Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spread this list as much as you can

Spread this list in Egypt as much as you can whether through email or Facebook to all Egyptians you know. This list includes names of the NDP members who used to represent that awful party in the parliamentary elections. Most if not all of these members won by cheating in the previous elections if you remember.

I am happy that someone thought of this idea, already I was thinking that we should have online lists for the NDP members so we will be beware from them in the elections as long as the NDP has not been disbanded yet.

FYI the NDP members are resigning and there is a disturbing news that Safwat Al Sherif is forming a new party where the old NDP members are joining . There is a rumor in the block also that  Ahmed Shafik is forming a party. Ahmed Shafik has already expressed his intention to run for presidency “but not as partisan member !!”

The NDP ironically has fired 21 high profile members including Ahmed Ezz, Habib El Adly , Garanah , Maghrabi and Hisham Talaat Mustafa. Gamal Mubarak has also resigned along with Safwat Al Sherif , Mofid Shehab “I forget to include this man in that post about dangerous NDP men free in the street and Ali El-Din Halel.

Mohamed Rageb , the current secretary general of the NDP boldly said in the media that the party has no intention to have a candidate in the presidential elections !! Excuse !!? What presidential election you are speaking about !!?

I do not think that the length of  that transitional period whether 6 months or a year will stop these snakes from reorganizing themselves again in a way or another. The only way I believe will save Egypt from them is by disbanding the party and banning the NDPians from any political activity for the next four years. We can achieve this very easily by a law or decree.

Some will tell me that the NDP’s members are Egyptians and have the right to vote and to participate in our political life , well I do not say that they should be banned for life but in front of what they have done in those 30 years , they can wait for 4 years.

By the way the general prosecutor started his investigation in the infamous Camel battle and two NDPians have been arrested for participating in that attack of February 2,2011. The two NDPians were the ex-MPs of famous Nazalat Al Saman where the camels and horses came from. Ibrahim Kamal ,Safwat El Sherif and Aisha Abdel Hady were summoned to the prosecution office as well. Hopefully Sameh Fahmi and Siyad Mashal will be summoned as well.


  1. Great idea and that is what I was saying too by right these NDPians member should not be allowed to form another party! NDP party already dissolved by right when mubarak step down coz of revolution!! strange the NDP members are too thick skin to admit and realize this especially after all the corruptions, crimed and benefits they gained for the last 30 years!!!

  2. @Zenobia,

    I dont think it is fair to consider them on the same level.
    Many of them were independant and had to be members of the NDP to be able to serve their region.

    I personnally know one of them who lost last elections although he was a NDP against another NDP candidate and refused fraud (while he was powerful enough to do it, but he considered it is a shame to win like this: he cared about his reputation). Moreover, his sons and nephews participated actively to the revolution (since the fairst day on 25th January)

    Dont forget that NDP was not a party, but a group of groups of interests.

    Even in 2005 when independant candidates won many times, many of them joined NDP to get more profit from the system, and these persons are not corrupted at all, they intend to serve their people.

  3. When will I hear about a new political party formed out of the protests - a Unity Party, perhaps? The leaderless strategy worked well up to Mubarak stepping down, but now it's time for some organization, and a way to back candidates for election. Also, the army ended up in control partly because there were no leaders ready to take over the government, and that has led to very sad events, like the military trials of protesters, some sentences even up to life sentences on trumped-up charges.
    But looking forward now, there is a lot of work to be done. It would be wonderful to create a new system, not just reform the old.
    A new party could leave the NDP in the shadows forever!

  4. Blacklisting and banning? The more it changes the more it stays the same, eh Zeinobia? :D

    That's how you get to democracy, dear. One foot in front of the other, all the way there. Should only take you 1000 more years or so. Keep up the good work! And don't let the zionists get you down!

  5. Abdullah Kamal, the old Mubarak-toadying editor of Rosa Al-Youssef, has been replaced with Wael Elebrashy. Read about it in My email to Rosa Al-Youssef's new editor, where various links are given.

  6. Dear Zeinobia,

    Please read this article from the original dostour, very well written and summarizes all what we have all been calling for:

    May Allah Bless you and all our young fighters.


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