Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stop Exploiting The Victims

Yes we are all angry , yes we are furious , yes we are mourning unofficially and so we do not need anyone to exploit the Alexandria church attack , we do not need anyone to exploit the victims of the church attack.
We do not need those radical organizations abroad to exploit the attack and increase the Christian anger because this is the aim of the attack to create a sectarian division , whoever planned for this attack chose that Church because in front of it directly a Mosque and as natural reaction the angry Christians who lost their families and friends would go and attack the Mosque thus a little civil war starts in Alexandria “ according to early reports some young Christians tried to attack the Mosque but other Christians and Muslims before the security stopped them”

We do not need those radical faces inside remind us "that if Shnouda III released the Muslim sisters he is keeping at the monastery in the desert ,this would not happen" because honestly nothing this justifies this coward attack in front of God before humans. Humanity has been killed at least 24 times that bloody night.
We do need those who are reminding us that we have Christian neighbors and the Christians have got Muslim neighbors , what we would like to be remind with in that we are all Egyptians regardless of our religion , our color and our race.
We do not need the security to attack the Muslim protesters who are joining their brothers and sisters in their anger , we do not need fake protests launched by the NDP.
We do not need singers from Egypt and other neighbor countries to exploit the matter especially like Mr. Amr Mustafa , Ms. Marwa Nasr and Mr. Samo Zein  not to mention the voice of shanty towns Shaaban Abdel Rahim because honestly all those singers are not Abdel Halim Hafez or even Julia Boutros !!
Why on earth the honorable members of parliament "most of them won by cheating "want us to install CCTV cameras and security system for LE 1 billion !?? What kind of golden cameras or security systems the government will use !!?? Is this a new way to fool the Egyptian people !!? Who is the former general agent of the CCTV cameras and security systems in Egypt that want to earn couple of pounds from our money  !!?
For God the sake the poor Doweiqa area needs this money  !? The poor Christians in Doweiqa who share with their Muslim brothers poverty , disease and also death in Doweiqa are desperate need for half of this money !!
Tell me that this is not a cheap exploitation to the victims of the attack !
Seriously stop exploiting the victims , stop exploiting Egypt.
Update : 
A new type of exploitation in our newspaper , the governor of Assuit general Nabil Al Araby published a half ad page to condemn the attack with condolences to the Christians from the people of Assuit to the Christians and people of Egypt !!!!!!

This colored ad in Al Ahram in its first half is for not less than LE 250,000 !! I think the poor Christians and Muslims of Assuit that suffer from poverty and unemployment need that money !!


  1. Are you so very sure that Pope Shenouda III is holding your "Muslim sisters" captive in a Monastery? You are generally incredibly neutral, accurate, and thorough in your political analysis and coverage of Egypt. However, with phrases written without an inkling of doubt regarding their veracity like "We do not need those radical faces inside remind us that if Shnouda III released the Muslim sisters he is keeping at the monastery in the desert , this would not happen."

    1) How do you know that they are held under captivity if they've both said they are willingly there?

    2) How do you know that they are Muslim if they've both said they're not?

    3) How do you know that the vile act wouldn't have occurred had he "released" them as you say? Radical terrorists usually don't abide by their word....

    Look, i'm not saying that Camilia Shehata and Wafaa Constantine's cases are clear cut, with all the questions answered. But we do have statements from them, albiet slightly dubious and from one year ago, and we do not have any statements verifying your assumptions.

  2. Dear anonymous , I did not say here in the post that Camilla was kidnapped or anything, I was speaking about the radical Salafis who believe so and who are leaving comments in the FB and other websites with that meaning, I am sorry if you misunderstood that paragraph

    Now if you are asking about my opinion I believe both the State and the Church did not know how to handle the matter of these ladies as they should , this is not about the attack but about Egyptian citizens who caused unneeded tensions over personal issues ,who have rights.
    The State did not consider the matter important and the Church tried the matter that these are Christians only not Egyptian citizens.
    You know this can't happen in Europe and the States in this way

  3. Zeinobia, forgive me to say that I had started to lose so much respect for you after reading that. Anonymous' comment explains perfectly how I understood it as well, and naming the pope just using his first name didn't help.

  4. Zeinobia, I read it as these two did as well. If you put quotations marks around the belief of the radical Salafis, it would be very clear it is not your belief.

    Thanks for your coverage of this tragedy.

  5. It was quite clear to me, but since tensions are so high right now maybe quotes would help.

  6. The source of exploiting Egyptians and turning them one against another is the Saudi involvement in funding mosques in Egypt and around the world to spread their version of Islam i.e. Salafism. This can be traced back to the 1960s, it was not until later in the twentieth century that the government of Saudi Arabia became a large influence in Arab and foreign mosques. Beginning in the 1980s, the Saudi Arabian government began to finance the construction and funding of mosques in countries around the world. An estimated US$45 billion has been spent by the Saudi Arabian government financing mosques and Islamic schools in other countries. Ain al-Yaqeen, a Saudi newspaper, reported in 2002 that Saudi funds may have contributed to building as many as 1,500 mosques and 2,000 other Islamic centers[29]
    Saudi citizens have also contributed significantly to mosques in the Islamic world, especially in countries where they see Muslims as poor and oppressed.
    Egyptians respected all religions and coexisted in peace with one another before the 1960's as Islam was preached and practiced as a religion of peace and tolerance unlike the fiery sermons we hear on some loudspeakers on Fridays.
    Saudi Arabia has done the right thing for the wrong reasons.
    Islam is not Salafism and Salafism is not Islam.

  7. @Last Anon: rejoice and be happy in relation with the church attack, an innocent Egyptian was tortured to death and killed by state police bec he is a salafi.

    Egyptians, need to learn to accept all as long as ppl are bound by the law and just like there are those who subscribe to a stricter form of Islam there are those who do the same among Christians as well. Saudis are all to blame but not the US who is directly responsible for Bin Laden and his group, not those making money by exploiting the Christians of the East files right?


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