI. Many of them walked in the protests.
  • 3:45 PM Mubarak has lost his mind , fighting jets are flying all over Cairo so fast to intimidate us . I do not think that the army officers will accept .
  • 4: 00 Two F16s are flying all over Cairo , F16 !! F Fucking 16 is used against the people !! Fuck Ahmed Shafik , Omar Soliman and Mubarak , Big Fuck to them. It is scary , really scary.
  • 4:07 PM National TV showing footage for the minister of defense to the troops stationed at the ERTU building. Mubarak had a national security meeting. The message is that army allegedly besides Mubarak.
  • 4:04 PM They could lead to mutiny in the army now.
  • 4:20 PM Hilary Clinton : We are in the side of Egyptian people.
  • 4:23 PM A friend of mine called me from Damietta , there is a lot of looting in the city , thugs and looters coming from Kafr Al-Sheikh and Baltium looted and destroyed the harbor and the famous workshops of Damietta. The men of the city gathered in Mosques to form public committees to protect the people and properties. Two civilians were killed in Damietta. The police officers are currently in their homes afraid to go out claimed to get an order to leave their police stations otherwise people will come to kick their asses !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 4:28 PM Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is delegated by 5 parties and groups including the Democratic front , MBs and NAC to negotiate with the ARMY.
  • 4:30 PM A very big protest , more than 50,000 protesters are currently in the Tahrir square including judges and Al Azhar sheikhs “I saw them yesterday” The protesters are not intimidated by the F16 show in the skies.
  • It is the time of Egyptian army to see its word , either with us or against us !!
  • 4:38 PM :  According to an injured police officer family member : “What happened in Giza protest , The MOI gave an orders to let a specific number of  protesters  between 3000 to 4000 ; when the officers in Giza saw a bigger protest more than 4000 protesters ,they freaked out and decided to prevent it. They threw tear gas grenades and the protesters threw both the tear gas grenades back and the rocks. The tear gas grenades were thrown back to the CSF who freaked out and collapsed . When the CSF collapsed the officers collapsed accordingly !!!”
  • 4:46 PM : A friend in Mohendessin : My sons and their friends arrested looters and the looters told them they were in jail when the police officers came and opened their cells ordering them to go and to do whatever they want in the country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 5PM –5.30 PM : I took a nap
  • 5 :35 PM : I woke up  on a choppers’ sounds and Amr Adeeb on air on Al Hayat TV !! We know that he signed with Al Hayat Network last year. I do not know if he is brought to vent the people’s anger.
  • 5:46 PM : Talks that 70% of the cabinet will be new faces and I remembered why I do not like Amr Adeeb.
  • 5 :48 PM : Sherif Madkur speaks about politics on Al Mehawar !!
  • 5:49 PM ElBaradei is heading to Al Tahrir square breaking the orders of the regime “or may be he was released”  to address the protest and lead it.
  • 5:51 PM great one of extended family members knows Omar Soliman’s family and I have to tolerate the shit from the kind “He is too good to rule the country !!” Well Egypt is too greater to be ruled by Omar Soliman. Omar Soliman my ass. I apologize but I feel trapped with the absence of the internet , today is my birthday and there are F16s flying over Cairo , I want to go and join the protesters in Al Tahrir but my family is totally against besides I feel sick and cold after that night of anticipation I spent at the entrance of my building !!
  • 5:54 PM Some journalists working from Al Ahram has issued a statement asking Mubarak to step down or resign earlier  today , I think Ahmed El-Muslamany. Naguib Sawiris  and the rest of Sawiris have not fled the country.
  • 6:55 PM ElBaradei has arrived to El-Tahriri and says that Mubarak will leave today.
  • 7:13 PM Religious clerics all over the channels
  • 7:15 PM Fathi Sorror said a word from few minutes : we respect the court’s rules about the parliamentary action….Blah blah blah
  • 7:22 PM I am working on a list with the businessmen whom we should investigate and track down , I think I will need bigger help to remember all the thieves.
  • 7:23 PM Mona El-Shazely on Dream TV 10 PM in special episode at 7 PM.
  • 7 : 32 PM First time to know that Habib Al-Adly had a meeting with Omar Soliman earlier today !!!! Good to know that he is here.
  • 7 :34 PM 99% of police stations and the State security HQ were torched. The Police may return to be stationed in clubs and youth centers. LLLLLLLLLLLooooooooooollllllllllllllllll
  • 7:40 PM Dr. ElBaradei : We can’t go back after what we have started.
  • 7:49 PM Ibrahim Eissa on Dream TV 2 : Hosni Mubarak recorded his speech at 5 PM
  • I need internet now , return back my internet connection you bloody bastard !!
  • 8:30 PM : Omar Afifi is speaking on BBC Arabic and some officer’s wife is ranting on Al Hayat TV : Their feelings are hurt.
  • 8:35 PM : I fear that the new cabinet will include members of Wafd and the leftist unionist !! The news about that split in union in ElBaradi coalition is scaring. Anyhow this protest has not leadership
  • 8:57 PM : My family brought a little small chocolate cake and I wished for Mubarak to leave  , happy birthday Charlie Brown
  • 9:03 PM New curfew tomorrow from 3 PM to 8 AM !!
  • Habib Al Adly , the resigned minister of interior has a meeting with his generals and ordered them to protect the people with the army !! WTH !!? WTH !!?  WTH for real !!? Sorry WTF !?? Does this need an order !!?? The police does not need an order to protect the civilians !!?
  • 9:20 PM Heard news , confirmed news that the first wife of Ahmed Ezz  has traveled to London along with his sons from an airport in Hurghada in a private jet. The employees and workers of the airport stopped the private jet and searched it , do you know what they found ? Gold jewelry and $ 180,000. Of course $180,000 is nothing compared to the billions Ezz owns.
  • 9:30 PM I want to go to the El Tahrir square :(  Amr Adib is back on air and he does not give a chance to Rola or anyone less to speak. Adel Emam is speaking on all channels to defend himself.
  • 9:37 PM How let the prisoners out !!??  I am so isolated from the world especially after the closure of the Al Jazeera channel office in Egypt. For the record Al Jazeera Channel airs the same thing BBC Arabic airs , of course the Egyptian regime can’t close the BBC Arabic office.
  • 9:40 PM Essam El-Arian of MBs denies the news that major MB prisoners escaped , Hisham Talaat Mustafa did not escape.
  • 9:50 PM Siyad Badawy on his channel : The opposition coalition did not delegate ElBaradei , he is trying to jump in to leadership !! I do not trust Siyad Badawy , I feel that he is being used by the regime to spilt the opposition. I do not trust him at all. ElBaradei is being attacked so badly in TV channels by imposters like Siyad Badawy and other party’s puppets.
  • 10:00 PM Obama is reportedly having talks with the leaders of the world about Egypt. Dr. Zowail will be back to Cairo. The Egyptian TV denies the news that there are thousands currently in Al Tahrir square.
  • 10:08 PM Pope Shnouad III called President Mubarak and told him that he supports him !! In fact he told him “ We support him” !! Pope Shnouda : The Copts do not participate in the protests !! I do not want to be rude but this is a sectarian policy , Pope Shnouda is an accomplice with Mubarak !! We will not forget his position and I will document this on 10:11 PM on Al Hayat Al Youm !!
  • 10 :12 PM Suez is much calmer than the past two days. The armed forces announce the arrest of 1965 fugitives.
  • 10:15 PM Naguib Sawiris on his channel : let’s give a chance for the new cabinet and new names !!
  • 10:42 PM There is an organized campaign against Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei. Al Hayat Channels are shit , I will not forget their campaign against Dr. ElBaradei
  • 10:58 PM BBC : Fire shooting in Down town Cairo , One was killed , Al Ahram journalist was killed while in Al Tahrir the army arrested a police under cover agent who was targeting protesters from near buildings.

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