Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Send This To the General Prosecutor ASAP

If you are Egyptian or live in Egypt then please use this form and send it to the general prosecutor ASAP through Fax , we are asking the general prosecutor to open an investigation about minister of information Anas El-Fiky.

Anas El-Fiky is accused of spreading hate and lies in the society , yes we are accusing him of hate crime. His official media whether in TV or radio or newspaper accused us and the El-Tahrir protesters of being traitors working for Iran and Israel and even Mars for $ 50 and KFC meal !!

Anas El-Fiky is accused of spreading xenophobia in the Egyptian society jeopardizing the lives of foreigners including journalists and also the lives of blonde Egyptians to danger.

This form does not include this charge but I accuse him of wasting billions of dollars not even pounds from our taxes and also grants of European countries. No one understands where all that money went but we know our TV and radio need a lot of money.

This form is made by human rights activists and law experts in Egypt and we all should fill it and send to the general prosecutor office.

The fax numbers of the prosecutor general Mr. Abdel Magib Mahmoud are : 753800 & 774716


  1. Dear Zeinobia,

    Should we add a {3} in front of these numbers?

    Thank you for this initiative, he deserves to be prosecuted in Tahrir square with his own Media Thugs (private and public TV personalities, actors, actresses, singers, football players, journalists, etc....)they are the real OPIUM of the Egyptian population. Hasbia Allah

  2. Hi, do you think this is tru?

    PS keep Safe!

  3. Last Anon.
    That scenario is very possible as I have read that top US and Egyptian military brass met in Munich last week in the presence of Hilary.
    It is said that Mubarak has aged significantly and his speech is slurred.


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