Monday, March 28, 2011

Statement No.29 : Slow motion

The army has just issued another msg through its official FB page tackling several important points , very important points actually.
The AFC assures the following :
Mohamed Adel
"We are all Khaled Said"
  1. Former President Hosni Mubarak has not left the country , he is not in Tabuk receiving treatment at Tabuk military hospital. Today official newspaper Al Akhbar claimed that the newspaper got info that the president was in Tabuk , the fact that it came in an official newspaper like Al Akhbar gave it a lot of creditably among the people . According to the AFC Mubarak is under house arrest.
  2. The council has got the plea of Egyptian protester Mohamed Adel Mohamed Ali Fawzy who was arrested by the military police during the revolution and was sentenced 5 years in military jail in a military tribunal for thuggery without a lawyer !! The council is going to revise his case and its legal procedures. There is a lot of hope that this will set him free, of course there will be even greater hope if the council does the same with Amr El-Behairy and Amr Eissa along other civilian detainees.Here is a Facebook page in solidarity with Mohamed Adel. 
  3. The council is going to investigate the incident of torturing Egyptian ladies during the last sit in at Tahrir square. I am glad that the council did not ignore this big elephant in the room especially that the whole world is speaking about and our MSM is actually ignoring it. The council did not deny or  confirm the incident though , it will investigate what has been said and was spread recently !!
  4. In the end the AFC asks the Egyptian people and revolution youth not believe or spread rumors , accusations and attempts to defame respectable people as all this serves the enemy of revolution !! ‘Enemy of revolution , if I am not mistaken this is the first time they use this term’
It is sad that the statement did not include an official apology for what at the faculty of mass communication last Wednesday .
Already this is so belated statement , if the AFC is asking the Egyptian people not to believe or spread rumors that it has to act faster like that , this slow motion that does not suit this fast revolution.
You can only read it at the army’s official page or at  “We are all Khaled Said” has just published it.
The AFC is holding a press conference to declare the new parties law currently as I hinted yesterday and according to it :
  • The AFC will end the emergency status before the parliamentary elections.
  • The constitutional declaration will be either declared tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. 
  • The army is not a MB or Salafist "we know that already" 
  • The army is proud of its military police !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The military police does not imprison civilians at military prison , it only arrest the outlaws to interrogate them then they send them to military prisons or civilian prisons after court sentence !!? I do not get this phrase because it did not deny anything actually. Well the army can be proud of the military police as it wants but the military needs to rethink its position because we did not replace 
  • The army does not communicate with the public through SMS !! Then who used to send all SMSs to our cellphones !!?
I want to get the video of that conference as major general Etman was very serious in it more than anytime.


    1. Very nice indeed , thanks for the analysis

    2. Dear Zenobia,

      The army is playing a game with the people, it is not the army of Saad ElShazly anymore, it is the army of Hosni Mubarak. They look for their interest and know that they needed not to face the people anger at its peak. They appear as saviors (which they were not at all) and get maximum profit of that.

      The army is the hydra's head, it must go bak to caserns, they dont have the right to state laws that are uncompatible with democracy in the name of stability (it was Mubarak's golden rule, especially with the emergency law)

      How can people believe the army wants democracy, while Tantawy was Mubrak's most trusted man for 20 years (and he was the commander of the republican guards beforehand), most of the generals that are member of the AFC should have been retired a long time ago: why did Mubarak keep them?

      I hope we are not going to be a new Algeria where the generals stay forever, while keepeing a civilian as president (I am not even sure that the army might accept the fact that the president is a civilian)


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