Thursday, January 13, 2011

Siyad Bilal’s Widow is arrested because of an interview "Updated"

Today Al Wafd has published an interview with Siyad Bilal’s widow Shimaa who spoke about the last moments of her husband with his family before departing to his end alleged doomed fate in State security.
Mrs. Bilal said that the state security officers spoke disrespectfully about her husband when they brought his dead body back to the family that refused to bury him.
Now hours later there are news coming from Alexandria that the lady has been arrested by the State security !!
This lady is a mother of one year old child for God sake who lost her husband from a week ago !!
There was a protest in solidarity with Bilal today in Mansoura that was cracked by the security forces. There was also a protest in Cairo that was cracked too earlier.
Update : 
According to activists who are on contact with the family Shimaa was not arrested !!


  1. do we in Egypt still have men?

  2. Z sorry for being irrelevant but that's an important matter... please help with your experience and devotion to expand this page of Gomaa El Shawan within 7 days
    It really needs lots of information.


  4. I am Coptic and would like to express my sadness and outrage over what has happened to Mr. Bilal. Human rights are for all.
    May God bless and keep Mrs. Bilal and family.


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