Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Long live the king !!

All the headlines in the front pages  of the official press indicate one : Mubarak is over , it is the time of Omar Soliman.
Here is the headline in the front page of Al Ahram today
Soliman : Egypt between two choices : Dialogue or coup !!
No Mubarak in the headlines
The king is dead , long live the king.


  1. lol :-) as I saw mona tahawy mentioning it: Suleiman is but Mubarak 2.0

  2. Mistake in the translation: "Soliman: Egypt between two choices: Dialogue or coup !! "


  3. I dont really think he's dead,he's still holding the strings,manipulating people somehow,and Omar Suliman isn't any good either,when the US wanted a DNA sample from a prisoner to compare with a dead body they thought it was to Ayman Al-Zawahry he offered to chop the prisoner's (Ayman's brother) arm off and send it,CIA officer was astounded and said a blood sample is good enough.

  4. it is not over, until it is actually over. Soliman, if he continues till summer, he has the potential of being Eidi Amin 2.0

  5. Mubarak and Soliman are opposite faces of the same fake coin.

  6. Fuad II of Egypt Can he be returned???


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