Saturday, February 5, 2011

Whoever Made it , Thank you from Egypt

I found this poster yesterday and it blew my mind , I want to know who made it so I can think him or her.
It has the OBEY poster style as far I could see.
This poster was made from a photo which I saw but I have not kept its link to share it with you
Update : Huge thanks to our dear Sandy Kidd we knew who that artist is , the artist behind this piece of art, he is Nick Bygon. "More info about Bygon is available at Hussam Ayloush official blog.
Here is the photo which Bygon made from this poster.
A strong scream from strong girl "Reuters" 
I hope that Reuters will leave Bygon alone and let people of the world enjoy this wonderful poster. Thanks again Nick Bygon for the wonderful poster , God bless you


  1. Original Source It is by Nick Bygon.

    I also sent it to you on Twitter but I guess you missed it =) Hope you see it here!

  2. Another great poster on the same style has been seen in demonstrations in Turkey. It responds to Mubark speech to complete his presidency showing his picture with the title across 'No, You Can't'.

    Can you post a link to (no, you can't) on this blog?

  3. Go Egypt!!! Don't give up!

  4. OBEY isn't a style of its own. Shepard Fairey is a plagiarist of the crudest sort. He even lied about stealing the source photo for his famous Obama "HOPE" poster. The Mubarak poster's style is that of communist propaganda art. It is depressing to see you and your commenters enthusing about it. You'd think a nation of 80 million with history stretching back millenia could come up with a style of their own. Lame.

  5. Do you really think, Jason, that your comment is appropriate at this juncture? Lame indeed. I think Egypt has more important things to think about right now.

  6. Posts not appearing... Trying again...

    I hadn't seen the Fox News map before. Funny!

    The Egyptian revolution isn't an Islamist one, true, but there is always a danger MB may hijack it. I hope that doesn't happen. Egyptian bloggers will find a fascist theocracy even less hospitable than the Mubarak regime. Hitler came to power with only 37% of the vote, or something like that.

    Here is a depressing article in Asia Times that you will not enjoy but should read: Food and failed Arab states. Key quotes: "Even Islamists have to eat. It is unclear whether President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt will survive, or whether his nationalist regime will be replaced by an Islamist, democratic, or authoritarian state. What is certain is that it will be a failed state... 35% of all Egyptians, and 45% of Egyptian women can't read. Nine out of ten Egyptian women suffer genital mutilation... Egypt is wallowing in backwardness, not because the Mubarak regime has suppressed the creative energies of the people, but because the people themselves cling to the most oppressive practices of traditional society... The Arab poor have been priced out of world markets. There is no solution to Egypt's problems within the horizon of popular expectations. Whether the regime survives or a new one replaces it, the outcome will be a disaster of, well, biblical proportions..." I hope Spengler is wrong.

    An article in American Thinker predicts

    "Inevitably, sooner or later, the Muslim Brotherhood will take power, usher in a barbaric Islamist power in Egypt that will control the Suez Canal, and show no mercy to its own people or its perceived foes... It is clear to any child that a new Egyptian regime will, if not immediately, be hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood"

    I think it's not inevitable, but the danger is greater than educated secularists like Zeinobia believe. I like predictions, because they always turn out to be right or wrong. We shall see.

    @Katerina "most of the people here in America know FOX News is fake news... MSNBC is the closest to real new"

    Enjoy your own private reality, Katerina.

    Data by Nielsen Media Research, Feb 2, 2011:

    Fox News 377, CNN 218, MSNBC 136
    Fox News 564, CNN 321, MSNBC 212
    Fox News 1512, CNN 622, MSNBC 532
    Fox News 2498, CNN 835, MSNBC 901

  7. Are you there, Zeinobia? I can't tell whether you're disallowing my innocuous comments, or just AFK. I certainly said nothing racist or hateful.

  8. @Anonymous, yes, I think it was a fair and relevant comment. The sentiment of the poster is great, but the style is unoriginal and lame.

  9. My friends, I have been doing so much research into Arab decline in fact for many decades, many theories were looked at offerred but none answered all the variables. I ask you to express your views in a couple of lines regarding why in your opinion the good young Arab people of Tunisia, Egypt and many more, have decided to revolt, I have reached a conclusion myself but I ask you to express your views, thank you and god bless you.

  10. @Jason: wow, you are one kind of an optimist! I can understand you insofar that egypt has many problems (or challenges for a more positive language) like overpopulation, poverty and a ramshackled public educational system (i am sure you can add to that).

    But I have faith in Egyptians, now they are fighting a corrupt and repressive regime, so they will be able to fight for a change in society as well. They are asking for liberal rights, for affordable prices and a decent life, this also can trigger social changes. There will be much more to be done and its good to be aware that removing Mubarak wont just create automatically shiny, happy people.

    My opinion is, that this revolution evokes especially in western media (maybe also in you, jason) the memory of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and this one is dismissed as another soon-to-be-failed, democracy-is-just-not-possible-in-this-region revolution. I dont see any Khomenei flying into egypt and every day Egyptians are proving themselves by going to the streets.

    But I cant see right now, how they could be hijacked. The protestors were holding their grounds in tahrir and they organize themselves in an amazing grass-root-democratic way without a clear leader. This is democracy at its purest!

  11. I made a design to support the Revolution, $1 from each item sold will be donated to the victims of #Jan25 → | Vive La Revolution!

  12. jason,

    i'm tired of people saying 'woo, muslim brotherhood! now aren't you scared.' as though mubarak should stick around just in case. from what i hear about officials in egypt buying villas with scientific research money and bankrolling $70 billion private fortunes it sounds like they could do with some politicians who are a bit God-conscious.


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