Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do let these people to stain the Square

I am so so so happy that our people in Al Tahrir are not letting those pseudo celebs to enter the Al Tahrir square , we do not want to stain with their lies and hypocrisy.

First of all Amr Adib claimed yesterday that he entered the square and the people were overwhelmed and happy  with him and that he made a tour in the square. “In fact what showed in the footage yesterday in his Al Hayat 2 show and according to this footage that he did not go too far at all in the square”

Amr Adib was not let in to the square , in fact he was forced to leave along with his crew. Adib did not mention this at all , on the contrary he claimed that he had a hero welcome !!

Here is a video clip from what happened really at Al Tahrir , you can watch it after the break.

The day before people did not let Amr’s wife Lamis El-Hadidy to enter and they have also did not let the crew of Al Hayat channels in after their biased coverage and also lies about the square.

Forget about Amr Adib because this is nothing compared to what has done to the king of his own generation aka Tamer Hosni. Tamer was attacking the protesters for a week calling Mubarak his father yet this week he was trying to jump  in to the wagon and suddenly announced from two days ago that he was deceived from the official media and made a song about the #Jan25 revolution !!

It seems that yesterday he went to Al Tahrir but thank God our men in Al Tahrir stopped against him and did not let him stain our Tahrir , they attacked him and the army saved his ass !! Next we find him crying little baby girl claiming that he was deceived and was ordered to save the people but now he knows the truth and he forgave the people there !!

Tamer Hosni cries and confesses after his arrest at Tahrir square

So he forgave the Tahrir people , well they do not forgive him because people were killed in this square while he was crying for Papa Mubarak.

I know that we should welcome all Egyptians but there are certain Egyptians just like Tamer whom I can’t trust , I can’t trust a person who escaped from the army and forged official documents to speak in negative way about our revolution and says  Mubarak is my father !!  We can’t trust him saying I was deceived by the official media because a man in his age knows very well how we were suffering from the Mubarak regime. If Tamer was contacted to his people, he would know what they suffered from , he would have not presented this nonsense he used to present. 

Wael Ghonim condemned the attack against Tamer Hosni , of course he did not hear him attacking us day and night on TV. 

I am sorry but forgiveness is not an easy virtue when you see what we have to endure in the past.

We know now that those celebs who used to cry and swear by Mubarak’s life are  jumping from the regime’s sinking boat and are trying to get in to the Al Tahrir wagon , they think that it is a cake and that they can take a piece of it. They know that they can lose a lot in the  new era and they are right , we will not believe their lies and hypocrisy anymore because unlike them about 350 have been killed by the Mubarak regime and their hypocrisy.

P.s Where is Yousra !!?


  1. lol so funny and honestly they deserved it. whether you are an artist or football players, all of you are Egyptians and the money you make millions are from Egyptians not from the mubarak regime! we heard so many of them like Ilham Shahim, Ghada Abdel Razek, Amr Zaki, Mohamed Foud, Hossam Hassan, Samah Anwar, Athar Al Hakeem and Fifi Abdou many others talking bad and asking the regime to take actions against the anti-mubarak protesters which is unbelievable! Haram alik these protesters didnt ask for anything except better future for them and for their country and to live with dignity and freedom. strange none of the Egyptian football players came out to support the youth who pays their salary millions! where are those Egyptian actors and actresses who are Ambassador of peace with UN, why they didnt come out and join the protesters? where is Grand Sheikh Al Azhar when all the chaos and killings innocent lives taken place on the streets? these people should be ashamed to call themselves Egyptian! Mubarak own family is a traitor and shouldn't call themselves Egyptian coz they run out from Egypt on the first flight! My prayers for all the anti-mubarak protesters who willing to die for their country everywhere they are and also to all families who lost their loved ones during this time and Al-Fatihah to all the martyrs and may Allah swt bless their souls in Jannah insyallah.

  2. Dear Zeinobia,
    Thanks once more for reporting how our young heroes are smart and well aware of those "clowns" of the regime whether media personalities,like this Amr Adib who always playied the devil advocate to get the naive people's admiration, while his wife was performing her acts in the Gamal Mubarak show, and intervewing our national heroes "the Multi-Millionaires", etc..Now as of c Ms. Yousra, they are now eating their heart up and working day and night on their new theatrical entrance to the stage, I pray to Allah that they all go to hell with their coward and all his followers.(Tamer hosni does not even deserve a comment).
    These media clowns are the ones who made the whole world think that we, all Egyptians are nothing but a bunch of dancers (men and women) and junkies, thanks to their Ramadan sitcoms and filthy movies. Hasbia Allah.
    May Allah protect all our young fighters and give them wisdom, clear perception and guide them to the right path.

  3. you are wicked

  4. حرام عليك يا تامر تخون شعبك و تروح تدافع عن حسني مبارك0

  5. @Zeinobia Where is Yousra!!? She may be hanging out with Mohamed El Naschie. See this post and this one, which has video of El Naschie from "The Arab with Yousra" show. In Arabic with subtitles in six languages.

  6. The White House better be planning the course of action for after their anointed strongman crushes the protesters in a bloody way. It’s unfortunately sounding more and more like Suleiman is planning just that now that it’s become clear the protests aren’t burning themselves out.

  7. Whats this? the French revolution? this is very unfair, specially Amr Adib & his wife..& even Tamer Hosni, these ppl r all used to living under the regime..& their interests lie with the regime & many didn't even knw what was really going on..all i've seen from Amr Adib has been good actually...i even heard Mona El Shazly which is a great lady wasn't allowed..this is all hamagiya & Wael Ghoneim is right, we shouldn't shun these people, maybe they didn't know any better & now they know..whats the problem..i even heard ppl attacking Amr Diab the singer because he left to london..not everyone is a revolutionary u know..whats next? confiscate the money of all the rich? or hate them because they have money?

  8. Please, as a foreigner I pray that you strive to not idolize attacks such as this one. Hate and smear Tamer Hosni as much as you want, but he *did* come around in the end, did he not? Is it really worth attacking him for that? Is that really the message you want to send to the parts of the population that are still passive? "Join our cause and get beat up for not joining sooner"?

    I know that you are indifferent to my opinion, I only hope that you will focus your anger at the regime, and not on each other...

  9. What caused the decline of the Arabs many centuries ago was the disfunctional structures of the political and religious leadership and the elite including the military, all working together against the people, against people's freedom, against private enterprise and freedom from state bribary and extortion. All Arab leaders for centuries were corrupt, they were murderers striking fear and poverty into the hearts of the people, just like Saddam, Ben Ali, Mubarrak, Gaddafi etc.. Look back at history and point the finger at any Middle Eastern or Arab nation you will see the same scenario that exists today in Egypt, Tunisia Algeria, Lybia, Yemen, Syria etc.. So what to become of Egypt you ask? Well the same as Tunisia I suppose, none of them will see freedom in the pure sense. Egyptians are shouting for freedom and all they will get is another state. Assuming the revolt succeeds which is doubtful, whatever state comes next the ruling elite will see to it that the next state will not be much different from the one before. The new Tunisian model is already rigged and most poltical prisoners are still in prison. The Media is still not free and the police is still as brutal. In Egypt, Suleiman will see to it that the people's revolt is crushed either a soft crush or a brutal crush, one way or another. He is already talking about Marshall law "in order to restore law and order" when actually what he will be doing is rescue the corrupt state he and his boss architected in the first place. Lets face it, this sort of thing took place over and over for centuries in the Middle East, its just that this time round we can record the failure on our mobile phones. And please spare me the criticism, its bad enough the crisis lasted three weeks and Mubarrak is still there and the only thing we can show for it is massses of people in Tahrir square, and almost 300 dead people killed by the state. Give me a break.


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