Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Libyan Revolution : The Egyptians ask for help in Misurata

The Egyptian refugees in Misurata are asking for the help of the Egyptian army to deport them from Libya.
Egyptians plea the army to save them
There are not not less than 7000 Egyptians who went to leave the city despite the Qaddafi’s forces have left it for the time being. This group of Egyptians filmed in the footage wants the Egyptian army to send one of its ships to get them from the sea. I do not know if it is safe or not but I think the media should highlight this video and spread as much as they can.
Misrurata needs an urgent humanitarian aid already from medical and food supplies. 

The video below from Misurata reminds me with the snipers of the ministry of interior in our January 25 revolution who were killing people.
Video that shows snipers in Misurata
The video below is extremely graphic , really extremely graphic “already I think we got use to the graphic content thanks to Qaddafi lately. It shows the dead bodies of four family members !!
Abo Fanas Family in Misurata
The Abo Fanas family lost 4 members including three siblings. I do not know what kind weapons can cause such death.
The international media is now asking about the fate of Eman El-Obeidy , the lady who stormed the Rixos hotel in Tripoli to share her scary tale with foreign reporters there. Eman told the reporters that she was allegedly raped by 15 of Qaddafi's soldiers for two days because she was from Benghazi at one of the check points. Of course she was dragged in front of them by the Libyan security forces in a disgusting way , the journalists tried to protect her but in vain as they were attacked too.
Eman was born in 1988 and she was staying at her sister who lives and works in Tripoli when she was detained and raped.

The Qaddafi´s regime claims that she was mentally ill and was taken to the hospital where as she told the reporters as you have seen.
Eman is a brave Arab woman , seriously she is. Some Qaddafi´s supporters claim that she was a liar because no Arab woman from a good family who exposes herself like that !!!! Of course this debate and this view in the Arab world still exists strongly.The Qaddafi official media started already their campaign against her.

I did not want to make fun from that TV hostess Hala Misurati who believes the NO fly zone is haram and null because the security council adopted it ; adoption is prohibited in Islam !!
We do not where she is , there is currently  a Facebook page in English wondering where she is. While in Arabic , there is ¨We are All Eman El-Obeidy"
Eman telling her story to the journalists "AP"
Attacked by the Qaddafi's thugs in the hotel "AP"
Eman El-Obeidy dragged outside hotel "AP"
I expect we are going to hear horrors after the Qaddafi's full regime fall.
Here is an interview with Eman's cousin who told Al Aan TV channel that Eman was killed along with her sister´s husband by the Qaddafi´s troop.  She also said that Eman's nephew was being captured by the Qaddafi troops and her sister Amal was going to appear on Libyan national TV to say that her sister was insane under the threat !!
Eman is a law school graduate.

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  1. Large proportion of Arabic language comments on the story of Eman on youtube, facebook, twitter, news sites mention the shahama of the journalists who tried to protect a woman, we should find out their names and thank them in a language they understand so they know how widely their action is appreciated.

    Zenobia if you know who they are please add their names to your post.


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