Monday, March 14, 2011

The Chair Carrier

This short film is called “The Chair carrier” and it is based upon the famous political short story with the same name by Yusuf Idris. If there is a creative expressive description for our political life in Egypt , then it will be “The chair Carrier”.

The chair carrier

You can read “The Chair Carrier” here in English.

It was directed by Tarek Khalil whom I wish a very successful future in our cinema.This short film won best satire film for October 2010 from American International film festival(AIFF) and "Silver award "student film competition" from California Film Awards. Yes this short film was made before the revolution last year just remember this.

I think now it is perfect time so this Egyptian man sits on the chair.


  1. I remember this film nice time to share it though ya Zeinobia

  2. I'm sorry for the offtopic comment, butf or some reason you still ignore what is happening in front of Maspiro, may be it is not news worthy for you???

  3. I enjoyed this film very much.

  4. I showed this movie to my students alongside sot el horeya and they loved it. learning abt the arab world through pop culture really opens their minds and they realize in the end that pop culture doesn't mean amr diab and hayfa wehbe and that there are young arab people out there who have something to say and they say it better than whole volumes. please post more stuff like this!


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