Sunday, March 13, 2011

The War of Freedom in Libya : Busy Day

I saw a TV news report showing the weapons the revolutionaries use and I was shocked to know that those heroes’ real weapon is faith only because all their weapons are extremely old in a way you can’t imagine. Some of the weapons go back to the WWII , their air defense system is manual and so the least thing the rich Arab countries can do is to give some more advanced weapons. I am not even asking the NATO and the States now.

Yesterday was historical day in the League of Arab states as the Arab countries have backed up a Non fly zone over Libya and will started to talk with the Libyan TNC. I do not recall that the LAS in its history has backed a revolutionary movement against a despot !! Of course the move to open a dialogue means a recognition to the TNC especially with the decision of league earlier to suspend the official membership of Libya following with the resignation of the Libyan delegation as well. France and EU have recognized the TNC and next week Hilary Clinton will talk to the TNC when it comes to the region. “She will pay Egypt a visit as well”

Tahrir square or rather LAS HQ witnessed a protest from Egyptian and Libyan activists and protesters. The Egyptians are still organizing medical aid conveys as far I know. 

Meanwhile Qaddafi’s troops are advancing in certain areas ,we do not feel good for this. The revolution is now considered a civil war which is untrue , Libyans are not fighting each other , the Libyans are fighting a bloody dictator for God sake who brought mercenaries !!

Speaking about LAS and mercenaries , I wonder what were the positions of Algeria and Syria officially from this !!? There are strong rumors that Al Assad’s regime and the generals of Algeria have sent their pilots to aid Qaddafi against the revolution for political reasons before financial reasons with no doubt. The rumor in Syria is enforced with a funeral of some pilot believed to be downed in Libya. The Syrians are extremely angry for this.

Qaddafi and his sons are for sure angry from the Arabs so it was not a big surprise to find Seif Al Islam saying “Toz Fi El Arab” or as in the nearest English translation “Screw the Arabs , their stations and their league” 

Toz Fi Al Arab !!
Already what is the official role of Seif Al Islam in Libya ? At least Gamal Mubarak had some official position in the NDP till yesterday before being fired !! Back to Seif’s newest rant , I do not know if it was recorded yesterday or the day before to be accurate. He mentioned that some brothers supported his father so this can enforce the rumor mentioned above Sad smile    “I thought that “Toz” is 100% Egyptian slur considering its origin from our history !!”

In the end of the day we found out that Al Jazeera Cameraman Ali Hassan Al-Jaber was killed. The 56 years old Qatari cameraman and also documentary filmmaker was killed in ambush , he was shot twice. The Al Jazeera crew was ambushed in its way back to Benghazi after an assignment in some hot zone.

The attack is dangerous because it means that Qaddafi’s units are still there near Benghazi. It is worth to mention that the people of Benghazi made a hero funeral to Al-Jaber in his way to Qatar , they even encircled Al Jazeera office to protect it.

Here is a moment Al Jazeera announced the death of Al-Jabar.

Ali Al Dafiri read the news and was emotional “in fact he still is”. Al-Jabar is the first fallen Non-Libyan reporter to be killed in the revolution that turned in to a war of freedom. Strangely according to Al Jazeera’s director general Wadah Khanfar Al-Jabar was not assigned but he wanted to go. According to Al Jazeera correspondent at Benghazi for days they felt that they were being followed. This means that Benghazi still got Qaddafi spies. Through all day long the official Libyan TV kept attacking Al Jazeera.

The Guardian and Washington Post reporters are still missing and the CNN crew in West had its share from trouble with Qaddafi troops.

There are dangerous and alarming news about the Egyptians in Libya , there are reports coming that the madman is torturing and executing many Egyptians. According to the ministry of foreign affairs 172,830 Egyptians have been repatriated so far and came back home. We have already not less than 1,500,000 Egyptian there. More countries are kindly sending planes and ship to evacuate all Egyptians from Libya but according to the latest reports the number of those who are crossing borders to Tunisia is decreasing. There are fears that either Qaddafi’s troops are using the foreign expats whether Egyptians or Asians being used as human shields or as in our case rumors of torture and execution. “Qaddafi is a sick man , he could actually believe in his sick trouble delusional mind that Egyptians and Tunisians are behind this revolution.

There are strong rumors that the Egyptian army will interfere in any way or another , already it is now beyond the Mirror because we got news from UPS “what is this provoking sentence from Stratfor say about Libya’s wealth and how Egypt sees it as a target !!? Is this Stratfor or Seif Al Islam Qaddaf !!? “ and also from inside Egypt. I will speculate anything because the fact that the Egyptian army is on alert is not a new thing , the army has been on alert since January 28th. Of course if the madman started a genocide against our Egyptian expats the Egyptian army will have to act in a way or another.

If you think about it the NATO and the States are thinking twice before engaging in any military action considering the costs and also the fact that the Arab people and Libyan people in particular will not welcome any Western military intervention especially now , thus the best option is to let the Arabs and Libyans solve it themselves. Egyptian army is the strongest in North Africa and it is the nearest too , right next door so yeah just think about. We do not want to be stuck in another Yemen so I hope our commanders to know what they are doing especially in this very critical time.

I hope that the AFC takes more official steps like for instance ordering the Nile sat to stop airing the Qaddafi official TV and radio channels on Nile Sat and at least help the TNC to get an official TV Channel. The Qaddafi’s intelligence in Tripoli has technically f*cked up our Nile Sat with all these channels that have been jammed !! You got Al Jazeera bouquet , Al Arabiya and MBC bouquet , Al Hurra bouquet including lousy Mehawr. “Oh yes I have not seen that NDP channel for weeks now and I feel more than great , I can live without it”


  1. Kont bas 3ayza a2olek mabrook 3alah your segment of the article in Enigma. :) You have accomplished a lot and I'm proud to have followed from the beginning.

  2. Not much good news to report about your own revolution, eh? I'd say I feel for you. Except, I don't. Things are going to get much worse for you, and that's what you deserve.

  3. You can still watch Al-Jazeera if you do a blind scan on your satellite dish receiver. The new name is "JSC Arabic" -- it's on Nilesat 11.316(V).

    As for STRATFOR, it's a US-based Mossad disinfo front, founded by a "son of Holocaust survivors" named George Friedman, whose "analysis" somehow always reflects the Israeli perspective. For some strange reason (??) the US government pays him a lot of money to provide it.

  4. @Sarah , thank you so much my dear

    @Programmer Craig , we do not do revolutions and get killed so you feel for us.

    @Alice , I scanned the Nile Sat and I have found almost all channels except Mehwar.
    Thanks for the info about Stratfor , now I got it

  5. The Arab League made the right decision in supporting no-fly-zone for the wrong reasons.
    The real motive behind this decision is not their love of Libya, but their hatred of Qadaffi who was implicated in assassination attempts of the Saudi and Gulf State royals.
    The no-fly-zone is going to be carried out by the US in some form or another and financed by the Saudi and Gulf countries.

  6. @Programmer Craig , we do not do revolutions and get killed so you feel for us.

    If that were true you wouldn't be a blogger trying to pitch your movement in a positive light to the rest of the world. In English. Would you?

    Everyone wants to be well thought of. And everyone is bitter and hurt when they aren't. Even Qadafi. Even Americans. Even Israelis. And even you.

  7. As for STRATFOR, it's a US-based Mossad disinfo front...

    Alice, are you retarded? I ask because Stratfor has been one of the most respected think tanks when it comes to global conflicts since it was founded in 1996 and you could have found that out from reading wikipedia.

    Zeinobia, how do you expect to build a better Egypt when you have such xenophobic bigots amongst your supporters? Oh, wait. Actually, you don't. Because, as your posts have amply illustrated over the years, you are also a xenophobic bigot. If you ever find yourself wondering why so many people are against you, think about all the hateful and racist things you have said about Israelis, Americans and others over the years and then read my last comment about how everyone likes to be well though of. What kind of American would back you, after what you've said and the lies you've told about the US? Likewise, what kind of Israeli would back you, after the things you've said and the lies you've told about Israel? You think the backing of such people who hate themselves and their countries has any value in the real world? They are held in nothing but contempt in their own homelands so what can they do for yours?

  8. programmer craig thinks he is the entire English speaking world :D Then repeats that Egyptians fought and died so he/the West would love them. A sad loss of life, as he still considers them Arab savages.

    Meglomania at it's best. This Guy would give Qadhafi a run for his money.

  9. That's "Egyptian savages", dude. Egyptians aren't even "Arabs" at all as far as I'm concerned. And they certainly aren't Libyans, though there are some Egyptians right here on this blog who have far more in common with Qadafi than I do. And no, I'm not just talking about complexion and hair issues. If you changed some of Zeinobia's posts so that they appeared to be Qadafi speeches and posted them on the internet, would anyone be able to tell the difference?

  10. @programmer craig,
    Do yourself a favour and take a look at the mirror. You will discover that you are THE xenophobic bigot posting here. Zeinobia shouldn't be tarnishing her blog by publishing your hateful racist posts.

  11. Anonymous,yeah that's what xenophobic American bigots do: they spend a lot of time on Arab blogs! And do yourself a favor and read the archives and check how many of Zeinobia's posts don't contain at least one racist rant about zionists/Jews/Israelis/Americans/whatever in the comments, if not in the body of the text.

    If you need help with that, Alice posted a racist rant in her previous comment in this very post. Should be easy for you to find, no?

    Nothing is more amusing than watching people who sprinkle everything they say with racist remarks and religious bigotry turn to accusing the very people they've been been abusing of being the "real" bigots. I've even been accused of bigotry against Muslims for daring to complain about Egyptian copts who were victims of Muslim bigotry. And that's really a hoot, let me tell you. Almost as fun as watching people accuse Lara Logan of making her story up because she's a zionist, who then turn around and claim it only happened because Mubarak thugs accused western journalist of being zionists. Don't think about that too much or your head will explode.

  12. There was actually nothing racist about Alice's post, but zionists like Craig (yes you are a Zionist, no matter how many times you deny it) will always link any criticism to Israel as anti-semetic (even though as Arab Egyptians are Semites). Like the others said, you're lucky zeinab is even giving you the chance to spread your racism, islamophobia (oh ya, you fit that too), and demagogue oppurtinism with this Lara Logan issue. An issue which again, has no evidence.

  13. "Anonymous,yeah that's what xenophobic American bigots do: they spend a lot of time on Arab blogs! "

    Yeah, a jobless douche with to much time and rascist sterotypes in a brainwashed head do so. Because in your normal life nobody would listen to your rants, so then you try to get a life in the internet, hoping to find people which you can impress with your lack of knowledge of nearly everything.
    A poor lifeform named Troll. Get a life.

    "Don't think about that too much or your head will explode."
    Take care that yours don't implode.

  14. Omar: There was actually nothing racist about Alice's post, but zionists like Craig (yes you are a Zionist, no matter how many times you deny it)

    You call me a "zionist" even though I'm not, and you use the term as an epithet and an insult. No different than if I called you an Islamist or an Islamic radical or a Muslim extremist just because I don't like your opinions, whether I have any evidence you are or not. That's bigotry. And it's not much of a surprise when one of the many bigots on Zeinobia's blog defends other bigots on Zeinobia's blog.

    How many people besides Lara Logan were injured or even killed in Egypt the last couple months because of these false accusation of "zionist", and you still see nothing wrong with it. That's troubling, but the people who will pay the highest price for Egyptian bigotry are Egyptians themselves, which is what I meant in my first comment in this post. Things are going to get much worse in Egypt. And that's exactly what Egyptians deserve.

  15. "crap" person, I'm going to assume you are a child because I like to think there aren't adults around who behave as you do, and I like to think retarded people don't have un-monitored computer access. So based on the assumption you are a child I'm going to ignore comments instead of insulting you back. Not that there's really much worth saying that can be said in response to such mindless abusive babbling, anyway.

  16. Omar, I thought of a better equivalent for "zionist". And that's "terrorist". How's about westerners start referring to every Arab and/or Muslim who disagrees with them as a "terrorist". Bigotry?

    Tell me you still don't get it :)

  17. Programmed Crap wrote:

    "I've even been accused of bigotry against Muslims for daring to complain about Egyptian copts who were victims of Muslim bigotry."

    Yes, as an Egyptian woman and a Copt who's had some experience with smarmy hypocritical zionists, this is very familiar to me. They are utterly shameless: defending the racist apartheid colonial state as the epitome of civilisation and democracy and at the same time accusing everybody else of racism. Never mind that 20% of the people living under the rule of this "democracy" are second-class citizens and another 30% have NO human or legal rights at all! In fact, they are kidnapped, robbed at gunpoint of their homes and property, tortured and beaten at will -- even children and the elderly. Why? For the SOLE reason that they are not Jewish! Nope, no bigotry there.

    They claim that they care oh-so much about women's rights in Egypt, but don't seem too concerned about the many gross violations of women's rights in their precious Zionist cesspool. Just one small example, which involved an American woman:

    "Woman Beaten on J'lem Bus for Refusing to Move to Rear Seat"

    Ah! Jews provide such a lovely model for Muslims to emulate!!

    Most outrageous of all, these Zio-Nazis get moist eyes as they accuse Muslims of "bigotry" against Christians in Egypt. (It must kill you, all those Crescent & Crosses, with Muslims and Christians standing in solidarity and protecting each other as they pray) Gee, thanks for your concern, Zio-Nazi, but maybe it would be more appropriately directed at your fellow Zio-Nazis:

    "Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them"

    If you really give a hoot about fighting "bigotry", especially against Christians, maybe you should listen to what those Christians have to say, who live under the boot of the most viciously anti-Christian state on earth:

    Thank God we Copts in Egypt live among civilized people, unlike those poor Christians living in "the Jewish state":

    "Christians Discriminated Against by Israel"

    Go try to peddle your ugly racist agitprop elsewhere, Programmed Crap. People here have you all figured out, and nobody's buying.

  18. Programmed Crap wrote:
    "Alice, are you retarded? I ask because Stratfor has been one of the most respected think tanks when it comes to global conflicts since it was founded in 1996 and you could have found that out from reading wikipedia."

    Well, it certainly gets a lot of "respect" and tons of money, from the US government (no wonder American foreign policy is so screwed up!).

    But if you actually read Stratfor's (Mossad's) reports, you'd find brilliant gems of "intelligence" like this one:

    "...Certainly, there was a large crowd concentrated in a square in Cairo, and there were demonstrations in other cities. But the crowd was limited. It never got to be more than 300,000 people or so in Tahrir Square, and while that’s a lot of people, it is nothing like the crowds that turned out during the 1989 risings in Eastern Europe or the 1979 revolution in Iran. Those were massive social convulsions in which millions came out onto the streets. The crowd in Cairo never swelled to the point that it involved a substantial portion of the city. ..."

    Friedman describes Gamal Mubarak as "reform-minded" and explains to the idiots who buy his crap that what happened in Egypt was a COUNTER-REVOLUTION, and the real revolutionary was Mubarak!!

    "...The crowd in Cairo, as telegenic as it was, was the backdrop to the drama, not the main feature. The main drama began months ago when it became apparent that Mubarak intended to make his reform-minded 47-year-old son, Gamal, lacking in military service, president of Egypt. This represented a direct challenge to the regime. In a way, Mubarak was the one trying to overthrow the regime. ..."

    He also informs his readers that:

    "...The demonstrators never called for the downfall of the regime. They demanded that Mubarak step aside. ..."

    I'm not the one who's "retarded", if this your standard for "intelligence", based on what Wikipedia tells you.

  19. Sorry, forgot to include the link for Friedman's "intelligence" piece, which also includes this priceless bit of information:

    "..For all the chatter about the Egyptian people demanding democracy, the fact is that hardly anyone participated in the demonstrations, relative to the number of Egyptians there are..."

  20. Well the thing is, craig, your weird affinity for israel (you seem to mention it alot alongside your defense of America) makes it pretty obvious that you are a Zionist. And Zionism = racism, even the UN says so. So... you can call me what you want (as racist demagogues like yourself typically do) if it makes you feel better. But the fact remains that I could be anything from a communist to islamist to a liberal, so save your orientalist assumptions :)

    Now, regarding the Lara Logan issue, or any issue you wish to capitalize on with your racist ("egyptians deserve it") type of remarks. Here's the key... find some evidence. And maybe, just maybe, you can be taken seriously. Back to your keyboard-zionist ways though

  21. Well the thing is, craig, your weird affinity for israel (you seem to mention it alot alongside your defense of America)

    I do not mention Israel "a lot". Zeinobia mentions Israel "a lot" and I rarely even read those posts of hers. I don't particularly care about Israel, and your accusation that I'm a zionist is laughable considering I'm an American libertarian and an "America first" type. But you don't care about being honest, because in addition to being a bigot you're a habitual liar, Omar.

    And I notice that it was "Alice" making those childish comments under the fake ID? Pretty sad performance, alice :o

    I don't expect y'all to own your bigotry. Bigotry is your life and without it you'd have nothing left. I'm just pointing it out for others, in case they may be missing it. There are a few people who aren't savages who read this blog.

  22. To get back on topic: Zeinobia, I suggest you vigorously oppose any Egyptian military action in Libya. When you start the war with Israel you're going to need all the military force you've got, and more. It still won't be enough, but the more you've got tangled up in Libya the worse the slap-down of the Egyptian Army is going to be. Advice from somebody who actually does know a thing or two about military tactics: take it or leave it :)

  23. This spirited back-and-forth is what makes Egyptian Chronicles so enjoyable. Thanks to Zeinobia for not censoring it. (If only you would stop censoring my relatively innocuous comments.)

  24. "I don't particularly care about Israel"

    Denial. (Your many previous posts on this blog are ample proof)

    "And I notice that it was "Alice" making those childish comments under the fake ID? Pretty sad performance, alice :o"


    "Bigotry is your life and without it you'd have nothing left. I'm just pointing it out for others, in case they may be missing it. There are a few people who aren't savages who read this blog."

    Racism + Projection

    You're not too hard to figure out, Mr. Zionist. I'm glad you took a break from the opportunism of your recent rantings though. That's the first step.

  25. To programmer craig,

    1) No one cares if America backs us. FYI, the American government ruins every land it enters. Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan circa Cold War, Angola...etc. YOU NAME IT, you ruined it. No thanks, we don't need another American-backed government messing things up for us. Sovereignty, democracy. Hell, if we elect Osama bin Laden, then its our damn choice. Not America's. If you believe in democracy so much, then practice it. The rest of the world should follow suit.

    2) The lies she may have told about the US is probably what has your panties all up in a bunch. Maybe you're not used to the freedom of speech that you take for granted. Let me teach you. The freedom of speech you take for granted in its most basic principles means that in every statement there is an element of truth and a civilized person, much less society, is known for its ability to absorb differences in opinion. After all, it is YOUR opinion that America is AMAZING. And it is MANY people's opinions why America sucks balls. And you wonder why Americans don't understand why so many other countries don't like them. They just have the impression that Americans are just like you.

    3) If she wants to "rant" about Zionists, Americans...etc. Its her right to do so. See #2 for a lesson on freedom of speech. Expressing your opinion doesn't make you racist.

    4) On the issue of Copts. I am Coptic. I don't need people like you standing up for me. I can do that on my own. Thanks. There you go again, like an American (whether you are or not doesn't concern me) parading your views like they were almighty and important. Wake up.

    5) Craig, you didn't like it when Zionist was used as an insult. Don't use the word RETARDED as an insult either. It forces me to pass judgement on you for using people who were either born with a disability or acquired one through an accident as an insult. Have some respect for disabled persons. Be they blind, in a wheelchair, or have mental deficiencies. That might be someone in your family one day. Unless you want to be like Hitler and attempt to wipe them off the face of the planet.

    7) Lastly, I know there are a lot of people like you. But not many. I live in America, at least an urban area, and I know that people like you love arguing for the sake of argument. It gives them a sense of importance. Thank you for your discussion. I hope you're a bit more respectful next time. The strength of your discussion does not come from your ability to be sarcastic and insulting. That is what you might refer to as "childish."

    To everyone else, healthy discussion is what makes you figure out what you believe in and stand firm against whatever comes your way. Thank God for people like Craig, where would our minds and discussion skills be without him? We're all still learning.

  26. Programmed Crap said:
    "...And I notice that it was "Alice" making those childish comments under the fake ID? Pretty sad performance, alice :o..."

    I can't take credit for coming up with the far more appropriate moniker "Programmed Crap" for you, it was the previous anonymous poster who coined it.

    You call yourself a "programmer" and you certainly try, yet it is you who is "programmed" to spew blind Zionist hatred, i.e. crap, which you do with great diligence verging on obsessiveness. If you didn't sound so unhinged, your utter disregard for how much contempt you inspire in others might be impressive.

    Keep spewing, it's fun to refute, especially if in the process people learn something they didn't already know. There's so much important information to be shared, and fools like you are excellent at providing those delightful "teaching moments".

  27. People, have mercy.
    Craig is an former US-Marine, what proofs that he is nothing else than 'Programmed Crap' cause that's the way they trim these murderous folks in their young age.
    He has a long history of trolling in MENA-Blogs over the last years, insulting people as retarted, spreading rascist prejudices over arabs, defending zionist Israel and so on. Seems that this is his hobby, he has no other thing in his life.

    And no, I'm not Alice, I didn't even know her. I just don't discus seriosly with rightwing hatemongerers like him, my way to deal with them is mocking.
    I don't wanna give this folks a feeling of importance by arguing against them. They are fact and argument resistant, programmed to tell the same shit over and over again, contering arguments with insults.

  28. One thing all abusers have in common is their need to tell the people they abuse that they deserve all the bad things that are being done to them. It is a symptom of the sickness of the abusers that they blame their victims for their crime.

    Abusers are usually people who have themselves been damaged by abuse (and told that they deserved it). Whether the abuse is verbal or whether it is verbal and physical the principle is the same. The abusive behaviour is often a symptom of damage.

    There is a cycle which needs to be broken. It is hard to break because people may have deeply ingrained fears.

    But when a person who has perhaps been badly mistreated in the past starts refusing to mistreat other people that person acquires a dignity they could never get from tormenting, ridiculing and hurting others.

    That person might then be able to see that in fact they themselves never deserved abuse, and what is more, nor does any other member of the human race.

    Humanity has never been without its faults but nor does it have to be without compassion.

    I say this even as I am aware of the dark looming shadows in today's world situation.

    We are all looking and hoping to find the path through them.

    Let us continue in hope!

  29. You can imagine Mr Craig. Some spotty boy in his room in Minnesota living on take away pizza taking a rest from his game boy - thats where he got his military experience ! Ignore him and he will go away. What did Andy Warhol say - 'famous for 15 minutes' In his case lets make it 10 ! rgds

  30. Libya gained independence on 1951 and lost it on 2011...
    Libyan are the only one to blame, because they never learned to get along to each other, and was not able to create and rule a country.
    Now they will learn how to work very hard and gain a little....but before this will happen they must kill each other in a bloody civil war.


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