Monday, February 14, 2011

Where in the world are the Mubaraks ?

Where is Hosni Mubarak for real !!?
I think some Egyptians or many Egyptians are asking themselves that question especially with all the contradicting reports coming from around globe since last Thursday.
The latest three locations at which Mubarak could be there are :
  • Baden Baden in Germany where he gets a medical treatment.
  • Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt at his palace where he is in coma currently according to some sources. PM insisted that the former president did not leave Egypt  “it is worth to mention that Ahmed Shafik said last Thursday that Mubarak was not going to step down !!”
  • Dubai in UAE according to Dubai TV.
  • Abu Dhabi in UAE according to Al Hurra channel where he stays at Al Manhal palace. 
Where is Hosni Mubarak for real ? As Egyptians we have the right to know where our former president is !!?
Also where is the rest of the Mubarak family ? Where are Alaa and Gamal Mubarak officially ? Where are the rest of the Thabets ? The general prosecutor orders the freeze of Mounir Thabet’s bank accounts yesterday. Mounir Thabet is the brother of Suzanne Mubarak and the student of Mubarak in air forces. Mounir Thabet and his sons just like the Mubaraks had his share in the business , just Google “United Capital or UNICAP” and its rule in privatization. To be honest the Mubaraks did not have this reputation like the Thabets did and this shows how Suzanne Mubarak was a strong lady. Hosni Mubarak knew Suzanne through Mounir by the way and he has been his best friend just like Hussein Salem for decades.
Back to our main questions which I ask and I know their answers in advances but I am just wondering why no one is asking them now in public. We have the right to know , we have the right to see the photos of the former president now or at least his family, it is a normal request.
And here is a historical moment on our history that took place on February 13th ,2011
Removing Mubarak’s photo from the cabinet’s meeting room
They removed Mubarak's portrait and put instead of a painting with the name of ‘Allah’ Almighty , I hope they do not remove, it is better than than President’s photo as it will remind the ministers that will die one and face God one day.


  1. Salam Im the author of rahman-therealissue.blogspot. I and i was wondering if I could use you as a source? Ive noticed your great work.

    I, thinking of writing and article and featuring you in it, if you like this idea please contact me at my email

  2. Dear Abdirahman , you can quote me as you wish my dear :)

  3. I'm not certain if you have the -right- to know where your ex-president is at any given time. As an Ex, it seems somewhat non-essential. Though, maybe given the circumstances, maybe it's kind of important... you need to make certain he doesn't rob Egypt on his way out!!!

  4. Mubarak has no Palace in sharm but usualy he stays on Hussein Salem's resort jolieville maritim golf in one of three villas dedicated one for him and the others for alaa and gamal.
    These villas are well viewed on your way to Tiran by boat.
    I think so try to assure that from.other resouces.

  5. I think that if he landed in Germany or other Democratic countries they will declare his presence.
    It's the thinking way of civilised regimes..

  6. I think that the adequate replacement for ex-president Photo is putting a stand for the Egyptian flag other than putting a religious slogan with my full respect by the way I'm Muslem believing In ALLAH.
    This is the ministry council meeting room for all Egyptians with different faith.
    I believe it's a mistake.

  7. ‘Allah’ Almighty.

    Zeinobia, it is a big mistake to invoke god in civil affairs. One of the things I hated most about the Mubarak regime is that it never took bottom up serious steps to secularise Egypt and modernise the masses.

    The idea of an Islamic Egypt is horrfying to me beacause this will be a form of governance much worse than Mubarak's. Arabs and Muslims will never rise unless they learn to master their own destiny and that god's place is in the heart not politics or wordly matters.

    By the way, I admire your persistent and serious work in which you catch up with with the current affair and what is going on in the political arena.



  8. I am of the opinion of ceasing ALL the stolen money and wealth is more important than their imprisonment.
    Can you imagine seeing Susan struggling to get on a public bus at 06:00 AM to go to work just like a regular Egyptian....that would be precious.

  9. A hiker in the Wilderness of Tekoa in the middle 70's, I stood by the cliff Ziz where King Jehoshaphat exhorted the inhabitants of Jerusalem to believe in the Lord God of Israel that they may be established. Also to believe in His prophets so His people could prosper.

    One of these prophets - Isaiah - over 2700 years ago - spoke a word of courage and comfort for Egypt in the 19th chapter of his book of prophecy. He spoke of Egypt being blessed in a special relationship with Israel and Assyria. Mr. Mubarak,in making a peace treaty with Israel, did the right thing. It is to be hoped and prayed for that Egypt's new leadership will also take this initiative and prosper. Salam aleichem!

    This will come to pass as we pursue peace in the truth and grace of the Prince of Peace - Issa as we look forward to the future - not with fear and anxiety - but toward the promise that "the meek shall inherit the earth".

  10. The replacement of Mubarak picture should have been by the Egyptian flag. May Egypt never have to suffer with a government who claims to speak for Allah! The world has had enough of these people!


  11. people it's just a picture frame , please let's not make a big deal out of it.. I personally think it's a great idea, this way no one will dare remove it and place a picture of whoever..end of hypocrisy, if it makes everyone feels better we can suggest adding one next to it with margergis the martyr and another one saying "I only believe in science".. everyone will be happy but this is the end of placing stupid billboards of politicians I hope

  12. Reliable sources have confirmed that Mubarak is suffering from bad health and is under house arrest is Sharm El-Sheikh.
    His residence is surrounded with heavily armed guards

  13. His picture isn't just in government buildings. It litters all of Egypt. Keyword: LITTER.

    While driving through Minya you find his and good ol' Suzy who is a British citizen, on billboards everywhere. I would rather see McDonald's ads on there. If you have to pollute the lovely Egyptian landscape with advertising, may as well as make it enjoyable.

    My favourite signs on the highway both north and south of Cairo are those that say "Remember God". Egyptians, whether Christian or Muslim, are a religious people. Always have been, since the time of the pharoahs and it's nice to see it.

    BTW it's not surprising that the museum was heavily looted. The initial report of only 2 items being stolen sounded ridiculous. Sadly, these items will be sold on the black market into private collections, never to be seen by the public again. Much like Mesopatamia's ancient artifacts that vanished from Iraq. I bet you it wasn't the protesters that stole the museum. Bet you it was the establishment.

    The beautiful paintings in Mohamed Ali's palace in Manial were stolen a few years ago. Also very depressing.

  14. If he is in a coma, I think it's quite ironic and strange that he now suffers the same fate as Ariel Sharon. He is lucky he didn't end up like Arafat.

    Frankly, I find it strange that he didn't announce his own resignation. I don't think he wanted to go. He was more than likely forced. The VP looked like someone died when he made the announcement. Makes you sit and wonder if someone did.

  15. Spiegel photo proves the third post above (mine).

  16. The subject is, Where are the Mubaraks? It's the 20th of Febuary and NOBODY is asking where they and the money are....I find this very disturbing. I am a greek- american living in Greece. Why should I care more than I am noticing anyone caring in the whole of the media?????


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