Thursday, March 31, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The Arab world is too small for you , lead the whole world then !!

Yesterday Bashar El Assad addressed the Syrian people from the Syrian parliament in his first public speech. a 40 minutes speech that was interpreted by hysterical applause and not less than 10 poems praising Bashar El Assad from members of the parliament aside from Bashar’s giggles from time to time for unknown reasons !!
Bashar El Assad's speech
This was by far the worst speech I have heard for Arab president during his country’s revolution. Bashar Al Assad as usual blamed foreign parties and reminded the people with Israel and Palestine again and again !!
Unlike what Farouk El-Shara’a claimed Bashar Al Assad did not announce any set of reforms in his speech . The only thing we know is that he learned more from the Tunisian revolution more than the Egyptian revolution because the Tunisian revolution is close to Syria because it happened due to economic reasons !! El-Assad revealed that he sent Syrian experts to Tunisia to learn from the Tunisian experience !!
At the same time Bashar El-Assad was speaking in his parliament in Damascus , a group of Egyptians were protesting in front of the Syrian embassy in Giza in solidarity with Mohamed Radwan.

By Rowan El-Shimi

By Sarah Carr
Mohamed Radwan’s family , friends and Egyptian activists had this protest in front of the embassy and they made ambassador Youssef Ahmed come out to speak to them. Nevertheless Ahmed spoke to them as he were speaking to 1st grade students !! It is enough that he called Mohamed Radwan  Mohamed Radi for three times !!!! Nobody asked him why Mohamed Radwan appeared in that interview on Syrian TV. The ambassador revealed that there are other Egyptians like Radwan detained there. A lady in the video mentioned another name “Mohamed Badawy”
Here is another video from Daily News Egypt

Ambassador Youssef Ahmed and his embassy organized today a pro El-Assad protest in front of the embassy led by popular pop singer Samo Zaen who supports Bashar Al Assad. Zein is the latest artist in Syria to join the shame list “Syrian version of the blacklist” , almost all the Syrians artists are in the list !! It is so déjà Vu from what happened in Egypt. News TV reader Zania Yazgy of Al Arabiya has resigned in objection to what she considered biased in the network against Syria and Bashar El Assad !! Strangely she did not resign when Al Arabiya was taking Hezbollah and Syria terribly !! Zeina is the wife of Syrian TV actor  Abad El-Fahd.
Back to Damascus there is unconfirmed news that a lady attacked Bashar El-Assad in his way out of the parliament, I am reading contradictory stories that the lady was actually turning to give him a complain so I am not that sure.

From what I saw she was not attacking the car.
The speech came after the so-called million man pro-Bashar El-Assad across the country organized by the Baath parties and governors across the country. The Syrian TV aired the pro El-Assad rallies after the president's speech across as usual as expected but it did not dare air what took place at Latikia yesterday after the speech. The people of Latikia protested against Bashar Al Assad and as usual the security forces opened their fires on the protesters killing not less than 6 and injuring many of them !!
The videos below are extremely graphic "as usual" from Latikia , they are also contain insults , terrible insults to the Syrian president.It started first with tear gas grenades and evolved to live ammunition.

The video below shows the people of Latikia chanting Freedom and later our famous "The people and the army are one hand" , of course in their case the it is the army and regime are one hand.

Another video from the massacre of  Latikia's train station !!

There was a MP who suddenly interpreted Bashar El-Assad while he was addressing the parliament and boldly told him that the martyrs of Latika say Yes to Bashar !!
The people of Daraa protested as well against Bashar Al Assad when he finished his speech.
Politically Bashar El-Assad is following Mubarak's footsteps more than Qaddafi and Ali Abdullah Saleh from empty political promises. Sadly enough there is a video that reminded me with January 28th in Egypt , in fact I thought it was that video we all saw and shocked on TV from Mohendessin. I do not know if that bus was following the regime or not thought
The pro-Bashar El-Assad pre-organised are continued inside and outside the country to show the people of Syria that the man got popularity and to fool the world. Of course nobody is fooled. This photo below is from protest held today in Lebanon , Syrian workers kiss the photo of Bashar !
Kissing Bashar El-Assad posters "Getty images"
This memo blow was from Tartous governor to all the official authorities in the governorate in order to organize a huge protest in solidarity with Bashar. The people must be geared with the flags and Bashar’s photos !!
A memo from Tartous "Via Nazem Sabor"

One of the honorable members of Syrian parliament interpreted Bashar’s speech to tell him that the Arab world was too small for him as a leader , he should lead the world !!
Tomorrow the Syrians will hold the "Martyrs Friday" across the country ,we all support them in Egypt , we are all with them
By the way Vogue create a controversy last month when it published this provoking profile of the desert's rose aka Asma El-Assad ,we should send these videos of protesters getting killed to Vogue !!


  1. "our famous "The people and the army are one hand" , of course in their case the it is the army and regime are one hand."

    Again with the dreamy bullshit about the army, those like you who chanted this stupid slogan were never seen on the 28th. WE who were at the front lines know that just like in Syria, the army and the regime is one

    we saw with our eyes the army shooting, who do you think killed Ziad Bakir?
    tell those guys that 'people and army are one' and they will slap you so hard they will bring you back to planet earth



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