Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yes He Knows Nubia Just Like He knows Egypt !!

I could not cover the latest activities of Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei , I admit that I was little bit lazy but also there were other pressing issues in Egypt and the Arab world I had to cover.
Of course it is never too late and I will start with the latest activities of Dr. ElBaradei that have been making headlines in the past 48 hours. Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei met a delegation from Nubia at his home , his statements in the meeting where as usual altered in the media and we found statements he did not say were put on his tongue. Some members of the delegation from Nubia as usual brought up the option of internationalization the Nubian issue in front of UN , this is not new thing while from his side ElBaradei told the Nubian activists to use all possible legal ways to restore back their rights.
Dr. ElBaradei with the delegation "ElBaradei campaign"
Now after the meeting we found headlines in the media that ElBaradei calls for the internationalization of the Nubia land issue and you can imagine the reaction of the official and semi official media !! The ElBaradei campaign issued a clarification statement which was published by Al Shorouk published online and in its printed issue.
Fortunately the Egyptian Nubian activists recorded most of the meeting on video and we can see exactly what everyone said. The video is must-to-be-seen for anyone who do not know about the Nubian issue in Egypt. You can see after the break

Hopefully this video will introduce the Nubian issue to more Egyptians who will stand with their Egyptian brothers in restoring back their rights , which are actually our rights. 
This is not the first time it happens with ElBaradei I am afraid !!
I support the Nubian issues 100% and I believe before we build hotels and resorts in that land we should give the people of Nubia their rights , I believe if we really have a just democratic regime that does not differentiate between its citizens based on class , race and religion as part of its national security. “ choose the class first because this regime only cares for its class only”  There are some talk nowadays among the people after the Alexandria attack that the enemies of Egypt want to divide in to Four Egypts “ Sinai for Palestinians , The Delta till Bani Sawif to the Muslims , Upper Egypt for the Christians and independent State for the Nubian”, democracy and justice will bring Egypt together and protect it from any danger.
By the way Dr. ElBaradei hosted that delegation in his home in Cairo because the regime closed all the doors in front of him and his campaign to reserve any hall in Nubia or Aswan as usual in a disgusting way.
Now strangely Dr. Mohamed Salim Al-Awa found himself willingly or unwillingly part of the campaign against Mohamed ElBaradei when he said that the general prosecutor should interrogate Mohamed ElBaradei because of his call for the internationalization of the Nubia issue. Last Monday he spoke on air with popular TV host on Islamic TV channel Azhari TV about the Alexandria terrorist attack and the sectarian tensions “which he has been accused of igniting from couple of months ago”.
Now here is the full interview , where is the part about ElBaradei !!??Check at the end of the video "Thanks to Mido"
Dr. Salim El-Awa speaking about the Two Saints Church attack
 Dr. Al.Awa has denied these statements that were put on his mouth to the ElBaradei campaign and asked the people to watch the show again to see what he said actually.
I do not understand , we saw the video and despite he did not mention ElBaradei's name directly as he referred to some political figure and possible candidate for presidency , we all knew that he meant him !! It would have been better if you came and said "Yes I meant ElBaradei based on what I read in Youm 7"
Up till now Youm 7 and Al Masry Al Youm have not published a clarification for ElBaradei’s statement. 
Forget about what Dr. Al-Awa was claimed to say because it is nothing actually compared to what Dr.Youssef Zidan said yesterday at his book signing in the Shorook Bookstore which thank God I did not attend. “ I was thinking of going” I respect him as a serious historian and novelist but I do not approve on how he spoke about Dr. ElBaradei . Zidan wondered from where ElBaradei knew Nubia so he could speak about it accusing him of trading with the hope of change in Egypt !! With my due respect Dr. ElBaradei knows Nubia just like he knows Egypt very well.
If Zidan believes in democracy and freedom of expression as he claims , he will have to recognize the right of ElBaradei to express his opinions as he wants about Egypt or Nubia or even Mars !!
Already I do not like how he also spoke Dr. Alaa Al-Aswni and his literature, Dr. Zidan must respects the other. Neither ElBaradei trades in hope nor Al-Aswani’s literature !! Not all the people likes your literature Dr. Zidan with my all due respect !! I mention Dr. Aswani because I began to form some bad idea based on the fact that both Al-Aswani and ElBaradei are outspoken opposition figures !!
I am completely shocked with Zidan’s statements !!
Dr. ElBaradei’s meeting with the delegation of Nubia is very important yet unfortunately it was shaded by the terrible terrorist attack in Alexandria.


  1. Sudanese Observer1/06/2011 01:33:00 AM

    Kudos to AlBaradei and to Zeinobia for purportedly supporting the legitimate rights of Egypt's Nubians.

    The transboundary harm and impoverishment that occurred to the Sudanese across the border by the creation of Lake Nubia, and the implication of Nasser's regime in Sudan's first military regime in order to sign the 1959 Agreement that the civilian democratic, post-independence government of Sudan wanted to negotiate differently continue to cast a long shadow over relations.

    This episode is always referred to as the fruit of 'cooperation' with Egypt which always comes at the expense of the Sudanese, at the expense of the Nubians.

    And, as in Egypt, the issue has not died down in Sudan.

  2. My wish for 2011 is a country that is big enough and fair to all of us Egyptians. Our diversity shld be appreciated and shld make us stronger and I wish ppl who are worried about religious diversity also be aware of how others are suffering.


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