Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Message To Dr. Elbaradei : Return To Cairo NOW !!

I do not know if Dr. ElBaradei will read this message or not but please Dr. ElBaradei return to Cairo now not even ASAP  but now, leave whatever you are doing in Austria and return  because the people need you besides them.
Speaking in CNN or having an interview in Der Spiegel will not help the protesters or give the regime a strong message but returning back to is the ultimate message, if the regime does not let you in from Cairo airport then this is the ultimate message.
Egyptians have never been like this before , they need to be encouraged more and more , use the fact that you are international recognized personality , use the fact that you have got the Nile Sash , you come after the President according to protocol.
If you join Egyptian people in their protests and strikes now , the regime will think thousand times before harming you.
The people in the street want a peaceful change but the police is not giving any chance.
this regime will not accept the bitter fact that change is from life facts except after one hell of a fight , the regime does not care if Egyptians kill other Egyptians as long as it is in power.
Gandhi and MLK went to protests and strikes , they did not tweet to few not to mention that twitter is currently blocked in the country now.
Dr. ElBaradei I support you and this is why I ask you to return to Cairo now not ASAP , there is no ASAP.
P.S Ali ElBaradei , the brother of Mohamed ElBaradei was in the protest yesterday.
Update : 
  • Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is coming back to Cairo tomorrow insh Allah Thursday and he will participate in the coming Friday's protest
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  1. Hi Zeinobia,

    Please check your email/messages -- I just sent you one right now!


    Angie in Toronto

  2. Dear Zeinobia,
    The people power revolution in The Philippines was sparked after the assassination of the late Ninoy Aquino who defy all the death threats and said, "the filipino is worth dying for".
    I hope ElBaradei has this kind of spirit and strong will to stand for the Egyptian People no matter what.


  3. Baradei is an opportunist! An outsider! he is no help! He stays abroad because he is scared to be arrested! He is not our leader!

  4. Dont worry.Europ Tv is full of News about egypt.El Baradei what in Arte tv..Stand..My heart is whit you egyptian People,algeria is whit you stand
    Halfalgerien in europ

  5. Keep it up Zainouba, I support you from out Holland :)
    - Iman

  6. ElBaradei is our leader!!! We EGYPTIANS wants him!!!

  7. I have this fore you.Exuse me its in german .

    Baradei came from vienna too egypt..

  8. How can he rule when he is always abroad and doesn't stay in egypt he is an oppertunist

  9. Wow i love you blog its awesome nice colors you must have did hard work on your blog. Keep up the good work. Thanks


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