Sunday, February 13, 2011

RIP Saad El-Din El-Shazly

The real hero of 1973 general Saad El-Din El-Shazly passed away after long illness last Thursday February 10,2011. He passed away on the same day the army issued its 1st Communiqué announcing indirectly the end of Mubarak rule even before the VP’s Mubarak stepping down’s announcement.
He passed away when Mubarak was trying to win our sympathy reminding us  that he fought in our wars.
El-Shazly does not need any introduction , he was from our true heroes in 1973 war who were being erased from history because Mubarak does not like him.
It was more than a coincidence with all the prosecution and injustice El-Shazly saw in the time of Mubarak’s era to die on the February 10,2011 , it was more than coincidence.
I am proud to say that our generation , #Jan 25 generation discovered the forgotten general and has been careful and keen to insist that the 1973 war is not Mubarak’s own property.
It was more than a a coincidence that El-Shazly who was known for being a rebel in the army to die in the peak of the #Jan25 revolution.
The general most favorite photo
Sinai 8th October 1973 with the soldiers     
I do not know if the late general  knew about the #Jan25 revolution and about how brought Mubarak to his knees and forced him to step down in this humiliating way or not , even if he did not I think now he knows that in the other world . When the 1st communiqué  was announced , I prayed that El-Shazly’s funeral would be at Al Tahrir because it would be then a small honor , a little repay for what this man had given to this nation.
Nevertheless the man had a honorable funeral in Nasr City as you can see below.
Funeral of General El-Shazly–1 “Source : Ahmed Hassan”
Funeral of General El-Shazly-2 “Source : Ahmed Hassan “
Funeral of General El-Shazly-3
Also people of Ismailia paid respect to the general.
I hope that our Egyptian army has now many El-Shazlys because it is their time in the country now. I hope that our the army council generals love the country as much as El-Shazly did.
El-Shazly loved Egypt more than Mubarak , this is something I am sure about it.
1973 Men
The men of 1973 war 


  1. I saw on TV a woman related to him she said that Shazly on 10 feb 2011 while watching tv in bed "they robbed us" so he was aware of what was going on

  2. The men who fought on the front lines were sidelined and the wannaebe hero generals destroyed the dignity of Egypt by selling their honour for a few dollars.

  3. Heartfelt condolence to Egypt and the Egyptian people for the passing of General Saad Al-Deen Al-Shazli.
    In my opinion, Egypt would have had a totally different path had Sadat chosen him to be his Vice President instead of Mubarak.
    Unfortunately Sadat fell out with General Al-Shazli because General Al-Shazli stood up for what he believed in.
    Hopefully the Top Generals of today are as honorable as he was.

    ان لله وان اليه راجعون

  4. Zenobia,

    Unfortunately, Saad El Shazly did not witness the historical event; May God bless his soul.

    I found this video about the revolution, it was dedicated to him:

  5. What an epic personality . . . a free man and a courageous Field Marshal. Your name is in our hears forever Sir. RIP

    Hisham Niaz

  6. رحمك الله يا بطل

  7. If only I could have learned of this Great soldier of Egypt and Islam earlier. We Muslims are so humiliated to the point that we don't even know what great victories our Ummah has achieved before. Salam to all my Brothers/Sisters. We should excel in everything we do. If you are an engineering student, develop an engine. If you are a teacher share your education with more people. Greatest to all from Tajikistan.

    Assalom Alaykum!

  8. Anyone knows the address for his burial site? The article states "Nasr City" but where precisely? I would like to visit!


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