Thursday, February 17, 2011

#Jan25 : The first Million man protest at Al Tahrir in Photos

Ok here are 160 photos I took from the first million man protest at Al Tahrir square which was held on February 1st ,2011.
These photos include some of the best photos I have ever taken so far in my life. These photos will show you the real Al Tahrir square. It took a lot of time not upload them but I am kind of picky person , I like to tag my photos and to edit their captions ..etc. I am an old school person , I use Flickr not Facebook and I like my photos to be organized.
My experience in Al Tahrir on February 1, 2011 was unlike anything I experienced. All those people from all backgrounds and classes came for one reason to express their refusal to Mubarak and his regime. It was with strange to see all those people from different classes in one place treating each other as if they were one big family.
There are many scenes I can’t forget , like the scene of that elegant young man and young lady who were distributing cold Pepsi cans and water bottles on those coming from Kasr Al Nil bridge for free as it was a hot. “Thank God the weather was more than amazing in Al Tahrir during the revolution , God for was in our side , this is not the typical weather of Touba
Egyptian protesters share drinks with their follow Egyptians
I can’t forget the scene of these ladies sitting beside each other.
From all backgrounds
I can’t forget the scene of that young lady picking garbage from the street and how a father was showing her to his 6 years old son as a role model.
I can’t forget the scene of Muslims who were praying and Christians were protecting them. The praying scene in Al Tahrir was so amazing , it is was like our mini Haram, seriously beautiful. I remember on that day a woman said that she has not seen such huge number of people in one place except in the Holy land.
Praying time at Al Tahrir square
I can’t forget the scene of that woman wearing full Niqab and holding a banner calling for a civilian state.
A Civil State
I did not see any celeb except I think Khaled Al Nabawy and singer Ahmed Saad, I also saw ex-footballer Hadi Khashaba. I saw banner there was wondering where the famous football national team.
Has anybody seen them ?
The videos are coming in the way , there are still more photo galleries coming in the way as well. 
Protesters at Al Tahrir million man protest


  1. Your excellent site keeps getting better and better.

    Thank you.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I am from Holland and I was watching all day long El Jezeera and CNN. I even took days free from my work. I saw all the things you are mentioning and it was so great and warming my heart. I hope it will give a great result during the days, weeks, months, years coming. It is on the moment much more difficult to have good information about Egypt. So, I am happy with your blog and twitteraccount.
    Greetings, Geri

  3. Asalamu Alaykom,

    I also wondered about the celebs and where they were. Seems like all the money they've earned over the years from the people has been used to hide away.

    Thanks for loading your pictures. Without the descriptions they don't hold as much meaning. I'd encourage you to add more feelings to your captions to fully give the story on Flickr.

    Inshahallah, those of us living here will find a way to make it through this transformation.

  4. thanks for sharing your pics lovely Z xx

  5. gr8 photos! thanks for sharing!!

  6. Zeinobia,

    thank you so much for sharing your photos with all of us. They brought tears to my eyes and made me relive all those days of fear for my friends in Egypt, not being able to reach anyone of them. Feeling helpless and powerless far away, while people were ruthlessly killed...
    The photos also made me remember all the joy and happiness I felt and shared with them watching the success of revolution and the fall of Mubarak...
    Although I am not Egyptian, I love Egypt dearly. And I cannot wait to come back again to this beautiful country that feels like my second home...
    Thank you Zeinobia - for your blog, your tweets, your photos, for everything...

    LilySawsan from Twitter


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