Monday, January 10, 2011

KSA Leaks

I found that blog through twitter Saudi accounts and I like its idea ; a blog dedicated to expose corruption in the Saudi official institutions and companies.

Here is the URL of the new blog if you are interested in following it :

Hopefully this blog will not be closed or blocked or its bloggers face harassments from Saudi authorities.

Back to the original Wikileaks the Saudi royal family real looks so bad , the Saudi King wants Iran to be attacked before the Israelis and the Americans and he wants a jet similar to Air force one too !!  The Saudi princes unsurprisingly have sex parties in the ultra orthodox religious kingdom and there are secret relations with the Israel !!

P.S for better browsing in Wikileaks search for tags and not for origins

To be honest I am not that surprised about what we found in the cables about the Saudi Royal family , we all know that and some journalists have spoken about this before but this time it is from so-called official American source !!

Anyhow the Saudi regime does not care that much for the Wikileaks officially since day one.


  1. To expose corruption in Saudi official institutions they should start by listing the 8,000 members of the Saudi royal family.

  2. Tell us more about the Saudi sex parties, Z.


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