Monday, February 14, 2011

Egyptian X-File : The man behind Omar Soliman

The Egyptian people  are now dying to know who was that man who appeared behind Omar Soliman in his last speeches !!?
They even made a Facebook group to know how that man !!
He could not be ignored with his look behind of the vice president !!?

Is he a body guard !!? why did a bodyguard stand like this in speech ?
Based on the facial expression of Soliman we felt that this man was holding a gun to the VP’s back. We could not just ignore it especially this is the Mubarak step down video.
If you know any detail about him please share it with the people of Egypt .
  • And we know who that man is and he is so interesting in a way you can't imagine because of his identity  
  • He is Major Sherif Hussein from the special forces , he heads unit 64. 
  • So why was there a major behind general Soliman in the speeches like that in this way ? The first answer comes to our mind is that he was protecting him after the alleged assassination from three weeks but I have got another theory. 
  • We all heard that the army reached to a point where it turned against Soliman and Mubarak last Thursday where Hussein appeared behind Omar for the first time and the general looked so sad to the level that he gave us the impression that he was crying . 
  • Call me crazy but I think Hussein was there to make sure that Soliman said what he was supposed to say. 


  1. the guy is a high rank army officer

    لو سمحتوا يا جماعهماحدش يتريق عليه ، لانه طلع مقدم اركان حرب في الجيش واسمه حسين شريف قائد المجموعة 64 قتال من القوات الخاصة

    kalematmennour on tweeter

  2. LOL - I was thinking as well that this guy was holding a gun ... may be he was

  3. probably Omar was feeling weak and had fainting spells because of all the stress, the guy is a support to hold Omar steady so he does not fall during his final speack, thats just my two piasters.

  4. I think Mubarak gave the "wrong" speech the day before. So this guy made sure, Suleiman gave the "proper" speech this time.

  5. Actually he was there to escort Soleiman as soon as he finishes the speech in one of the two helicopters who took off from the presidential helipad
    This is Omar Soleiman's office manager
    I am waiting for the day the coming president walks into the presidential house and finds it squeaky clean and not one document there to condemned Mubarak

  6. لو سمحتوا يا جماعهماحدش يتريق عليه ،

    too late for that, have you seen the twitpics and youtube parodies .. #theguybehindomarsuleiman

  7. اجابة متاخره منقوله من موقع آخر

    مع جزيل الشكر لياسر الغسلان

  8. الواد العبيط اللى بيتريق على الراجل اللى واقف ورا عمر سليمان

  9. He is a high ranking official on duty, who seems to me like a perfectly decent man with a serious face, which probably reflects the gravity of the announcement to come. People left everything that's going on in the country to create a facebook page to mock the look on the face of the person standing behind soliman.

  10. he is a respectable guy

  11. i dont think that this guy behind him was holding a gun to the back of Omar Soliman , simply coz the speech was recorded and not broadcasted on air .
    who would take the risk of putting him on air or even shoot him on air.

    and i m really sad about all the mocking that this respectable man took

  12. firstly, كلمات من نور its twitter and secondly there are much bigger fish to fry. who the hell does amr adeeb think he is just because his son failed out of bisc and his nephew didnt get in he gets to call all the people at bisc thieves. its down right insulting... and im sure the man behind omar soliman is perfectly respectable. and on that not just because ur rich doesnt mean your a theif


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