Sunday, February 20, 2011

Arabs Revolt : The anger volcano

It started in Tunisia then it moved to Egypt then it head to Bahrain , Libya , Algeria, Yemen, Morocco, Kuwait and Syria.
True songs live through time for sure.
Ironically the Egyptian TV in the past few days kept airing old songs that were forgotten during the Mubarak era especially in the past decades. The patriotic songs of 1960s and 1970s are back and strangely the 1960s songs about revolution are making sense now than during the days of Nasser !!
There are news the people regained control on Benghazi again, it seems that an army general stood besides the people there.
There are rumours that Qaddafi escaped the country while there are news that his wife or wives to be accurate have left the country.
Here is an Egyptian solidarity Facebook group  where you can find ways to help our Libyan brothers.
There is a news that Omar Al-Mokhatar's son has joined the opposition.


  1. I am not suprised at the huge tital wave of revolt in the arab world. May Allah protect the ummah.

  2. I was brought up listening those patriotic songs of Abdulhalim, and learned to sing them before I could even speak proper Arabic:) The Egypt I learned to know was through those songs stories my grandmother would tell me as a child when I came on vacation to Egypt (pro-nasser parents and pro-monarchy grandparents:D). I was always yearning for the Egypt,the one I know and was shocked to see Egypt the way it was before Jan25. It's as if the Egyptians had lost their Egypt-i-ness..if you know what I mean.

    On January 25th I felt Egypt was back on track:)) all the patriotic songs I knew started to flow in my head. I am very grateful for every Egyptian who down the streets to get our rights and dignity back. Thank you :))


  3. خصوصا
    "وطني حبيبي"

    و صوت الجماهير

    كأنهم مكتوبين الأسبوع الماضي!

  4. pro-nasser parents and pro-monarchy grandparents
    that's one messed up child.just kidding

  5. I think the old patriotic songs is way much better and more meaningful that the new songs! nowadays there are so many songs about the revolution on TV and furthermore some of these music videos are from those artist that condemn the revolutionaries but now they jump on the wagon to make profit with the new revolution..hypocrite!

  6. Bon Jovi dedicates his song No Apologies to the Egyptian revolution.

  7. Some updates and links to updates on the Libyan situation.

  8. The age of information and knowledge through mass communication and technology has woken people up.
    Governments can no longer control masses by their radio and TV stations as technology offers several other means for conveying a variety of news and information for people to make up their own opinions.
    The age of free thinking has arrived to the Arab world.

  9. Zeinobia, it is being reported that Wael Ghonim was physically prevented from speaking in Tahrir Square by thugs of Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi on Friday.

    See The Yuppie Revolution In Egypt Is Over, The Islamist Revolution Has Begun and Egypt protest hero Wael Ghonim barred from stage.

    For your sake and Egypt's I hope these reports are incorrect.

  10. Finally Libya has made the top Drudge Report headline with the title GADDAFI ON THE BRINK. It includes an unflattering photograph of the clothes-conscious despot.

  11. @Anonymous 2/20/2011 05:11:00 PM, Believe it or not, some of the parents and relatives of the free officers of the 1952 revolution were very close to the Egyptian monarchy, even working inside the palace. To make them participate in the revolution, they were told that the aim of the revolution is to rectify the political situation which was in chaos at that time. They were never told about overthrowing king Farouk. Unfortunately most of those officers, even though they had very important role in the success of revolution, were marginalized afterwards.

  12. @Hazem
    You are correct, historical facts indicate that none of the patriotic people including most of the free officers survived Nasser's treachery. He trusted NOBODY except his Mukhabarat.
    If you look at the 1952 picture of the Free Officers who participated in the coup, you will notice that very few remained as you said, most were marginalized, imprisoned or disappeared.

  13. By the way, Mohamed El Naschie often tells Egyptian audiences that his father was a Free Officer. It's a lie.


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