Friday, February 4, 2011

#Jan25 : The Departure Friday

I know that I have not written yet that post about Tuesday #Feb 2 Protest at Tahrir which was so great but I will write you about the Departure Friday protest at Tahrir today.

First of all I came bit late at 2 PM as my aunt wanted to come with me. Second it was much crowded ,third there were lots of committees made of wonderful volunteers to investigate everybody after what happened last Wednesday. 

It was bigger than last time and it was much organized. People from backgrounds, classes , ethnicity , religions and political viewers were and are there , not only the MB as claimed in the Egyptian mainstream media.

I saw Alaa Al Aswani , Khaled Al Nabawi , Khaled Bahgat and also Safwat Hegazy. I heard Yahia Al Gamal and Gamila Ismail and addressing the people along with Khaled Youssef. 

The spirit is there cheerful , the morale are high. People were and are holding Egyptian flags “ The street sellers were back and found a golden opportunity, of course they were more patriotic and sold the flags for prices less than during the football match”

Patriotic songs are all over the place , old songs of Halim and Sheikh Emam were heard all over the place . Political activist and singer Azza Balba’a sang Sheikh Emam’s songs for group of non socialist youth who repeated after her the words.  There are wonderful teams of doctors in Tahrir who volunteered to help their follow Egyptians in the field , also there are wonderful people who brought medical supplies and food to the people there. I saw many of the wounded protesters and I feel so angry for them just like those who were killed in the past weeks since January 25, 2011.

While I was there , there was an announcement that our people in Al Arish are having huge protests there and that they gained control over the Al Arish. Also I heard that the people in Mahalla managed to make the thugs to their side. The Alexandria protest was two million man protest.

Here is the first patch of videos which I am uploading now , more photos and videos coming the way : 

The departure Friday : Part of Tamim El-Barghouti’s poem about the Egyptian revolution
The departure Friday : Azza Balba’a covers Sheikh Emam

The departure Friday : Even the youngest are against Mubarak

The media claims that the majority of the people in Tahrir are the fearful MBs , well indeed it was full of MBs like Khaled Abu Al Naga , Nawal Al Sadawi, Azza Balba’a , Shahira Amin, Khaled Youssef, Fardos  Abdel Hamid , Amr Waked , Sherihan “especially Sherihan”, Salah Anani “painter”, Hady Khashaba , Mahmoud Al-Issily , Alaa Al Aswani, Yahia Al Gamal , Amr Moussa , Wael Nwara and Gamila Ismail !!

The Muslims and Christians prayed side by side today in the square and the Christians protected their follow Muslims during the prayers.

While I was leaving , I found Hamdy Khalifa , the head of the bar association known of his regime’s connection was heading to the square and I thought it was a nice action of him. When I returned back home , my mom told me that he came on TV and said that today’s protest was only couple of thousands in Tahrir !! This is even before heading there !! I hope that the people did not welcome him there.

The people do not demand only Mubarak to step down but also to prosecute him for what he had and has done so far in Egypt.

The pro-Mubarak supporters were outside trying to scare people and to convince the people going to the protest that it was bad but they have failed so far. There were very few foreigners in the square unlike last time thanks to the witch hunt launched in our media

It was fine great day for Egypt , I want the people to continue in Al Tahrir and outside Cairo because they are standing for the whole country even those who are attacking them blindly thanks to the regime controlled media.


  1. I'm in love with your blog, keep it up and all our prayers are with Egypt.

  2. Egypt, and the whole civilized free world, should support and encourage the young people who made history through their faith and determination.
    This is really refreshing.

  3. All our love to the people of Egypt from Canada, this revolt is overdue. We love your determination to end this EVIL regime. The West need to clean itself too and you are an encouragement and a model for us.

  4. Dear Zeinobia, I am very disheartened that you and millions of brave Egyptians cannot see where you are headed.The following link will take you and your readers to an article that must be read. You are jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

  5. I can't believe that the Egyptian army has not taken a side yet in our revolution. Egyptian people are dying everyday with either sniper bullets or run over by police vehicles. I think its time for the army to take a side now to avoid further bloodshed. I am sure that they will take the Egyptian people's side like what their great men did in 1952.

  6. I, and so many observers, never thought this can happen. From January 25, heading to 'Wrath Friday' to 'Departure Friday' then 'Week of Resilience' probably leading to 'Month of Determination'.
    Nation dreams never dies.


  8. Dick did not agree upon, nothing will be worse than the regime, people want freedom ... freedom for the people

  9. Secret and a very important document: the Egyptian Interior Ministry planned to create chaos during the demonstrations "Fri anger"

  10. Dick you are swallowing the mainstream propaganda and the West interest. Have you been to Iran? Even the jews there live freely, it may not be perfect but the attack from the West only
    re enforce their resolve to oppose the oppression from Israhell.

  11. Who is the leader of this revolution? what point by point manifesto does he or she have published? what action can he or she take to make sure realistic objectives could be reached? what direct contact does he or she have nationally and internationally with the game players? how powerful is this leader amongst the coalition members and nationally? does this leader command the respect and loyalty of all the people and coalition members? these are some of the questions that need to be asked. What? you are telling me this revolution has no leader? oh dear....

  12. Please observe how many of the regime's 'hangers-on' are going to change sides after Hosni f*@#'s-off.

  13. I am not from Egypt, but I love the Egyptian people,and I love Egypt, however I am a little at a loss why the Egyptian people are proud of their Army right now? During the revolution, you had F16's wizzing by at low level in an effort to bring fear to the hearts of the people, what were they trying to do make them deaf? however I fail to see a historic reason for this pride knowing well that the Army or Air force probably will not be able to defend the country if a well trained Army decided to try them out, also the record does not exactly shine. For example internally it stood by Mubarrak for decades protecting his regime and unwilling to help the people Egypt get rid of him thus allowing the security forces to do what they wanted with torture, banning opposition etc.., why did the Army stand by, is it because it was well kept by the US aid?Internationally I need not remind you that it lost all wars against its enemies (historically speaking) in various previous theatres, currently it stands unable to demonstrate its weight internationally aginst the plight of the Palestinians at the north borders. So if we push the emotional facade, the truth is that its Armed forces are paid for by the US and it knows very well that if it steps out of line the Sinai desert will be lost "Again" in a day or two... ok maybe one day. I am not contesting anyone here I just like one positive historic reference that the Army really deserves the respect that people give it.
    If the Army want respect, in a Democracy it should earn it and that can be achieved by telling Mubarrak to go right now and stop playing the devils advocate or hesitate in terms of what interest it should serve, the people or its own. During this revolution, the Army is calculating that it stands to lose more if it sided with one side now as opposed to the other so its playing on peoples respect to get what it wants and that is to preserve US aid and consolidate its own position within society and politically, the Army appear that it will not put its eggs in one basket and that is hypocracy. Sorry if this might be offensive but what I am talking about is not blind emotions, rather I am talking about reality, the precise reason why Egyptians are proud of there Army historically and right now, is it because the people and pro democarcy revolutionary are grateful that the Army did not shoot at them..yet? is it fear or keeping the Army sweet through fear of what might happen if the Army jumped ship or some sort of past success in that case name events and dates where and when that success took place? I fear that the people like the Army because they fear the Army, in that case, the Army is no different to Mubarrak.


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