Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Libyan revolution : We are worried

Despite I have been covering the Egyptian issues more nowadays yet I can’t ignore or forget to following what is taking place in Libya  , actually almost all the people I have recently are following the situation in Libya carefully.

I am very worried now for two reasons :

1// I heard a disturbing rumor that Bashar Al Assad is sending aid to Qaddafi , this aid is actually a group of Syrian pilots. I hope that this is a false rumor because the last thing we need in this agony is to know that Arabs are participating in the  murder of their brothers in this way. Of course some will say that this is nothing compared to the fact that Libyans killing each other and that Al Assad is another dictator just like Qaddafi and is worried for his throne and I will say yes but this is even sadder. If this rumor is true , the Libyans must know that the Syrian people are with them and refuse this.

2// The war between the revolutionaries and Qaddafi is getting too long and this worries me , of course now Qaddafi is offering a strange offer : To have talks with the revolutionaries in order to step down. Based on Qaddafi’s personality I think he will not step down , he does not want to step down and this could be a silly trap.

Now moving to another thing : Famous Tabliod Mirror claims that our special forces have entered Libya from Tunisia to bring down Qaddafi who vowed to fight till the last man and woman. The fact that is in the Mirror makes the new less credible. Many Arabs and Westerns are wondering why Egypt and Tunisia are not helping the Libyan revolutionaries especially Egypt considering the Egyptian army expertise alike.

Now this is my opinion : I agree that we should help our Libyan brothers militarily and God knows I hope that the Egyptian army gives the revolutionaries and defected Libyan army officers and soldiers arms to stand against Qaddafi and his troops . Still I do not want any Egyptian army units to engage in fighting in Libya now because simply the army is stuck now in Egypt’s political civil life while protecting the country’s national security. It is tough mission and we do not want the army to be engaged in another bloody challenge. We have learned our lesson in a hard way in Yemen.

Of course the news of Mirror is a bit ironic because it comes after the bold and rude criticism of Qaddafi to our army and our revolution in his last public speech that. The king of morons claimed that Egypt was now nothing and the army was nothing !! He added that the Egyptian army is doing nothing now except sitting on tanks in the streets and cleaning the sewage !!!!!

If I am not mistaken I think Qaddafi is trying to scare his people from revolting against him foolishly but he is failed as far as we all see , the people are not stupid.

I just hope the West does not have any thought of any military intervention in Libya because of the oil , we are afraid from another Iraq , we do not want another Iraq. If the NATO and the States plan for any sort of military intervention , they must know that the price will affect negatively all the democratic revolutions in the Arab world. The dictators of the Arab world will use any Western military intervention on Qaddafi and his forces to scare their people from any revolution in the future.


  1. Do you think it would be okay for the Egyptian Air Force to provide some protective support to the Libyan revolutionaries if they request it?

  2. well said Z. I am worried too and felt sad seeing so many martyrs everyday on TV! the Libyans do need help to get rid of Gaddafi. They need the West to have no fly zone or the West help to arm them and help them to blow out Gaddafi bunker and the rest they will do themselves. as for now Gaddafi pilots keep attacking and bombing the civilian protesters and kiling so many of them especially in the areas where gas and oil is. May God be with the Libyan people and help them insyallah to get rid of this evil dictator and his sons!

    Libya is not Egypt and all rebellions are not Revolutions!


    (there is no comfort in truth)

  4. Blood-squirter[Gaddaf al Dam] went to Syria via Cairo like a week ago? I know he asked for help but I don't know what was the nature of this help whether it was mercenaries or pilots but the Syrians turned him down. This was also mentioned in AlJazeera; his visit to Syria lasted less than an hour and he retured to Cairo, defected and sought asylum[granted on condition that he gets a haircut]

    There are no Egyptian troops on Libyan soil-special forces or otherwise. The Mirror is a rag. They[Egypt's army] are helping out in other ways .. not with fighters.


  5. @Zeinobia

    "The fact that is in the Mirror makes the new less credible." There are lots of sources reporting it, not just the Mirror. I linked to one in this comment two days ago.

    "Still I do not want any Egyptian army units to engage in fighting in Libya now because simply the army is stuck now in Egypt’s political civil life while" The Egyptian Air Force isn't stuck in Egypt’s political civil life, though, and they're the ones who'd be carrying out the No Fly operation I suggested in this comment which seems to have been the motivation for this Libya post.

    As you and your readers are aware, many Libyan rebels are urging Western powers to implement a No Fly zone. Americans have learned to expect only sneering ungratefulness for good deeds done, and American blood spilled, on behalf of the Muslim world, so I don't think we're too interested. Egypt! Take the bull by the horns! You are a major regional power, and your Libyan neighbors need your help. Don't be a nation of naval-gazing cowards.

  6. Libya Today (es, en, it):


  7. Good comments. How do you feel about a no fly zone over Libya which will, of course, be led by the U.S? The hard fact is that without the U.S. and Britain, a no fly zone will not be effective.

  8. In three weeks Qaddafi is beginning to reverse the tide against him. More and more rebel voices are being heard today appealing desperately for international or Arab aid to rescue them from the oncoming Qaddafi war machine.
    His armored battalions of T-72 tanks,special forces, beefed up by an extra 3,000 tribal fighters flown in from the Sahara, and a fleet of dozens of helicopter gunships have began their savage advance towards western Libya.
    The Arab league is doing nothing, the Western powers fear political repercussions and the UN is held back by China and Russia's veto power.
    At the moment it looks like the resistance will have to depend on itself.
    The Canadian.

  9. After yesterday's attack by Egyptian men on Egyptian women during the "international women's day" march in Terror Square and the ongoing assaults on Egyptian Christians by Egyptian Muslims, I'd be worried more about the success of Egypt's revolution if I was you. But of course, I'm NOT you. I'm a normal person.

  10. ...the Western powers fear political repercussions...

    Speaking strictly for myself, I fear that by helping Libyan revolutionaries the US would be helping people who are like Zeinobia, or perhaps even worse than Zeinobia. I don't want my country supporting people like that, even if they claim they aren't as bad as Qadafi. So I prefer my country to remain neutral. Sue me.

  11. @ programmer craig
    As an American tax payer you have the right to oppose US military action in Libya after all they have created their own dictators just like Syria, ex-Tunisia, Algeria, etc.
    The Canadian.

  12. Libya Solutions

    1 - United Nations: discussion (part) 'democracy' with 'country' (including 2 points - found: Consensus in the 'country')
    + Protesters' about 2 / 3 - The country people '(anti-government) -> governments' innovation completely. " Approximately 1 / 3 'country people' -> compromise 'response'.

    + The 'leader' country: tenure (and vote 'trend': two times a term.)

    2 - (Outside) no intervention (internal):
    conflict 'protest' - 4 elements:

    + Authorities 'response' 'rights' (people).

    + Review: 'water quantity' 'against government' (Libya. ..) - how to resolve 'demanding' people.

    + 'Government' is not 'resolutions'' Security Council United Nations' (votes' absolute ') and' leader 'is not' banned movement. "

    + The 'link in the region' 'not opposed' (ie the Arab League, ASEAN, Africa ...).

    3 - Apply 'military intervention' (external) - based on:

    + Article 7 - The United Nations Charter

    + A country (outside) no intervention. Number of coordinated water (shown: part - many 'people' World).

    4 - Make 'intervention measures' 'outside' 'purpose':

    + Prevent conflict (violence): 'government' and 'people - oppose'.

    + Response: 'government solutions' and (require) 'protesters'.

    + Intervention (external): 'solution' and stop (escalation) 'conflict' and 'faction' (in water).

    + 'Required' 'the government' (is): Negotiation - meet 'the people' -> stop 'intervention' (population: the decision).

    5 - The 'intervention' ('outside' or 'water' 'participation'):

    + Response: desire 'majority, World - purpose (' on ') (Section 4).

    + Do not 'responsible' build 'new government' (citizens 'decision').

    + The (problem) 'conflict' Left: the 'UN' 'coordination' in every country and region.

    United Nations implement 5 'elements' (above) is:

    - Avoid (condition - in Libya), the protesters 'conflict' (assert basic 'human'). 'Government' apply 'the protesters' armed -> create 'force' rebel: repression.

    - Avoid: the wrong intervention (external) as 'constraints' (factors '4 '- Section 2) and ('4 Factors' section 4).

    - The solution (on the) 'did not happen Civil War' (by 'community' is not 'recognized' and 'isolation'.
    Government (will) meet the 'right people' and (will) 'no fear' 'protests'.

    Human civilization: to know - the unified 'solution' (above) -> is not 'civil war'.


  13. Early, deal with the situation in his country, and then climb into Libia. refugee Egyptians, they return to Egypt they will need jobs, food, respectively, their families, sending money to feed on the same left without money.A You talk about military aid to Libya.

  14. If the egyptian army doesn't help the libyans, then it will be proof that the army is not a fan of democracy either for the libyans or the egyptians.

    The egyptian people will soon find out that their own dreams of democracy are just that, dreams. They have to get their army to intervene in Libya to not only ensure the libyan peoples' freedom but to also safeguard their own democracy.

  15. I strongly agree with Chris and Jason above, that Egypt needs to step up and play the man here. There is not reason to wait for the U.N., the U.S., Britain, NATO, or the Arab League. If your neighbor's house is on fire, you need to wait for permission before you help. The Egyptian Air Force, which has fought Israel, needs to deploy in force, and destroy Qaddafi's aircraft and tanks. NOW. There's not much we can do to help from America, but we sometimes a few activist voices can shock the establishment. I will email the Egyptian embassy here, but if you have other ideas let me know. DealChief@yahoo.com


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