Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Fake interview with the field marshal !!

Shorouk Daily surprised us today morning when it published a summary for an interview in Der Spiegel for field marshal Tantawy ,  the problem was not in the content or the interview but rather was the fact that Tantawy did not have an interview with anyone since January 25 !!?
Shorouk´s report screen cap
before removal
Since the morning many Egyptians including me have been searching at the Der Spiegel website and found no interview with Tantawy or anyone there. Knowing the Shorouk newspaper and the fact it has syndication deals with international newspapers and magazines made me think that may be the newspaper published the interview before the magazine in some sort of deal” !!?  Al Shorouk daily’s editor in chief Salama Ahmed Salama lived in Germany for a considerable time already.
The big surprise or rather shock came when Der Spiegel office in Egypt denied having this interview at all. Sources in the army close to the media stated Tantawy did not speak to the media in interviews since January 25th. Forget his TV appearance in front of the ERTVU building , the man has not spoken with anyone up till now.
A newspaper in the size and popularity of Shorouk can’t make up news like that on this level related to Tantawy in this way.  Already the newspaper pulled the news from its website and I am sure that whoever posted now is facing a lot of trouble.
Badil newspaper checked from the news source itself and found out that the source was Kuwaiti Al Anaba newspaper !!?
The report at Al Anaba 
Now interestingly enough no journalist or reporter from those who copied and pasted  the report from Kuwaiti Al Anaba bothered to check the website of Der Spiegel to read a least the full transcript of this interview !!?
Aside from the claim that this was an interview with Tantawy , the interview contains dangerous claims like for instance :
  • Arab countries are forcing the council not to prosecute Mubarak.
  • The army council has faced several coup attempts since the step down of Mubarak.
  • The existence of Mubarak in Sharm El-Sheikh weakens the army in front of the Egyptian people !!?
The rest of that fake interview is taken from the statements of our FM Nabil El-Araby that Iran is not an enemy state and from speculations “actually reality” that the army forced Mubarak to step down.
Why do we have this fake interview now !!? Especially today and we already are waiting for tomorrow to see what is going on !!?
Why does a Kuwaiti newspaper publish such fake interview when it could be sued by Der Spiegel and cause diplomatic crisis with two Arab countries !!? It is very bold claim and honestly I hope that Der Spiegel sues that Kuwaiti newspaper. 
Tantawy officially is de facto president of Egypt , you can’t make up interview with men like him for no reason in this way in this time !!?
This is more than a blow to Shorouk daily and all other Egyptian newspapers that rushed like cattle to publish that fake interview as another fake scoop.


  1. “actually reality”
    I know they're speculations ,but reality {{citation needed}}...

  2. I'm pretty sure Tantawi lacks the mental capacity to form coherent sentences.

  3. HERD MENTALITY and nothing more! It was a big fail for the Egyptian media to COPY AND PASTE such fake material without even scrutinizing its originality. All the websites that re-produced the fabricated interview used the very same words and wording that the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa used, meaning that nobody did make any effort to look for a source. And that's indeed a very non-professional practice!

    Next time, Al-Anbaa, that fabricated the interview, should say that the interview was to a Cambodian or a Sri Lankan newspaper because many people here know German and could tell it was fake!


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