Monday, January 31, 2011

#Jan 31 : Day No.7

12:32 AM Watched for while BBC Arabic News then turned in to Russia Today Arabia , I have not watched Russia Today Arabic nor CNN as I should. I have always relied on Al Jazeera because it seemed more updated before the closure of its office in Cairo. I think Al Jazeera used RNN crew as a source for its news if I am not mistaken.
12:35 AM The latest numbers we have got , our death toll increased to more than 100 and our injured increased to more than 2000 across the country. People are falling down in Al Tahrir square on a daily basis on the hands of the police.  Ironically it people were not killed at the Al Tahrir square or rather Ismail square during the British.
12:43 AM More people are speaking about more members of police of force among the looters and thugs  busted. Watching CNBC Arabia , Mustafa Bakery’s brother is speaking , he is among the protesters. He did not attack ElBaradei nor the States amazingly. The men of my neighborhood caught a thief in a street near to my house who turned to be a fugitive , they brought to him to the army. The new army emergency numbers are always busy by the way. 
12:47 AM CNBC claims that 19 private jets have departed in Egypt with families of Egyptian and Arab businessmen. I think I posted this news before
12:52 AM Listening to Wael Abbas in BBC Arabic  , at last some blogger is speaking on air.
12:59 AM More people are attacking ElBaradei on air from the mainstream media morons who will not have a place in our New Egypt insh Allah that we will have whether sooner or later. Of course this attack is resulted from the fact that all international media is highlighting the statements of ElBaradei in the Al Tahrir square or his announcement that he was delegated by the opposition parties. 
I do not have to listen to the rants of Khaled Salah who is working for Ashraf Al Sherif , the son of Safwat Sherif !! I do not have to listen to Siyad Badawy after what he has done in Dostor News. I do not want to see the baby face of Sherif Amar again on TV or listen to his voice.
I support Dr. ElBaradei again and I respect him , at least he participated in The Friday Wrath unlike Siyad El-Badawy , where was Siyad El-Badawy last Friday ?

The current regime has released its wolves to attack ElBaradei because he spoke about talks with the army directly. Our opposition is still worshiping the Mubarak idol despite he was smashed last Friday.
1:08 AM So Pope Shnouda III is not the only Mubarak supporter because Sheikh of Al Azhar supports Mubarak too !! Long live the crescent and cross in the service of Mubarak !! BBC Arabic says Egypt Christians are sending online messages to the Pope to be a spiritual leader , I do not know how they are doing it online. May be the Christians abroad are the ones who are sending these message not only to the pope but to the world. Of course as a Muslim , the Sheikh of Al Azhar and the Mufti do not represent me in any kind politically , this is their own personal
Wael Abbas I think spoke about going online through other countries but I do not understand how. I absolutely feel useless now.
I fear that BBC Arabic will join Al Jazeera.
I fear more on our revolution , this is a war between the people and the regime which is losing more and more battles . I do not want our people stop protesting , I do not want them to leave the streets , I want them to protest more and more.
I want to check on all my online friends  as I have done with the rest of my friends especially my activist friends as I am scared on their safety, it is one of the cons of being an anonymous blogger as I do not have their numbers.
1:43 PM  Why did Obama speak with the leaders of Turkey , Saudi Arabia, Israel and UK about Egypt ?? Are we under protection or occupation !!? I respect this concern but we are a free country after all
2:00 AM Al Hurra TV says some prominent political personality was shot down  in Egypt !! I am so scared on ElBaradei.
11:14 AM Good morning earthlings , here are the latest updates : Al Arabiya has received a warning not to air the truth or otherwise its office will be closed in Egypt !! There is call to have a civil disobedience in Egypt today and a huge protest of millions tomorrow. There is a big protest today in Alexandria now. Hugo Chavez had talks with Al Assad of Syria and the mad man of Libya about Egypt , this is insult to speak about the fate of Egypt with two of the worse dictators in the Middle East , seriously.
Mubarak orders the government to speak with the opposition , the puppet opposition which is led by Siyad El-Badawy and the other other puppets. This is why  El-Badawy refused to speak with ElBaradei , screw him and the other puppets.
Bobby Gates had talks with Tantawy and his Israeli counterpart , experts say that the Americans want more army soldiers in North Sinai so Israel calm down. Well we wanted more army in North Sinai , anyway. Obama spoke to everybody in the region from his allies and ignored Mubarak, this says so much, Mubarak is alone.
Mubarak looks terrible in the news , Omar Soliman is the man behind him. Some are saying that Soliman was and is his only advisor.
Rumors that the internet will return back online tomorrow.
My aunts have gone again to the markets to search for food !!!!!!
11:32 AM At last I found some of my friends telling that my activists friends are ok … yaaaaaaaaaaaay I fear that they will cut the water and return the communication blockage again. Saw a funeral on TV for a MB member killed in the protests of Alexandria. How many young Egyptians will be
The SMS and BBM are still down.
I will get some to eat , I have not had a breakfast yet.
12:59 PM Zamalak’s ladies and girls are cleaning the streets themselves
Yesterday Egypt witnessed more than 100 funeral.
We restored  Al Jazeera back on Al Jazeera , the channel is airing a breathtaking footage from last Friday, You must see it , you must.
1:10 PM General Mahmoud Wagdy has been appointed as the new minister of interior , Gawdet El-Malt  has been appointed as the new minister of finance.
1:26 PM Israeli President Shimon Perez : Mubarak did  a lot of mistakes but he did something : He kept Peace !!!!
About 100,000 are protesting in Al Tahrir square and there will be a sit in at Mahat Misr and Ka’ad Ibrahim Mosque.
OPEC is speaking about oil scarcity , I do not understand it.
1:36 PM Gawdet El-Malt has denied the news that he was appointed as minister of finance , Samir Radwan was appointed as minister of finance instead. Who is Samir Radwan !!? Anyhow I am glad that El-Malt was not chosen , no way they would choose him, he is an honest him.
In provoking news : Boutres Ghali declined the ministry ….. Are you fucking serious !!? Boutres Ghali again !!!?? Already I believe Ghali is in his way to Canada.
About 20,000 protesters are taking the streets in Shubra and they want the regime down.
A  protest in Shabin El-Kom and Damietta as well according to Al Jazeera.
1:41 PM President Bashar Al Assad promises more political reforms .loooooooooooooooool Long live Egypt. The U.S is going to deploy its citizens from Egypt. The choppers are hovering all over Egypt.
2:11 PM The military police arrested 5 from Al Jazeera international. Huge protests in Shabin El-Kom where Mubarak came from. New Minister of interior Wagdy was heading the prisoners department
2:24 PM Protests in Shubra, Giza, Dokki and Maadi according to Al Jazeera News. Mahmoud Wagdy left the service from 5 years ago because of his fight with  Al-Adly , he is from the few officers who got a certificate from Nasser military academy ,he is an army man. He is also to close to the media.
Ahmed Ezz is said to be barred from traveling according to Al Masry Al Youm. I do not know understand how Al Masry Al Youm is uploading that footage I see on Al Jazeera online nor how Al Jazeera got that footage online from Egypt.
2:32 PM A Protest in Tanta. Al Jazeera Mubshar has returned on Nile Sat again. I will play dump and I will call TEData.
2:47 PM Tantawy is still the minister of defense , Minister of Ma’ari is still the minister of justice and Fahmi is still the minister of oil !!!
3:03 PM The new ministers are : Sameh Hussein minister of health , Hussein EL-Atifi , minister of water resources , Dr. Ayman Farid Abu Hadid minister of agriculture , Fathi ElBaradei , minister of housing “he used to be the governor of Damietta and he is related to ElBaradei”
Ahmed Abu El-Gait is still the minister of foreign affairs.
Tarek Kamel is still the minister of telecommunications , well return back my internet Taroka !!!!!!! Ok Hani Halal is still there, Mofid Shahab is still there , Siyad Mashal despite the Mercedes scandal is still there, Moshira Khatab and Faiza Abu El-Naga are still there. Maged George is still there… in fact most of the old ministers are there !!
Zahi Hawas has become the minister of state affairs of antiquities , at last he got the ministry he dreamt of.
Has he just cancelled the ministry of culture !!? LoL Farouk Hosni is bye bye bye
Mubarak is defying us , he is walking to his doom.
4:44 PM Haartez : Israel demanded the leaders of the world to save Mubarak’s regime !! I do not understand , does Israel want Hosni Mubarak to be killed ?? 
Egypt Air delayed its flights from Tuesday 17 PM to 10 AM Wednesday. Al Wafd is refusing the  new cabinet “The mouse that roared”
The railways cancelled all its trips to stop the people from coming to Cairo tomorrow. Cowards.
The opposition parties in Azerbaijan demand the government to remove the statue of Mubarak in Baku.
100,000 Protests are taking the street in Mahalla. 
Carlos Latuff’s posters are all over Egypt
6:13 PM I did not get this on air but Al Jazeera claims that a former executive “Mahmoud Sabara”in Mubarak’s office says that Mubarak did not care to read the reports about suffering of the people. I think Sabara is abroad , of course the official media will claim that no one has ever worked in Mubarak’s office with that name.
Tayser Fahmi is there in Al Tahrir !!!!??? 
6:27 PM Egypt’s revolution has increased the price of oil barrel to $100 since 2008. Bad news the ministry of culture is still there , the new minister of culture is Gaber Asfour !!!
Sawiris clan is in Gouna along with Ahmed Ezz. I like the Sawiris clan but I do not understand why they are hiding in Gouna , are not they proud Upper Egyptians !!? Already where are the hot tempered Asuit and Sohag !!?? Are the people only good at attacking each other based on tribal and sectarian difference !!??
6:31 PM Not good so urgent news : Special forces following the MOI in the capital !!! General Wagdy has started hot. The choppers are still there.  All people want to kill Habib Al Adly.
How can I get internet through satellite !! I do not want to see my emails’ inboxes now nor the Google reader :s
9:54 PM I am so soooooooo happy to hear our dear blogger Wael Khalil on air speaking from Al Tahrir square , I want to go there now not even tomorrow.
The regime launched its agents to call all live shows to down the people’s spirits in a disgusting way , I am calling the TV names now.
10:06 PM Omar Soliman is reading on air now  his first public speech from Cairo , his voice is so threatening  Soliman was delegated to launch communications with the political powers in Egypt !! Yes the Mideast negotiations man will launch the negotiations in Egypt ! It is is not that promising because the man has been responsible for the negotiations between the Palestinian sects , the negotiations between Hamas and Fatah and nothing has been solved yet in the Palestinian- Palestinian conflict !! This is of course his fiascos in Sudan and  his fiasco in protecting our Nile water share.
It is kind of strange because Mubarak should be the one who reads the speech.
10:15 PM I read a disturbing news in Al Jazeera news bar , Egyptian internet activist Wael Ghoniem has not been seen since last Friday !! Wael Ghoniem spoke on Dream TV2 last Wednesday , I am so scared now.
My grandpa missed this moment
10:24 PM My aunt’s friend has a strange yet very interesting theory : We have got already a secret coup led by Omar Soliman. Mubarak looks so ill and old in a way no one can ignore it in a way or another , Omar Soliman is attending all the meetings with Mubarak.  Omar Soliman offered the Mubaraks an offer they could not refuse : The old man chooses him as a vice president then he will run for the coming elections in September and in return the Mubaraks and their entourage will have a safe exist.
This theory is indeed interesting  but I think if it is true then Omar Soliman did not think about the public’s reaction for one second using his charisma that he charmed us with , the people of Egypt are not stupid to the level.
Omar Soliman’s voice is so so so so military , he is giving an order not a speech to calm down millions who are extremely angry
Cairo is currently being isolated.
Emaad El-Din Adeeb is bluffing on Mehawar as expected , the big man means that the regime or rather Mubarak is so scared from tomorrow.
11:17 PM The people of Boulaq El-Dakror have returned back the things that were stolen from the Egypt Free company by the thugs , the people of Boulaq were accused , bravo people of Boulaq Ahsan shabab
11:29 PM Dr. Ahmed Zowail is calling for Mubarak’s safe exist directly on Dream TV 2 . Mona El-Shazly is ignoring the safe exist point. Zowail does not like this spilt in Egyptian opposition.

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