Friday, February 18, 2011

And the ice ball reached to Damascus !!

On February 17,2011 there was this small protest in Damascus and what Tunisia taught is that small protests can lead in to a bigger uprising that can evolve in to a revolution.
From what I understood from the video description as there is no further information online that it started when a citizen called Emad Nasibah was brutally beaten by 4 police officers at Harika district in Damascus. It seemed that the neighborhood refused this action and decided to announce its refusal with a small size protest yet a big move considering the police state Syrians living in. I believe they were protesting in front of Nasibah’s shop where he was detained.
Now despite protests can be easily and brutally cracked down in Syria ,the Syrian police freaked out and it seemed that they feared that if they did anything things would go out of control. The protesters refused to leave except when the minister of interior would come to stop this humiliation on the hands of police forces there. The minister of interior came to see what was wrong surprisingly.
All what I know that Nasibah left the police station with the minister and that those who kept cheering for the regime in the protest were the usual plain clothed police agents.
The angry protesters in the video were chanting “ The Syrian people never to be humiliated” and “Thieves , thieves” in reference to the corruption of the government.
There is no doubt that the Syrian regime is technically shitting in its pants currently .It is no longer Tunisia but rather EGYPT and now you got protests in Libya, Bahrain , Yemen and Algeria.
To be honest I am surprised to see this small protest and the official reaction following it “The minister of interior to show up like that” , may be this is a media stunt to absorb and vent the Syrian people’s anger or may be it is radical shift in Syria from both the people’s side and the regime’s side. “I hope so”
The Syrian regime knows very well that any public movement against it will be supported by the Western world ASAP , the States sold their man Mubarak after 30 years of service.
During the Egyptian revolution the Syrian regime unblocked the internet websites like Facebook after years of blocking in the country in attempt to win the public.
The Syrian media as far as I see is happy that Mubarak has fallen down but they are not that happy on how or why he has fallen down, they claim that Camp David treaty was the reason why Mubarak was downed !! I notice another thing that the agents of the Syrian regime online are discrediting and attacking Wael Ghonim. “The guy has not got rest from the Mubarak regime’s orphans so he finds the Syrian regime’s online agents attacking him as well”
I thought that after the Egyptian revolution and after the unblock of internet websites the regime in Syria would release Tal Mallohi but I was completely wrong. Tal was found guilty of espionage and has been sentenced 5 years in jail. Tal is officially accused of being a spy working for the United States. The Syrian ministry of foreign affairs issued a statement which accordingly the femme fatale Tal was recruited by Austrian officer at the Golan heights when she was only 15 years old and she came to Cairo based on the orders of that officer !!
The States condemned the sentence and denied the allegations.
Anyhow knowing the Syrian history and the Syrian people we should expect at any time another #Jan25.


  1. Zenobia please write something about what is going on in LIbya, there are now videos of bodies in morgues and funerals as well as shootings.

    Best inf on

    But also


  2. Dear Zenobia,
    let's cover Libya right now, there insane dictator is butchering them.

    Dear People of Syria,
    Please, just give us a couple of days to cover Libya and Bahrain. Then you'll be sync with Morocco.

  3. Zenobia please write something about what is going on in LIbya


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