Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Good News of the Day : No more Daylight Saving Time in Egypt

The Egyptian government has issued an important decision today , an important historical :
The Egyptian government has cancelled the daylight saving time in Egypt.
We will not apply it anymore boys and girls , you will not change all the clocks and watches in your home ya people !!
The cabinet still will work on a law to organize this matter in a better way. It is relief , seriously a relief considering the fact that we will stay couple of months than we will return to our old time during Ramdan after three months then we will revert back to the the DST in the worst kinds of social hypocrisy ever !!
Last week the cabinet made online survey and asked the people if they wanted DST or not and the majority said no , it is not only the people online but also offline.
The second good news :The government has changed the name of the Mubarak awards to the Nile awards.
On the cover of every book !!
Remember that face
I love the fact that we are removing more and more every day the traces of this presidential cult flourished during the time of Mubarak. The photos of Suzanne Thabet aka Suzanne Mubarak are now being removed from the books published by the Egyptian book authority as part of the “Reading for all” project.
I feel so angry because I got too many books from with the picture of that woman and her quotes on the back covers !!
The NDP HQs across the governorates are now turning in to something useful for the first time.
The new national council for human rights in Egypt is facing criticism from several activists and political groups because of some names from the old era . I think in the new Egypt there are certain names that should be included in the new NCHR after the revolution Dr. Aida Seif El-Dawla with my all respect to the current names.I actually respect many of the current names and I hope now this organization will not be a decoration like in the past. The first test from the new NCHR is the military tribunals for civilians.
Last Monday PM Sharaf addressed the public in his weekly statement which you can read in English in this link.You can watch the statement in video in Arabic here.

The PM praised the historical court order to dissolve the NDP and stated that the HQs of that party would be allocated to other organizations in the country. He hinted that Dr. Yahia El-Gamal and legalities committee are working on a draft law for political rights. People are respecting this man more and more to the level that some are considering a potential candidate for presidency.
Now to Qena , well I am afraid nothing has reached yet between the angry protesters and the government. The government is insisting on Emad Mikhail as a governor and has delegated the minister of interior to face any violation of law for guaranteeing people’s security and the operation of public utilities.
Last night there was an attempt by the government to solve the matter amicably using religion by sending Sheikh Safwat Hegazy and Mohamed Hassan along with Mustafa Bakry but it did not work at. Allegedly Mustafa Bakry was attacked and Hassan was not let to finish his word.


  1. I personally am saddened that Daylight Saving was removed. It is not hypocrisy, it actually makes a lot of sense.

    I was strongly against the idea that we return to the normal timing during Ramadan and then back AGAIN to Daylight Saving afterwards. I think we should either not change during Ramadan, or, if we do, then we should not revert back to Daylight Saving for only a few more days.

    However, Daylight Saving DOES reduce energy usage tremendously and there is research that proves this. You get a whole hour of extra light when we don't need streetlights or home lights. This is worth a lot - and it isn't such a big headache really to get up and change the clock twice a year.

    On a different note, Daylight Saving meant that, for those beautiful few months in the summer, I actually left work before sunset. This is a beautiful feeling. It gives you the feeling that there is still much you can do on that day. It cheers one up. Unfortunately now that feeling will be lost.

    And why is it lost? Because we'll sleep a whole hour while the sun is up and we will need to get up early morning to close the shades as the sun glazes through our open windows in the summer.

  2. Man this Qena thing is really doing my head in, I don't understand how people can be so selfish and ignorant. How can these be the followers of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) who treated men, women, Christians, Jews and Muslim equally. The state of Islam nowadays is depressing, the Salafists and the Ikhwan turned this pure religion into a game of dirty politics and violence.

  3. in Qena violent Islam is raising its ugly head. Fundamentalist radicals cannot be trusted.

  4. I am pretty much for day light saving like all the modern world.It saves energy and also has a psychological effect:you don't get sunlight at 4:00 am plus people return homes at day light !
    Having said that , I was always opposed to play with summer time for Ramadan's sake to save one hour of fasting !That was really poor management.Moving to Qena ,it's very wrong that government would play hard ball!The crisis goes well beyond a secterian agenda! They could save face by simply asking the appointed Governor to step down.The handling of Regional affairs need more in-depth look than just the Central govmt pusshing Governors down the throat of Regions.

  5. i am actually unhappy that the y have cancelled it.

  6. OMFG ROTFLMAO YouTube video. Discussion between an NDP legal representative and a Kefaya guy on Faraeen TV on April 16. MEMRI supplied subtitles. Don't miss this!


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