Sunday, March 27, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Al Assad regime blames It on the Egyptians !!

The Bashar Al Assad regime is putting the blame on the Egyptians as usual when it comes to the great revolution taken place in the country against dictatorship.
Yesterday I found the Syrian regime’s officials speaking on TV accusing Egypt of sponsoring the protests taking Syria by storm and today we got an Egyptian arrested and accused of spying in Syria !!
I will not deny that we have the honor along with our Tunisian brothers of inspiring the millions across the Arab world to restore back their dignity but this accusation is just exactly like the Qaddafi regime in Libya , putting the blame on us for the crimes they committed against their own people !!
Just the Qaddafi regime in Libya the Syrian official media began to show Egyptian citizens as spies and agent provocateurs but of course better than the Qaddafi’s media.
Radwan injured in the forehead by birdshot
Mohamed Radwan at Tahrir on January 29th
by Hossam Hamalawy
This gentleman is Mohamed Radwan and he is an Egyptian American citizen indeed "and he also a tweep" but according to his friends in Cairo , he is not a spy. He is an engineer working who was working recently in Syria and his friends are begging our Syrian friends not to believe this cheap. Mohamed Radwan is the cousin of follow blogger and archeologist Nora Shalaby and follow blogger Tarek Shalaby who wrote an informative   post about him. 
The family denied totally the claims that he visit Israel or the occupied territories 

Here is a Facebook solidarity group made for him "Free Mohamed Radwan". The Facebook group includes a note by Aya Batrawy , the senior correspondent of DPA in the MENA region. Batrawy is a friend to Radwan and is defending him. 
As far as I know the American embassy began to ask about him as American citizen.
Here is Mohamed Radwan's confession on Syrian TV , his body language speaks it all.

 Already this story is even worse than the one  aired by NDP’s Mehwar during the early days of Egyptian revolution :  journalist who pretended to be an activist turned by Israelis and CIA in Qatar !! The Arab dictatorship regimes are competing in stupidity , thank God they are not learning from each other’s mistake.  Mohamed Radwan was injured in his forehead by birdshots on January 29,2011 during the revolution at Tahrir.
I am worried on the safety of this man and other Egyptians from the Baath regime in Syria , I do not expect any mercy actually for foreigners especially Egyptian foreigners from the Syrian regime with its crimes against its own people . knowing the Syrian people I know that the Egyptians are safe in general but seeing the photo of Radwan and his alleged confessions make me sure that Egyptians should be careful.
I have also received a tip that an Egyptian doctor was arrested as well , I do not know if this is true or not , I will try to get more information about him.
I think as Egyptian activists we should rethink of having stands in front of the Syrian embassy and consulate in Egypt in solidarity with the Syrian people even before Radwan.
I hope the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs acts as it should now , the days of Mubarak are over. I think the action of the ministry in this particular case will give me more trust in Nabil Al Araby even more than his warning to Israel.
There were unconfirmed news that the Syria ambassador in India resigned objecting on the treatment of the protestors in his homeland , we need confirmation.
I know I did not my homework as I should with our dear Syrian heroes who had their Jan 28 last Friday but it is never too late because this is just the start of this quest to freedom.
FYI the two green stars in the Syrian flag represents Egypt and Syria from the time of UAR, we have a special relation Smile


  1. The second star does not represent Egypt. The flag that had 3 stars representing Syria, Iraq and Egypt was dropped in 1973 and it was readopted in 1980 with 2 stars only to represent Syria and Iraq, Iraq being the second Ba'ath state. You don't do your homework indeed.. pfft

  2. My dear our Syrian friends were the ones who told us so. I believe them more than the Wikipedia

    They reintroduced the UAR flag in 1980 amidst the severed relations with Egypt and the flaming words between Sadat and Asaad so that extra star represents the Country they were technically in a cold war with and not the other Baath state in the union.. yep, that makes a lot of sense. Bizarre.. Why don't you get your facts straight instead of relying on hearsay and call the Syrian embassy and ask them?

  4. Regardless the Syrians are going through exactly what the Egyptians experienced trying to remove a violent dictator whose family wants to hold on to power for ever. A five-star tyrant.


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