Friday, January 7, 2011

Saint Simon Monastery

The monastery "AFP"
I was planning to write about Saint Simon the tanner monastery today but in more cheerful moods , I had a wonderful cheerful mood yesterday after the mess with all the photos and stories of Muslims who attended it but unfortunately it was spoiled by the news of Belal.
Anyhow I will not give up for the sake of those who were killed because of the bombing and thus I share with you a report made by Mahmoud Saad last month from the famous monastery , unfortunately it is in Arabic. Anyhow I encourage you to watch the video to see the monastery.
Mahmoud Saad visiting the saint Simon
The Saint Simon monastery is believed to be from the largest churches engraved in a hill/ mount in the world. { Despite being hill scientifically people in Egypt are insisting to identify the Mokattam as mount} The monastery reminds me with the monasteries and churches engraved in mounts in Syria.
The church at the hill "AFP"
The first time I heard about the Saint Simon and its monastery was in mid 1990s when a rockslide happened in the area , the first it had happened , of course we have a short memory and remember only the Doweqia.
During last week media coverage or rather campaign to save Egypt from sectarian division I was astonished to know that one of the oldest chapels in the world and in Egypt was in the New Valley.
Photo Source : Da

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