Monday, February 21, 2011

Evacuate Egyptians from Libya Now !!

I was very concerned with the safety of the Egyptian community in Libya especially when the news came that army and mercenaries are killing Libyan citizens mercilessly. I wondered when the Egyptian authorities represented in the cabinet headed by PM Shafik would take this daring decision to evacuate all citizens from the country but it seems PM Shafik was extremely busy along with Abu El-Gait in the formation of the new interim cabinet.
The Egyptians in Libya contacted TV shows and asked to be evacuated yet no one is listening to them. The Egyptians who managed to return back from liberated Benghazi are speaking about horrible massacres in the streets where the Libyan air forces were being used against their own people.Some are speaking about death of toll of 500 citizens .
The EU is going to evacuate its citizens from the country
It is up to the armed forces now to evacuate our citizens in the West of the country after that stupid speech of Seif Al-Islam Qaddafi. Yes his speech was the speech of the retarded weak defeated regimes but it is dangerous on the lives of Egyptians and Tunisians.

Seif claimed that Qaddafi’s forces have arrested groups of armed Egyptians and Tunisians destabilizing the country and without the Qaddafi the Egyptians and Tunisians are planning to share the Libyans in their oil because both countries are poor !! Seif Al-Islam who was considered the Gamal Mubarak of Libya threatened Libyans with civil war , hunger , occupation and Islamist states if they do not bow to him and to his fathers. Just like any dictator who believes history starts with his rule or the rule of his father , Seif claimed that Libya was only united by the American oil companies.

The news from Libya is contradicting , at first we found one of the famous tribes in Libya announcing its solidarity to Qaddafi in a big blow to the movement then we have got news again Benghazi is liberated and several army forces have joined the people.
This photo from Facebook is from Benghazi
You can see the old flag instead of the Green one
The protests are spreading like fire in Tripoli , there is news that the protesters have torched all police stations in the capital.
Some tribes have controlled the oil refineries according to some info came from the country that the international media is trying to find a way in. I think they should be adventurous and try to head to Benghazi.
It seems that there has a massacre at Abu Slim prison and the death toll could be larger than all the death tolls in all Tripoli hospitals combined.
The next hours will define the grim fate of Qaddafi , either he will be killed or he will flee the country.
7:06 PM There is currently a genocide , a war crime is being committed against the people of Tripoli, it is no longer machine guns , it is air strikes and tanks moving over the Libyans , this is just like what happened in Hama in 1980s but even in much worse way.
I do not know when or how this madness will stop.
The Egyptian armed forces issued a message through Facebook "No.7" that the Egyptian side of the borders is open and is working naturally and equipped medically but the problem is that the Libyan side which is controlled now by the public committees. The Libyans from there side say that the borders are open and the problem is at the Egyptian side. We do not know who is right and who is wrong but just from few we knew that a medical convoy crossed the borders to Benghazi from Sallom.
The Libyan Ambassadors in India, Sweden, UK, China, Bangladesh ,Poland and Indonesia have resigned.
Two Mirage jets following the Libyan air forces have landed in Malta and they have asked for asylum as expected
Al Jazeera has reported that hundreds from Misurata were heading to Tripoli to support their brothers and they were bombed from the air , hundreds of dead bodies all over the road !!
The Libyan delegation to the UN has resigned.
Here are photos from the liberated Benghazi , I hope to see similar photos from Tripoli insh Allah tomorrow.
There was a protest in Cairo today in solidarity with our Libyan brothers and sisters.Here is couple of photos from the protest. 
It is 8:52 PM The Egyptian army council has issued its 8 MSG on the FB and it is kind of relief somehow considering that it is issued now with the current development. The Egyptian army has opened the borders for all Egyptians and Libyans as well. 2 field hospitals are being set up along with a refugee camp.The Sallom international hospital is ready The army is following the matter in the country and monitoring the airports in order to evacuate the Egyptians ASAP safely.Already I got news that the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli was torched and we do not know anything as all communications are cut.
Already earlier today we found out through the horrible stories of Egyptians who managed to return back that 5 Egyptians were killed by the mercenaries.

Then Al Arabiya from while ago said that 10 Egyptians were killed. I do not know how many Egyptians are killed just like the Libyans today. There are not less than million Egyptian in Libyan. Already not less than 10,000 citizens from Aswan have cut Aswan-Cairo highway demanding the council to return back their sons who work in Libyan.
Here is the list of medicine needed in Benghazi hospitals. Please spread it as much as you can.
The videos and photos are leaked from Tripoli and there are so graphic that makes you wonder how terrible the situation is. The video is the first one I have seen from Tripoli "some say in Benghazi" in the last 24 hours and it is terrible , it shows the remains of officers burnt alive in some presidential palace or some army base, it is terrible.

There was a video on YouTube that was removed due to its graphic content it showed horrible photos from Benghazi photos, too horrible.
Al Jazeera channel could not air similar footage and photos.


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