Saturday, February 12, 2011

Breaking News : Army Communiqué No.4

The army council has announced its fourth Communiqué from few moments ago on air.

These are the most important points the generals have agreed on :

  1. The army is obliged to what was said in the previous communiqués.
  2. The government and the people to return back to their responsibilities toward the country 
  3. The current government and governors will continue performing its duties till we have a new elected government.
  4. The council is looking forward to guarantee the peaceful transitional of power in a democratic system that allows civil state.
  5. Egypt respects its international treaties
  6. The army calls the people of Egypt to cooperate with the police.
Communiqué no.4 on 12/2/2011

Ok the world especially Israel and the U.S only care for the assurance that Egypt still respects its international treaties or to be accurate Camp David treaty but yet what we care about in Egypt here in this very important time :

The assurance that the the army council will guarantee the peaceful transitional of rule in a democratic system that allows civil state , yes a civil state not a military state , this is a very important thing.

People are speaking about a Turkish scenario taking place in Egypt , we do not know that yet and I think we must know that Egypt is not Turkey , Egypt is not Tunisia despite all similarities. We can learn from the Turkey and Tunisia though.

Another important point in this communiqué is that we are going to have a new government instead of Ahmed Shafik’s cahinet. “ By the way minister of information Anas El-Fiky was arrested in his attempt to get away from the country to London” 

Regarding the police , well we are ready to open an page with them but they have to be there , in the past 48 hours there was not a single officer or solider protecting the streets at night , some will say that there is a curfew but let’s be frank there was not a real curfew in Egypt. Already today the curfew has become from 12 AM to 6 AM.


  1. Z, why you don't want Egypt to be a SECULAR country like Turkey?

  2. Please please don't say "all the US cares about" - maybe instead "all the US GOVT cares about." I am American, and many of us do not agree with our Govt's support and alliance with Israel. We citizens are using our democratic system to bring about change in our foreign policy. Many of us also have not agreed with our Govt's past support of the Mubarack regime. We have been following your brave fight for freedom with awe.

    I visited your country for the first time just 3 weeks before your Revolution started. I have told everyone I know how Just the protests were based upon what I saw with my own eyes. Daily I encourage everyone I talk with to see this as an exciting and triumphant time for the Egyptian people! Please remember, proud Egyptians, you do have supporters in the US. Let us amplify your voice to our Govt so that we as a nation can focus on the true importance of the freedom and dignity you have brought about for yourselves and your country!

  3. Congratulations to all the Egyptian people for capturing the hearts, minds and imagination of the whole world.

    We salute you.

    We never imagined all the things you had been telling us about the brutality of the former regime until we saw the nightmarish scenes on tv and youtube.

    It is very sad that innocent youth had to spill their blood so that your people can have their country back - but such is history.

    I have no sympathy for Anas Al-Fiqy who insulted my country and its people in the aftermath of the Algeria-Egypt World Cup qualification match. His insult to the revolutionaries of Tahir Square are undoubtedly worse.

    We wish Egypt the very best in this most testing of times, we hope that national security interests are not compromised and that your transition from military to civilian rule will be more successful than ours.

    In Sudan Al-Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi asked former President Mubarak to listen to his peoples' wishes at last Friday's sermon in the mosque of the Ansar in Wad Nubawi.

    The opposition officially declared its solidarity with the protesters last week.

    The government couldn't wait to issue a triumphalist statement congratulating the Egyptian people and hoping that Egypt will regain its pioneering place in the Islamic and Arab worlds...

    They were 'friends' with the toppled regime until the day before yesterday.

    Anyway, best wishes once more and well done Zeinobia for voicing your opinions and not suppressing them - you must have also inspired others.

    So...we are hoping for things to settle and for you to chose your government so 'the regime' can no longer be an excuse for the various 'issues' we have between our countries...

  4. Please know, Egypt, how many American citizens are proud, with tears in their eyes, as this new morning dawns for your nation. We have institutions, as you, and some of them have grown quite corrupt. Some of them propped up Mubarak, and our intelligence services used him and Suleiman for "rendition," that terrible and polite word created to symbolize sending someone to another country to be tortured. We did not get to vote on this evil practice, and we wear our own burdens of shame over it, as well we should. But today, because of your bravery, we are again proud, proud of YOU - of all you have done, of your power in removing this monstrous individual from power and reclaiming your rights as free Egyptian citizens. Congratulations!

    May we live and work together in peace, and may Americans join Egyptians in insisting upon institutions (yes, even military and intelligence institutions - especially these) which also respect humanity and the rights and dignity of all. Only then will we create peace in our world. I pray for it, and again - I congratulate you all!!!


  5. Zeinobia, what do you mean "police are not there?"
    You mean they are not keeping the security out of fear of retribution? Or that they are keeping a low profile to calm down the wounds?

  6. "I have no sympathy for Anas Al-Fiqy who insulted my country.."

    I hope he will be trial and punished. Mubarks TV dog

  7. i think Egypt should look to india as a model, politically and economically..

    oh, congrats too :P

  8. Egypt because of its size and demographics (majority Islam and sizable Christianity) should have a model similar to secular India where majority Hindus coexist peacefully with sizable Muslim population. Freedom of religion is as important as religion itself.

  9. Army is fooling the people with these communiqués. Why is it so hard for the army to give 1 Communiqué with all the information on how make Egpyt a real democracy. Army council is dominated with friends of Mubarak and if you really want change you also need to reform the army.

  10. What do you mean that Egypt is not Turkey or Tunisia?? you sound like the former regime... Human Rights are universal rights... which includes Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion or non-religion... and these rights could only be secured under a secular constitution or let's call it a "Civic" constitution... if the word "secular" hurts so much over here... baynaha kelma 2bee7a "secular" dih


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