Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Good News of Day : Important decree for important issue

Ok the past 72 hours include many wonderful news that give me more and more hope , unfortunately nobody paid attention to besides the other sad news and sad debates that made us feel down.

I do not know how we dare to ignore and neglect this important decree by the prime minister of Egypt Essam Sharaf to allocate 7700 acres in Toshka and Aswan lower dam land project to the Egyptian Nubians as a step to solve the Nubian issue.

This is a very important decree , it is important step we should all highlight and praise. Dr. Essam Sharaf met with a delegation from Nubia last week and here is the cabinet taking serious steps towards this issue which was on verge of internationalization in time of Mubarak !! Of course I read that some Egyptian Nubian activists do not like this decree and  think it is not enough “It was posted at Youm 7 and this is why I did not include the link here”. For sure it is not enough but it is just the start. This is a huge change in the official policies towards the Nubian cause. I hope that the mainstream media cover the cause now more fairly and openly than before. Egyptian politicians especially those presidents wanna be should head to Nubia and meet with the people to know their demands and needs. “It was worth to mention that Dr. ElBaradei was the first to meet the Egyptian Nubian activists and here their complaints” There should be a full and real representation for Egyptian Nubians in the next parliament insh Allah.

Now today aside from the Mubaraks detention , other NDP icons were sent to Tora prison for another 15 days like Fathi Sorror “financial corruption” , Mortada Mansour and Hassan Ratab “involvement in the Camel battle incident”. Mortada Mansour was in the Mostafa Mahmoud pro-Mubarak protest on February 2nd ,2011 when he told the the people that they should go to Tahrir square.

Former Prime minister Atef Ebid and Egyptian businessman and tycoon Ahmed Heikal of Citadel Capital are barred from travel. I think Atef Ebid’s assets were frozen if I am not mistaken from couple of weeks ago. Both men are interrogated for their role in the privatization of public sector companies. I knew that Heikal of Citadel Capital would be standing in front of the public prosecution because of the public sector privatization scandal after any revolution. Already I expect EFG-Hermes and Citadel Capital will face many accusations , the Heikal brothers will not let go easily if we are going to investigate the economic crimes of former regime.

This video below shows an episode from Ibrahim Eissa Salon show on Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr where Ibrahim Eissa discussed famous economic and financial corruption scandals of the former regime with economic research Siyad El-Nagar. It is a much watch show.


  1. muahahahahaha now Montada mansour can run his Presidency campaign from the Torah Land or Porto Tora soon insyallah!!!! cant wait to see mama Suzanne too going to the same house and the in-laws of mubarak!!! what goes around comes around!!!

  2. Elbaradei is the only one that can truly transform Egypt internally and externally. Right now Egypt needs technocrats, who really care for Egypt and not just after power.
    Unfortunately I don't think Egyptians are ready or willing to accept someone with radical ideas like "equality" and "tolerance". They're more interested with someone who'll give them empty promises like whathisface who vowed to abolish the Camp David accords. Or Amr Moussa who has failed in every official post he has held.
    It's a shame...

  3. Dear Zeinobia,

    Thank you for not posting the link to Youm7, I completely stopped visiting their site to boycott it, it is owned by Safwat al Sherif's son who fled the country to Paris ,and I hope that all of us including its own reporters and journalists will cooperate together to make it vanish and teach its corrupted owner a good lesson until he is brought back to justice In Shaa Allah.
    May Allah bless you and all our young revolutionaries.


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