Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Save our money at AIB

Lawyers have reported to the general prosecutor that billions if not trillions “yes trillions” of dollars have been smuggled from the country through Arab International bank in particular.

Former MPs have also wondered the role of this bank before in money laundry and suspicious money transfer especially this bank does not follow the CBE , yes this is why any thief with billions of our money can transfer to Swiss banks. Since January 25th and our money is leaving Egypt to God knows where .

The CEO of this bank is none other than former prime minister Atef Ebid whom I do not know why the people are ignoring his corruption crimes against our people and our country !!

Ebid’s alleged salary is $ 1 million per month ,yes my dear friends $1 million per month , of course this is nothing , really nothing to what he took from the cabinet and also his time as a minister.

I do not know how to restore our money from AIB , I do know if we should think about nationalization , may be this option can be possible in the future in another democratic regime. I think the possible option according to my aunts who work in banking that either the general prosecutor or CBE should immediately revise the money transfers movement in the bank’s record. This can be achieved I think through the general prosecutor’s orders.

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  1. International media outlets described this phenomena of huge transfers in the last 2 weeks from banks in Egypt. The sums are staggering and may deplete the national reserve. If the money transfer is already executed, then it is too late to revoke the transaction.
    The best way is physically apprehend the perpetrators to prevent them from joining this money abroad.


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