Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another MOI PR Fiasco

The MOI has launched a new PR campaign in an attempt to amend the relation with the public and as usual the PR campaign is a fiasco , a huge fiasco.

First of all it is obvious PR campaign : fake protests for officers and soldiers who are complaining from injustice in the MOI and demanding the prosecution of Habib Al-Adly. It was so fake that people or rather Al Tahrir protesters began to launch jokes on how the snipers of MOI are targeting the officers protesting in front of the MOI building.

Another CSF vehicle torched

Then we got these meetings and visits of the new minister of interior general Mahmoud Wagdy.

And as it is better to join them if you can’t beat them the MOI has now a page in Facebook.

The latest part of this PR campaign is unleashing bunch of officers and cadets speaking about their agony and suffering at the MOI at the popular night talk shows !! Saluting the martyrs of the protesters before the martyrs of the police is not enough I am afraid because those protesters were not killed by anyone except by police officers and CSF soldiers themselves. Putting the blame on the orders from above will not make the families of 365 martyrs officially less angrier from the MOI and the police !!

Ironically all this brought a negative reaction from the public because no 5th grade student would buy all this.I believe the worst move was these officers and cadets speaking on TV shows !!

Minister Mahmoud Wagdy if you want to save the police force and MOI in the new era then you should the following steps which I wrote before :

  • Apologize for using the weapon and force of your apparatus in killing and injuring civilians during these 18 days officially.
  • Prosecute all the police officers and cadets who are responsible for the murder of civilians in the revolution. Do not tell me that the one who killed that unarmed civilian will continue working in the police force , this man should be hanged. 
  • Order your police officers to stop whining and hiding like kids and to return ASAP to their positions in the streets , looters and thugs are still threatening the people.
  • Punish your police force , no more incentives or bonuses for the rest of the year for leaving their positions and their duty hiding in their houses. “Please do not tell me there were orders , these orders should be broken when they are against the law , the common sense not to mention our national security especially in Sinai”

General Wagdy , this is your opportunity in history , either you seize it or you will continue heading an apparatus that we will continue to hate !!

I just want one of the officer watch this video and tell me how shall I respect the Egyptian police again. “ Graphic”

This video is for one of the injured victim who were badly injured at Tahrir square on January 28,2011. This young man who was doctor trying to save the injured there lost about 1/2 of his blood , his leg was on the verge of amputation. This young man underwent a surgery for 8 hours in Kasr Al Aini hospital !!

The Egyptian police used internationally forbidden ammunition against the civilian unarmed Egyptian protesters and they want us to forgive them so easily !!

There are 160 unidentified bodies at the Zinhom morgue and families are being urged to go there to identify them , those 160 were killed in the revolution of January 25.

Do you know that in the early days of the revolution general hospitals were forced to change the cause of death of the victims !!? Do you know that the general hospitals were ordered not to give a burial permission and release the bodies of the martyrs to theirs families except when they would sign a document that the martyrs died because of natural causes !!?

Torched CSF Vehicle

Do you know that our brave young men from protesters were the ones who saved the poor CSF soldiers from the wrath of the public in January 28th !!? Our protesters helped the poor soldiers , the same soldiers that hit them with sticks brutally to escape from the CSF vehicles  when their officers cowardly escape following that order to retry. These wonderful protesters made the soldiers change their cloths giving them their own shirts to escape as fast as they could from the angry public on that day when people.

Compensating the families of martyrs LE 1500 will not make them forget , it will not make us forget. Standing in respect for the martyrs in every TV show will not make us forget or forgive.

Of course I will not speak about the detainees because they are the responsibilities of the armed forces now not the responsibility of the police anymore. General Sami Anan promised the media of their release soon from 48 hours and up till now they have not been released yet.


  1. Bravo Z for an excellent report! We will never forgive and forget what the police forces did that day to all those innocents protesters who only arms with their spirit and will to fight the unjusticed they have suffered from the police brutality and oppressed regime for the last 30 years! we cant forget how the police and thugs attacked protesters in all parts of Egypt and killing so many innocent lives. We cant forget how the police shoot at old, youngs and children without remorsed! We will not forget all the torturing that being going on until few days ago! The police mentioning they are only following orders are all BS!!! no matter what We will not forget all this until there is justice for all of them and those criminals punished for their crimes!

  2. Hey whoever is behind this site.. The girl or the guy that’s trying to become a hero (in which you’re obviously not btw) over the recent events claiming you are so patriotic and deciding to give leads to your readers about how they should think, please consider the following:

    1. The democracy you are trying to implement within your country and have been using as a backdrop for all your insecurities & your messed up civil society, is definitely not by using terms as "hanged" or calling for anyone to be executed in such cruel manners.
    Note: we DO NOT have “martyrs” in our societies; we have people that either die for a cause, or natural heavenly death.

    2. The police force you are accusing to be working for a system and have blamed for brutal force, accused of corruption, calling to be prosecuted, and charged the masses to hate so much, is unfortunately the same police force you are demanding to return to the streets today to protect you once again. How can you dismantle something with your own hands and ask it to reassemble on its own. Just shows how un-mature your thoughts and perception to reality is. (Police are never meant to be your friends btw, they have always been working for the system you uneducated fools, and this goes for every single country in the world. Their job description is policing the country if you also haven't learned this word correctly in your education systems)

    3. In the developed countries that you are trying to be democratic and civil like them do not approve of anything that’s taking place in your country neither your cause for a so called "revolution" putting aside our own western media propaganda that’s been gracing you and encouraging you to destruct your own countries and you're all falling for it like fools just because you believe so much in our gracious and peaceful media propaganda that has destructed and wreaked havoc in your entire region. Hint: just look around you and see if you notice anything familiar!!

    Only time will prove and teach you Arabs how you've all been played with and influenced to destruct your own lives by yourselves instead of the west penetrating your countries with our men and armies. Un-reversible by now of course, however you turned out to be easier than we thought, and for this I personally Thank You as a "Westerner" for showing us how naive your people are not as smart as you claimed over the years... Only your money and oil is what makes you seem smart but even that you can't protect...
    If you think this is an attack on your people, then I must say you just proved yourself how dumb you are again… But only if you read between the lines you'll understand the true intention of this msg...
    And please post, for democracy is free of censorship, full of open opinion exchange in all its forms, and freedom of expression to say the least…

    A Human Being...

  3. That was just a test Z to see how democratic you are and in what way you promote it. But we now know your intentions and to how far you are willing to go in order to justify your blogs and reports. Thank You again for proving another good point to us. See you soon Z


    A Human Being

  4. I support you Z and they should be hanged many democracies have the death penailty and many will execute traitors, I totally agree with you.

  5. "A Human Being" has been watching too much Fox.

    Your post was great. Though I would not sentence anyone to death but I can see the point just by replacing "hanged" with "tried".

  6. Another fiasco was this on TV yesterday:

    On the Masria Sat Channel, a phone-in (who wished to remain annonymous) Police General is protesting that the 25 Jan Revolution hijacked their very own Police Day. He demanded that the media change the Revolution Day to another date.

    The boob (so called journalist) just nodded and took note, instead of reminding the Anonymous Police General that it was precisely because it was Police Day that the Revolution started on that #25Jan day.


  7. The so-called "Human Being" wants us to believe that if our national police is cleansed of torturers, rapists, drug dealers, thieves and coldblooded killers, this will "destruct" (sic) the police force and even our own country.

    Mr. or Ms. "Human Being", you are welcome to have officers who sodomize political prisoners with broomsticks, or who shoot unarmed kids in the head, in the police force of your own "democratic" country.

    We don't want them. We "uneducated fools" want a professionally trained police force, accountable to the people, that obeys and enforces the laws passed by democratically-elected legislators: one that defends our rights instead of violating them.

    That's what we want for ourselves, but clearly not what you want for us. I guess it's not accidental that you didn't call yourself "A Fellow Human Being", given the evidence that you don't consider us to be human or have human rights.

    Thank you very much for caring, though.

  8. @A Human Being
    A cheap way for proving your point of view.

  9. @anonymous2 obviously you dont know anything about the country

    the police is made of 3 divisions:
    general security(amn aam)
    state security(amn eldawla)
    central security(amn markazi)

    we don't have big problems with the first one, which includes clerks, traffic, criminal investigators. they are corrupt can be's a long process

    the last 2 are guilty and sadistic m**************** they have blood on their hands, they torture and detain with or without orders.

    the last 2 must be abolished, the country doesnt mneed them and those working for them must be trialled for killing innocent civilians and children.
    this is not a vendetta this is JUSTICE.

  10. re Anonymous "the police is made of 3 divisions:"

    You forgot to mention General Intelligence (Omar Solieman's bread and butter) the torture sub contractor for the CIA.

  11. @Anonymous 2/17/2011 10:05:00 AM

    A Human Being's screed has little resemblance Fox News broadcasts. He's confused in a way that is not so much attributable to politics as to mental illness or ordinary stupidity.

  12. @anonymous#4 yes I agree general intelligence elements have to be was part of CIA rendition programme and they too have many sadistic *********

    I didn't mention it though because it's technically an offshoot of the army not the police, almost all officers there came from military establishment like their torture chief

  13. Can someone please explain why there has not been a single attack on any icons of the jewish state on your soil?? Can someone please explain why is ghonem being so praised by many even though his income that he receives monthly is from a company 100% jewish in the first place and every cent of its profit goes back to its jewish owners, which shares a legal percentage of its total revenue to the jewish state itself?? Can someone also please explain why is iran maneuvering its naval fleet and wants crossing from our canal and this particular time of crisis you have??
    Can' you see that you still are too tied up and stuck in all of your thoughts of fixing a country that you already destroyed??


    A Human Being


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