Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What are these pictures of Mubarak doing in this army building !!?

The Egyptian journalists were surprised to today to see the photos of Mubarak , the former president of Egypt at the army media center where Lt.General Mamdouh Shahin announced the second constitutional declaration.

Yes there are  photos of former president Mubarak  at the center. Here are quick shots by dear friend Mohamed Effat.

I think they are photos from the building’s inauguration during the Ganzoury’s cabinet. I do not think if every governmental or military building in Egypt keeps its inauguration ceremony photos like that all those years !!

I will not think in a bad way and consider it another sign of neglect , people got used to these photos till they forget that they exist !! Anyhow I hope that someone tells general Etman about these photos and how they should be removed ASAP.




    Keep NATO out of Libya , out o M East

  3. 2 presidential planes are in Sharm's airport and Esam Sharaf travels in an EgyptAir plane, think about that.

  4. What is wrong with that? Mubarak is the former President of Egypt and the former Commander in Chief of the armed forces... are we supposed to remove any pictures of Mubarak anywhere? The next thing I expect to hear is people complaining about Mubarak's pictures and videos in the 1973 war panorama building!

  5. I agree with the last anonymous the removal of mubarak's picture were the official pictures of the president like in meeting rooms and offices of the ministers and other officials but these are memorial pictures they shouldn't be removed!!

  6. Yeah seriously, why should his picture be removed? Did we remove any pictures of Sadat or Nasser? They were far worse to Egypt than Mubarak was. He served Egypt honorably as an air force officer, then as a vice-president, and then as a president. Though we are happy to see him leave, his memory can still be honored. Let's be reasonable for once!!


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