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The Lions and the cocaine addict ¨Graphic¨

The grandchildren of the desert’s lion Omar Mukhtar are continuing in their honorable revolution against Qaddafi whom I can’t find any word to describe with after except cocaine addict. I remember that I have always wondered what Qaddafi used to take , he seemed to be on some sort of drug based on his photos and actions. He is just our version of Keith Richard !! Crazy evil Keith Richard to be specific
The Italian FM is speaking about a death toll of not less 1000 Libyan killed by this crackpot’s regime. The west is scared that he may use chemical weapons against his own people. The reference to Waco incident in Taxes made me uncomfortable already. Let’s wish that someone kill this man and arrest his sons and gang. There is also fear that Qaddafi will set the oil on fire in a desperate attempt. I read tweets that one of his sons’ special forces are heading to the oil refineries to set it on fire. If Qaddafi sets the oil on fire all the West will be inside Libya !! The League of Arab states has suspended the participation of Libyan delegation in the meeting of the Leagues. Already I believe the Libyan envoy to the League resigned from two days ago.
The biggest slap to that crackpot was when we find his loyal and hero Abdel Fatah Younis announcing that he is alive and that he has joined the free people of Benghazi !!

For half an hour Qaddafi was screaming and cursing the people of Benghazi for killing his long time buddy and hero Abdel Fataaaaaaaaaaaaaaah , people outside wondered who Abdel Fatah was !!

The second biggest slap to Qaddafi is that Lebanon and Malta have refused to give his daughter private jet a permission of landing in their airport , already I do not know what his daughter was thinking about when she thought of Lebanon !!? Amal movement and Hezbollah now are waiting more than anything to know the fate of Emam Moussa El-Sadr. NBN which is owned by Nabieh Barry left all the jazz in Lebanon and is focusing on what is happening in Libya. They even made these songs against Qaddafi reminding him of what he had done to the famous Emam and Lebanon. Aisha escaped the country with Hannibal´s Lebanese wife. Aisha is no longer a UN good will ambassador.
Speaking about channels , Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera Mubshar are completely jammed on Nile Sat again !! Yesterday there was this pathetic press conference made by Qaddafi’s regime and it was a rewind for the Egyptian TV during the revolution days in a cheesy way. Al Jazeera and Qatar were accused of igniting Tunisia and Egypt. The state TV of Libyan is suddenly off from short time !!
The ambassador of Qatar has already left the country . The Qaddafi regime has issued a tough warning to all journalists who entered the country through Salloum , of course this warning is nothing in the East of the country.
Do you see that .50m calibre on the left?
This is what Qaddafi uses against his own people
Thousands of people from different nationalities have crossed the Egyptian Libyan borders. Not less than 10,000 Egyptians have returned Egypt where as there are still million Egyptian are stuck in the country. Egypt Air and Egyptian army started to evacuate the citizens from Libya , from Tripoli  “We got 1.5 million Egyptian in Libya alone”
The AFC announced that Egyptians near to Algeria now can return back to Egypt through Algeria without a Visa where they will be transferred by a military jet in the nearest Algerian airport. This announcement came after a plea from a citizen called Mohamed Abdel Ghafar on ONTV on air asking for help as thousands of Egyptian families are stuck and scared on their safety at Ghadames despite the Libyans are very kind. Egyptians also can cross to Tunisia to return safely to Egypt.
Those who returned from Egyptians say that the Libyans were more than great , they are only scared from the Qaddafi´s forces and his mercenaries that are targeting Egyptians and Tunisians. There are alarming news Ï hope that they are untrue¨that Egyptians and Tunisians in Libya are being arrested and detained in some unknown place.
Egyptian professor and his daughter have already returned back home to Egypt dead , they were killed and their bodies at the Sallom hospital. The other daughter is in a very critical condition. Qaddafi´s forces attacked them. The ministry of foreign affairs denied the news that Egyptians were killed in the country but I do not believe them. I fear on our people there because a sick man like that can believe his lies that the Egyptians and Tunisians behind this revolution. " Ok I am worried now after the new Msg. from the AFC on Facebook : What delays the evacuation process is the bad safety conditions in the country and that the army is careful on the lives of Egyptians !!" 
Nevertheless all Egypt is with Libyans , Egyptians protested in solidarity with their Libyan brothers in several governorates. The Ultras of Al Ahly raised the Egyptian, Tunisian and Libyan flags tonight in the friendly game with Tersana club. There is currently on going blood donation campaign in front of Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque that will end 12 AM.
The army is letting doctors to enter Libya without a passport , only a National ID while a passport is required without a Visa for journalists and activists.
The East of Libya is a full liberated zone , Benghazi and Tobruk’s people are celebrating their second independence technically today. People are reportedly are organizing the cities. The fact that the police and the army are with the people is making things moving smoothly. From his side Qaddafi decided not to send gas or food to the east part , of course he is crazy enough to
Meanwhile the crimes of Qaddafi against his own people are discovered day after day.
The people in Benghazi allegedly discovered underground prison where they found 1500 young men who were detained at some base , those young men were arrested since the first protest on February 15th,2011 and left locked there with no food or water. 
Here is a video shot from couple of days ago when the Qaddafi's forces were doing house to house search.

Here is a video from Darnah that has surfaced today showing the bodies of the late Libyan army officers and soldiers who refused to attack their brothers and sisters. May Allah bless their soul.

The situation is that good in Tripoli , people are scared to go out in the morning for fear the mercenaries of Qaddafi and they choose night to protest.
Already right after his speech it seems that there was allegedly house to house search from his troops that mercilessly raped many victims. "I hope that this is untrue".
Qaddafi troops are allegedly taking the dead bodies from Tripoli hospitals and are burning them.
A French doctor speaks about not less than 2000 killed in Benghazi alone while Libyans say that there are only 400
The Qaddafi troops are imposing a siege on the city of Tajura while the city of Zuwarah in the West has allegedly been liberated by the protesters.
The signal of the Libyan TV is currently on and off from time to time on Nile and according to those who still stand to watch it the State TV is accusing Egypt of jamming it !!
Aisha Qaddafi appeared on state TV to deny her escape.
Here is a video with English translation showing the mercenaries´passports
The people of Misurata knew that the Qaddafi's special forces and mercenaries will head to their town and so they want to let the world and Qaddafi they are ready for battle.
This video is from Fashloom area in Tripoli showing the mercenaries ´ Jeeps driving through the street, you can see how the person who was filming the clip was afraid.
CTV Canada published a nice report about the Qaddafi. I would do a similar report if I am not busy with our own Egyptian house.
The coming videos are extremely graphic , beware
What kind of weapons cause these wounds ? This is just like a bad Sci-Fi film
Here is a video from Darnah shot on February 17 showing a young man killed by live ammunition.
This video was from the Green Square , there was a massacre reportedly happened there on February 20th when people protested at the famous square in Tripoli.

This video from some hospital´s morgue , I do not know which city but it seems to be Benghazi , it is graphic like all the previous videos I am afraid
This video is from Benghazi , shot on February 17,2011, clear sniper shots

Now a rest from these extremely graphic videos , the blood of those martyrs was not wasted , Darnah has been completely liberated.
Also the Tribes of the city of Zentan has issued a statement attacking Qaddafi. Qaddafi attacked them for half an hour too.This statement is extremely important because the tribes of Zentan is threatening to cut all the oil supplies to the West if the regime of Qaddafi does not step down. The pipelines already are under the Zentan tribes' control. 

The city also will send its revolutionaries to help and liberate Tripoli.
The Libyan state TV is showing the Egyptian passports of so-called saboteurs !!
I am sorry for all those videos , the following video is not less graphic , in fact it is more graphic as it shows the remains of the martyrs in Bengahzi gathered at the hospital morgue.

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