Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Possible Photo For The Suicide Bomber

Al Masry Al Youm has published from couple of hours from the forensic lab for what possibly could be  a photo for the suspected suicide bomber believed to be behind the Two Saints Church attack. The forensic lab has restructured the badly damaged skull using their scientific and technological methods. “it is quite impressive like the Tutankhamun’s skull”
Here is the photo if you identify him "graphic" , please contact the authorities in Egypt.

A photo for the suspect
He does not seem to me as Afghan or Pakistani as the media speculated for two days ago from leaks. 
Again if you identify this person or you have seen him somewhere , please do not afraid or shy to call the police on 122 , if you are outside Egypt now , please try to contact the Egyptian embassy , this is very important.
Update : 
Radical Copts united "Yes it is radical as long as it is still mourns Kamal Abdeir" has published a photo for some protester in a Salafi protest claiming that he is that suspected suicide bomber the MOI published his restructured face. 
Now my activist friends in twitter are saying that they saw that man in the Kafeya protests at the bar association several times before !! I do not know what do you think but I believe that protester could be an undercover agent. 
The website added an update that they received a tip from some source in Alex claiming that this person is from Al-Ghad party members , the thing which Dr. Ayman Nour completely denied !! Not only that but also that protester turned to be a lawyer who is still alive !!
The protester turned to be a lawyer called Osama Sedky aka Osama Farkha and he spoke on Mehwar channel !!
Dear Copts United if you have got an info like that before publishing it online to attack the Salafis , go to the Police and share it with them first so they can investigate it seriously !!
The MOI has been receiving been calls especially from Delta about that shot most of them if not all of them do not lead to anything !! "A woman reported her-ex and so on !"
Al Gomhouria claims that this restructured head turned to be for a Christian man called Fiaz Iskander


  1. He's not very handsome.

  2. He is a perfect candidate for 2011 poster boy.....for birth control.
    They say when he was born the doctor took one look at his face, turned him over and said, “Look, twins!”

  3. I agree, doesn't look Afghan or Pakistani.. scary photo.

  4. el-dakhleyya 3ayzah afghani yeb2a lazem yeb2a afghani :-)

  5. Guys, this man might be very well another victim. The news was clear that all is sough is more info so, plz stop ur jokes. @Jason: I thought that all God's creatures have sm sort of beauty. The man can be from so many places, cld be Egyptian, or from so many other countries. Im hating how instead of taking this seriously most ppl have used it as a pretext to make fun of others, claim certain features to Muslims or Christians ect. Ppl really need to learn that in time of crisis either say smthing good or useful or be silent.

  6. С този колега сме били приблизително по едно и също време приети в театъра.Играли сме заедно само 1 сезон .После той пътува с групи за руски песни на турнета и го уволниха.Зная че има майка рускиня и баща от Африка .Това е всичко .Никаква друга информация незная


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